13 Seeing with the King
14 Try to prepare for the Dungeon Attack!

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After our visit with the king, we gathered in a room in the royal castle.

The off-white walls contain a floral pattern and are organized with calm conditioning. I sat down on the sofa on the cat's feet and put my mouth on the tea I had prepared.

"In the meantime, good day. It's a shame Chloria got wasted, but you can assume that she accomplished her purpose because she was able to get the terms of her contract cancellation."

"I was just standing there talking nothing, but I was so nervous..."

I hear Ruri announce our victory, and Rusha laughs that her legs are still shaking.

Of course I agree, but there are more important things to do this time.

"As far as I'm concerned, I'm glad Lucha couldn't keep an eye on the king."

"That's what I thought too. I don't like it when it comes to getting Lucha involved and getting her hurt."

Immediately the lotus nods and breathes relief.

"But if you need anything, talk to me properly. We'll definitely help! Hey, Hiroshi, Ruri."

"Of course."

"Of course."

"All three...... thanks! But I'm not weak either, so I'll protect myself."

Rousha smiles at the words of the lotus. That's what handsome men say. They taste different than me. But Lusha's words returned are also very reliable.

"And then when I get the Shizuku of the lake, you're done. Let's start with a quick tip and get going."

"Then I'm looking into it. Is it more right to say that the dungeons in this country were explained just before…"

"Oh, that helps"

Ruri took the map out of the drawer and spread it over the table.

Point your finger at the city you are in and move down from there - stopping your finger where the lake was painted. I see. It's in the lake, so it's a dungeon at the bottom of the lake.

"From what I've heard, there's water in the dungeon as high as a candle. Might as well have boots if I could get them ready."

"Then I'll ask Grandma."

"I like that."

Then, a few times since I came in, I've been given information about the demon on the level, and it's over.

"............... What, this is it?

"That's all."

"More like this, internal maps, how many hierarchies to the boss's room..."

I just thought you'd get that kind of information!

When I scream, I laugh. As much as I don't want to tell you anything and that's not what they say, I know...!

"That's the only dungeon with information, only a few adventurers have ever cleared it"

"Well, I thought so. Otherwise, the king won't make it a condition of confidence."

"Yes, but the King's miscalculation... is that Hiroshi is the strongest of us all."

Listen to Ruru, come on. I think you need to give me a break.

"Lotus and Ruru are stronger."

"That's only on a pure level, man. Overall, Hiroshi is more knowledgeable and driven."

"I don't care..."

If you're this strong, you can seem to overwhelm a lot of things with two letters: firepower rather than knowledge. Especially as far as it goes, it doesn't seem relentless.

But Lusha and Lotus are also nodding to agree, so I'll be honest with you for once.

All I have to do is go to the dungeon because I've decided only boots to prepare.

It seems like we can leave at any time, especially since we don't have a day or night relationship.

So I was just about to go to my grandma's... but there was a knock in the room.

When Ruru responded with his neck tilted, it was Ishmel and Lucia who came to visit him.

He came to see how we were doing because he knew we were going to see the king.

"Welcome. Dear Ishmel and Lucia. You came worried about us, thank you."

"Oh, I heard your sight was over."

"Were you okay? Dear Takanashi"

Ruru invited the two of them to his room and explained what had happened earlier.

Then Master Lucia's face grew bluer and bluer.

"A dungeon at the bottom of the lake? Are you going to such a dangerous place?!?"

It must be a good place for a lady lady Lucia to raze her voice.

That Ishmel seems to agree.

"That's where a knight with hands can't go without a party."

"Yes! Dear Sakurai, please still change the terms!!"

"Calm down, Lucia. Sakurai is a man of strength, what would you say if you decided you couldn't?"

"Ah... excuse me, Master Sakurai"

Lucius-like praised by Ishmel drops his shoulders and drips.

"No, because you were worried about me. Thank you, both of you"

Nevertheless...... and I see Ishmel.

I was even more surprised when I initially thought of me as a regular healer when I told him it was a dodge and a level. I'm sure that wasn't in Ishmel's experience.

And yet this is how you accepted me so much. I don't think that's quite what you can do.

Normally, it's like reacting like a king or turning down a party because you're an evasive healer without listening to me.

... a knight in this country, but you don't want to be an enemy.

When I told him I had no problem, Master Lucia smiled fluently.

"Thanks to me, I seem to worry too much. If you were stronger, would you stop thinking about that?

"It's not a bad thing to worry about, so I don't think you care much. Even Master Ishmel is very worried about Master Lucia. However, you may need to be careful because too much can annoy you"

It's natural for them to have feelings that they know each other, that they're family, that they're worried about those people.

Well, believe me, I have a desire to send you away, but I think that's hard even when you're forced to.

...... To be honest with you, I think that with evasion, the dungeon can be abbreviated without any problems.

"I'll be right back, you'll be fine. Master Ishmel can count on you to take a good look around during the battle."

"Dear Sakurai...... Thank you. I will refine it so that I can be more firm, too. Now, first of all, I wish you every success in your Dungeon Strategy."

"Thank you"

Apparently, Master Lucia is relieved, and this story is over.

Then Ishmel saw us, who seemed to be measuring the timing.

"Are all four of you in the same town?

"Me, Watanabe and Sakurai are in the same town. Lucha and I met in this city."

"Was it? Miss Rousha had a strange status, too, so I'm not sure."

To Ishmel's words, we all laugh.

I'm sure Rousha's status is also a rare category in this world.

If I thought so, I saw Ruru say, "Oh..." Ishmel.

"I think I'm a general status as a wizard, though?

"Oh, so did that. Lord Watanabe has a good balance of offense... was there only two unusual statuses?"

Ishmel tells Lotus that he was sorry for this.

No, no, no, no, no, no. Then it's just me and Lusha. You look like freaks!

"Evasion is definitely very useful! Of course, recovery is important, but I'm sure the time will come for you to understand how good it is."

"Right. Then let's hope for Sakurai. I saw it first-hand and thought it was the person I wanted for the party."

…… Oh, thank you. "

I was convinced by my explanation. I saw Ishmel and wondered if one day there would be more dodging healers...... with pale expectations in my mind.

◆ ◆ ◆

Ring the doorbell with Karan and I came to Dwarf's old man. To go to the dungeon at the bottom of the lake, to buy boots.

I also told Rousha and the others that I would go to the dungeon like this once I had finished shopping.

"Oh, there you are. What's the matter with you today?

"New gear... I want something like boots"

"What do you use it for?

Grandma asked me to explain, so I explained that I was going to the dungeon at the bottom of the lake. Then immediately, I hit him with my hand.

"If you're equipped for a dungeon with a water level, we have it. Over here."

Guided is the shelf in the back of the store. There were multiple sizes of boots and lighter coats made of water playing material.

"We have a certain number of adventurers who buy rain gear for the same reason you do. If you don't have a size, and if you're committed to something, you can make it bespoke."

"I admire special order gear...... I don't have time right now, so please do it ready-made"

"Okay. Then pick the right size for me."


Wear a few pairs of boots and choose one that fits snugly in size. Street lights should be long enough to completely cover your hips dagger.

Avoid all demonic attacks anyway, so durability doesn't have to be that much.

Choose blue boots and a white coat to do the accounting.

It's not a particularly effective piece of equipment, so the price is 7000 lots combined.

"The dungeons at the bottom of the lake are very difficult, so be careful. When you get back safe, come back to the store to show your face."

"Yes, you'll come face to face when you get back. Then I'm sure I'll go to Tangerine next, so I'll ask for supplies."


Leaving my grandma's shop, next time I buy groceries and stuff. I don't know how many days I'll spend in the dungeon so I'll buy more than usual.

I'm on my own this time, so the demon-free potion is a must. If you come with a number of violence, you could get a full blow job.

Once we've got everything together, let's go.

I boarded the coach to the lake out of town.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

15 Every one of them at the crossing