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11 Worrying Sister

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As I rode the transfer device out of the dungeon, I heard screams. It belongs to a woman, maybe she's attacked by demons or something.

The sun seems to have fallen while diving into the dungeon, further increasing the darkness of the forest. Look around, looking at the darkness.

"Where... Huh!?"

The Ishmels are not back yet, but they cannot wait for it. When I rushed to the voiced one, what was there was Lucia surrounded by tons of goblins and snake demons.

They seem to be using magic to intimidate them, but they are hunted down.

"Dear Lucia!? [Shield]!!"

"Ah......, Master Sakurai! I'm sorry, I... worried."

When I spoke, Lucia gave me a relieved look. But it was also an instant, and I apologized for the impotence I had made of myself.

Apparently, Ishmel was sneaking up on me worried about not being rude.

"Now it's better to run than that!

"Dear Sakurai!?"

Miss, Miss, Miss!

Miss, Miss, Miss!!

As he stepped out to Master Lucia, the goblins immediately attacked him. But an attack like that won't work on me.

"What, lie... attack the goblins...?

"You're an evasive healer. That's about it, before breakfast."


Miss! Miss!


"Sorry to hear that."

Ignoring the goblins who seemed to regret it, I reached Lucia. If you look closely, the clothes appear to be dirty and slightly injured.

... Glad to be back before you get hurt badly.

"[Heels] a lot. Dear Lucia, are there any other injuries?

"Thank you, Master Sakurai...... Wow, that's amazing. I am fine now that you have heeled me. … but…"

Lucia-like's gaze was directed at the surrounding goblins. That number is thirty, and Lucia-like's body is trembling out of fear.


I look at the transfer device, but the three of them are not back yet. You just have to ride, what's taking you so long?

Even so, Goblin needs to do something about it.

"Excuse me for a moment, Master Lucia"

"Huh? Huh!

"I need to be attacked by goblins..."

I'm sorry, but I'll hold Master Lucia sideways. This way, they won't even be attacked by goblins coming from around 360 degrees.

I may not like it, but I just want you to be patient now.



Master Lucia cling to me, surprised by the attack on Goblin. Speaking out that it's okay, now I figure out how to take him down.

Well, I can wait for the Lushas to come back... and scare Master Lucia away.

"Master Lucia used magic, Goblin... can you defeat it?

"Am I? I can use it, but it's simple, not very much, but I don't think I can defeat it..."

"That's okay. I'm a healer and I don't have the skill to attack, so it would help if you could take me down. But I'm not saying it's impossible."

Explaining why, Master Lucia thought only for a moment - nodded.

"It may not help much...... [Fire]"

"I'm fine, thank you"

The fire used by Master Lucia hit a few goblins. I didn't take them down with one blow, but it was huge that they did damage to a few of them at once.

With some magic, you'll be able to knock them down.

Then I used magic a few times and came to a point where I had one more breath.

"Ha... [Fire]!

"I did it, I could take it down!

He defeated the last one, and Master Lucia brought it to me. Exactly. If your lady works so hard, will she be mentally tired...

I also have to wait for the three of them who are not back yet, so I put Master Lucia down in the shade of a tree right around the corner.

When I took the water out of the bag and gave it to him, he seemed thirsty and drank it vigorously.

"Are you all right?

"I think I used a little too much magic. Don't worry, I don't think it'll be a problem if you rest for a while"

"No, no, I care. I have a magic restoration potion, so drink it."

"... thank you, Sakurai-sama"

I guess it was hard. Master Lucia drank the magic potion immediately and thanked me again.

"For once, there are other preserved foods and treats, do you need anything else?

"Ha...... no, I'm fine. Dear Sakurai,"

"If you want something, don't hesitate to say it"


Master Lucia smiled and nodded, but he doesn't seem to be feeling back yet. I had heels, I drank magic restoration potion, and I wonder if you're mentally tired?

Then it would be nice to rest a little.

I tried to sit next to him, too, and Master Lucia was staring at me.

"... don't you get angry that I've come of my own accord?

"I was worried, but I'm not angry about anything else. Lucia followed you worried about Ishmel, didn't she?

"Yes, but I've lost sight of you all along the way..."

Oh, that's because we went into the dungeon... I guess Master Lucia didn't notice because the entrance was supposed to be hidden.

But I'm glad you didn't come into the dungeon. Exactly, because you can't predict perfectly what's going to happen.

Then after a while of chatting, I heard a barking voice from the back of the woods.

"-! Is that a demon?


Immediately re-shield and see who speaks. Though I didn't think there were very strong demons in this forest, it may have been night time and a nocturnal animal or demon appeared.

If I didn't only ensure the safety of Master Lucia, if I thought so, I would have gutted the leaves of the tree and showed up - about a meter long, black owl.

Get out before the owl targets me.


That worked, but this owl - sucks.

It is plainly a range attack that strikes the wings with a wind that has widened its large wings. Master Lucia behind me has received only a few attacks.

It was okay because I have my shield, but it sucks when this interaction goes on forever.


"Dear Sakurai, what can I do..."

"I just want you to run away, but it's not a good idea when a new demon comes... just stay like this for one second"

Or, you can never use magic to allow an owl target to go to Master Lucia. You have to be careful there.

Miss! Miss!





It really hits Lucia. I had to keep shielding and enduring all the time, at the time I thought so, the owl moaned bitterly.



Oh, my God, Lucha's back! I just want to say what the hell you've been up to, but now it's time to do something about the owl in front of you.

"Master Rousha, wow!

Master Lucia flashes her face and applauds.

The owl's back was found to have an arrow stabbed deep, causing considerable damage. This would bring them down quickly.

However, is it a matter of concern that Master Ruru Ishmel is not back yet?

"... let's take it down, Rousha"

"Yeah, let me handle it. I'll hit a few dozen, yeah! [Enchanted Arrow] [Fire Arrow] [Enchanted Arrow] [Wind Arrow]"

"Wow, consecutive!

The arrow unleashed by Rousha slightly increases the attack range due to the effect of the skill on the surrounding area as well as the arrow body. Thanks to this, Wind Arrow was able to fake the owl's torso and knock it down.

That's right, Rousha, in a minute.

... So, Ruru?

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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