11 Worrying Sister
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"I'm surprised you have Master Lucia! Were you okay?

"I'm sorry, Master Rousha. Sakurai-sama is here to help."

"But... a little pale? Aren't you feeling sick somewhere?

Kill the owl safely, and I'll be relieved.

Lucha is worried about Lucia, who is sitting there, and seems to be checking on her. I was also concerned that Master Lucia's complexion remained poor, so if you need anything, I want you to be honest with me.

"Actually..." Master Lucia cut out, a little confused.

"I'm a little pulsed, I can't breathe. But I thought this would heal quickly from the effects of the goblin attack."

"Pulse and breathlessness...... maybe"

Think about it for a second, then Lusha gets up and looks around. And before his gaze stopped, the body of the goblin that Master Lucia had defeated earlier.

"You got something? Seems like he didn't make any unusual attacks in particular... Hmm?

"The cause is this!

"That's a snake demon that was lost to the goblins...... Ah, poison!

So even if you healed your injury and restored your magic, did you continue to feel ill like you couldn't breathe? I regret not realizing that.

Though I've never seen the symptoms of poison before, healers need to be able to recover quickly even at times like this. You suck at not noticing a state anomaly.

"Mr. Lucia, I'll be right back. [Cure]"

"Wow...! Thank you, Master Sakurai."

"I'm the one, sorry I didn't notice right away. This is useless for a healer."

"That's not true. I didn't even realize it was poison."

People get stronger with experience, so Master Lucia smiled, not so concerned. Kindness as if it were a Virgin.

One case settled on this - where Ruru Ishmel came back with a transfer device.

When he saw Master Lucia, he blinked his eyes and tilted his neck.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, both of you...... how could Master Lucia?

"Dear Takanashi, I'm sorry. I was worried that your brother might be bothering you, so I snuck up on you."

"You were. But you can't do that, can you?


Ruru seemed so convinced that he ended up with nothing in particular. But the question is, is it Siskon-flavored Ishmel?

Ishmel, who just came out from behind, may look the most surprised today.

Even so, he opened his eyes so wide that he shook his body in defiance. I guess I don't believe the sight I'm seeing.

That's right. Because my dear sister came alone in the woods with demons and wild animals. If I had a sister and she did the same thing, I'd be so worried.

"Lululululululululululu! You've come this far by yourself!? Are you hurt?!? Are you hungry?!? Oh, aren't your clothes dirty!

"Oh, calm down, brother...... I'm fine because I've helped Sakurai."

"Oh well...? I hope you're okay, but I'll preach when I get home. If you're worried about me, there are good things to do and bad things to do."

"I'm sorry, brother"

Ishmel sighed heavily when he saw Master Lucia honestly apologize.

I thought so.

"Ru...... Takanashi and Dear Ishmel, Isn't it too late to come back? I was wondering if something was wrong."

"I wanted to talk to Miss Takanashi for a moment, and I asked the two of you to go back first. I'm sorry."


When I look at the rubbing, I'm nodding, so it didn't seem particularly problematic. Maybe they just dictated it. You've been with me the whole time, so Ishmel wanted time to be alone... or what?

If you need anything, they'll talk to you if you want.

Ishmel checked the darkness around him before he saw about us.

"It's evening. We'll be home by midnight now, so let's hurry. It may be hard on Lucia, but I just can't let you stay in the wild, so good luck."

"Of course, brother."

If it was just a strong demon, it could have been Nojuku, but if it was enough to have a little goblin or nocturnal demon, it would certainly be better to get out.

I nodded too and started walking again to get out of the woods.

◆ ◆ ◆

Back in the city, a lotus was waiting at the gate.

I guess the soldiers' workouts are over and they've come to pick us up.

"Good, you're back safe"

"I'm home."

He noticed that Ishmel and Master Lucia were there with us when he went under the lotus waving his hand probably. I hurried to say hello and made a smile.

"Long time no see, Master Lucia to Master Ishmel"

"Oh, it's been a long time. I heard you're having the soldiers work out today, thanks."

"We are out of time, Master Watanabe"

Apparently, Lotus knew the two of them, too.

"I wish I could have taken my time, but I have to take Lucia back to the mansion today. I'll see you at dinner later."

"Yeah, I'd love to then"

Ishmel immediately arranged a carriage to put Master Lucia on first. Apparently, he was so worried, he wants to get him home soon.

Briefly greeted, and we sent them both out.

Seat at the back of a liquor store where adventurers serve and are busy. The four of us came together for a meal and a meeting.

Pretty busy, the paying girl is busy moving around the store.

The dishes that have been brought here are lavish meat platters. When I hit the boned meat, the gravy spread all over my mouth. It's quite delicious and looks like you could eat as much as you want.

"So, how was it over there? You went to collect flowers for me to negotiate with the king, didn't you?

"Oh, just. I got it right, Chloria."

"That's Chloria? Sure, it's a strange flower."

When I show the lotus that I took it out of my bag, I stare uncommonly.

"I'm sorry, I've left a lot to you"

"Speaking of which, you signed a deal to help me. Let me do this."

"Hiroki...... thanks. I'm sure you can take this bracelet off."

Lotus looks at her bracelet and narrows her eyes.

It won't do damage to your body like a curse, but even this bracelet shouldn't make you feel good.

"Let's go to the king tomorrow. He said he'd arrange for a visit."

"Yeah, I'll take care of it. It's just the three of us, okay?

As long as there's no problem, when I try to snort - there's been a stop from the two of us.

"I'm Hiroki's partner, I'm coming with you!

"Speaking of the original, it's a contract I made myself, so I'm going alone!


Lucha and Lotus desperately insisted, so I glance at each other. And unexpectedly, I laughed like it erupted.

What can I say for now is that the only thing Lotus can do alone is absolutely reject it?

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

13 Seeing with the King