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13 Seeing with the King

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

After dinner and discussion, me and Rousha came back to the inn. But I'm not done talking yet, so I'll meet you in my room.

"Absolutely, I'm coming with you!

Lucha, sitting in a chair, declared so as she swelled her cheeks.

Only the question of whether or not Rousha will go with us as regards tomorrow's glimpse of the king remains. I, Ruru, the three Lotus are certain to go.

So, what about Lusha?

"I disagree. Exactly, I can't take you to the front of the king. If anything happens, there's a chance Lusha will be targeted! So leave me a message."

"Then don't even go Hiroki. You said Luli, the king could be after you, even Hiroki!

"... Huh!

This, then, is a parallel line.

Sure, I told him I was in danger of being targeted. I'm the only one who thinks the king is in the way, because Ruru and Lotus are the necessary people.

Ruru drew my will and also told me because I would not take lag when I was king. Well, if anything, magically... but I decided not to ask.

Lusha stares at me and says on his face that he won't give up until he says yes.


What do we do, what should we do?

Lucha is a good partner, and she wants to keep up the good work.

... but she's from this world. It's hard to draw that line on how far we can get into our situation. I was the first to explain that you are being targeted by the King, except that you will meet him in person.



When I was worried, a drink flew in from Rousha.

I don't know, I think it's Han Mae. Can't you keep getting sloppier in front of Lucha, who is so hungry...

"Okay, Lusha, let's go with you. But the king isn't a good man, is he? Don't ever say anything extra, okay?

"Yeah. Be quiet, I'll leave the story to the Herokis. 'Cause I don't want to act random and cause trouble."

I heard Lusha tell me clearly and I nodded.

"I'm sorry you got into our mess..."

"Ugh. Never mind, because I'm a partner, and I think you're one of them about Ren and Luli. I want to help, too."

Shit, I thought Lucha's words were falling.

Oh well... There's nothing between you and me that wants to help with Ren. I'm glad Lusha joined us there.

If they say so much, there's no way they can say no.

◆ ◆ ◆

The place to see the king is the hall where we were summoned.

Same as then, when I followed the red carpet, there was plenty of pretentious men - King Joseph Lower Piznut sitting.

Next to the king stands the skinny man who was the first to give an explanation, and next to the carpet are soldiers dressed in armor. Probably because I'm here, the vigilant air coming through the bin.

When I saw the king, he looked blatantly disgusted.

Ha, you make it easy to understand.

Well, then yes. Because you don't care about me in the way, and you want to dispose of me. The skinny man beside the king has once attacked me by deceiving the name of the lotus. I'm sure he did it on the king's orders.

Of course, I tried to pay you back with Lucha.

"All those verses, thank you for your help"

So say hello to this behold.

"Well, what is it?... Looking good, most importantly"

I guess you can't say you attacked me in front of Lotus and Ruru. The king smiled on the surface and gave me words of labor.

Then it gives me a look of surprise to see me, Lotus, Ruru and Lusha in line.

"... and what can I do for you? I heard Takanashi wanted to talk to you, but I didn't think Sakurai was with you. There's another elf you don't know?

It is Lotus, a brave man, who replies to a king who has spoken in a high-pressure manner.

"Sakurai is a dear friend of mine and a fellow who has partied with me. She's a Sacramento party member."

Just in case, while I lay down my name, I introduced you to Rusha, and this is where I'm going.

Negotiate to have Lotus's covenant unwrapped. I haven't told the King what I'm going to talk about yet, so this is where I'm going.

I step forward and make a smile.

"What I'm asking you today is about the bracelet contract between the brave Watanabe and His Majesty."


Until earlier, when the king made a laugh, he narrowed his eyes.

- After all, are you not willing to cancel the contract...?

Well, I guess so. You wouldn't think about cutting a contract that connects you to the brave. When the contract expires, the brave man leaves from beneath himself - that's what you're supposed to be concluding.

But you can't back off with this one.

"The terms of the contract are that the three of us are free to move. The constraint is that Watanabe cannot go to another country without His Majesty's permission…"

This is like, a slave, then.

"Watanabe will continue to act as a brave man. As such, it becomes difficult to respond to emergencies when there are restrictions on movement. Maybe...... something that could be a loss to this country. Whatever you say, Watanabe is a brave man."


You also think what I say makes sense, the king listens in silence.

"- But just canceling the contract will only lose His Majesty's interest. So I brought you some rare flowers."

"Flowers, you say?

The king's eyes moved tingly and reacted. Probably thought of Chloria wanting it.

When I looked around, I took a step forward with Chloria on the tray.

"This way, Your Majesty."

"Oh... is this Chloria"

All right, bingo!

The king opened his eyes wide, and his glitzy gaze nailed him to a rhubarb of chloria.

"I will give you this flower, could you cancel your contract with Watanabe?

"Exchange terms..."


Answering with a deeper grin on his mouth, the king closed and distorted his mouth, which was open. I want it, but you don't want to swallow my terms.

Lotus raised her voice from the side just minutes after her stare at me.

"Sire Joseph, please. I want to exercise this power more freely…"

"Brave... If that's what you're going to say, I'd love to swallow the terms, but that's just..."


"So - Huh!?"

The lotus bows his head, but the king does not try to snort. of, but the change came from somewhere else. Clear your ears, you'll hear me.

"As much as the brave man's favor, can I ask him?

"Master Watanabe will do us good..."

"It's terrible that you're tying me up with a contract."

That seems to have reached the king's ear as well.

Turn your face bright red and look around about the soldiers you spoke to Hisohiso. But because everyone spoke in an instant, it seemed impossible to identify the exact killer.

Among other things, the lotus remains straight about the king. I don't know what the soldiers' voices were like, they weren't in my ears.

"Please, Your Majesty!


It was the king's failure to place many soldiers.

I heard and knew from all around that Lotus was admired by the soldiers, but I didn't think that was it.

Exactly in this situation, the king won't be able to trump the lotus easily either.

"Shit...... Huh! But I don't need flowers, even though they are rare! Another condition would be fine!

"... another condition?

I can't believe you're here. Bad luck.

I don't want to cancel the contract, but I can't even tell you that the soldiers are not in front of me... I think I've gone out by different means. What the hell kind of conditions can I poke at?

But if it even clears that, it's this one.

"Sakurai goes to the 'Dungeon at the bottom of the lake' by himself and fetches the 'Shizuku at the lake'. You weak bastards can't do that on your own!

"Give me an item?... Ok, I'll get it"

"Well, it's forbidden to take my people."

The king, flirting, tells him greatly.

Given the dungeon and the name of the item, maybe it's something you can only get in that dungeon.

I thought I'd start with gathering information, and a skinny man gave me details.

"The Shizuku of the lake will always be a fixed item in a dungeon chest. It's a very strange and mysterious gem to see in the lake."

"Thank you for explaining. Soon, but I will get it and deliver it to Your Majesty."

Thus, we ended our sight with the king.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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