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Inside the dungeon, he just said the entrance was a hole, and it was like a tunnel. The ceiling would be low and not even three meters.

The walls, the floors, the ceilings, they're all dirt. The grass grows from all over the place, although it is slightly lighter.

"Something like a little animal's nest if you're little"

"You sure do. Some grass is going to feed you."

Does it feel like a hole where rabbits dig?

The one ahead, it's dark and I don't see it very well. This dungeon does not appear to have conveniently installed lights.

"You need some light. Unfortunately, there is no magic that seems just right..."

"Then there's the magic prop of the lamp."

When Ruru said so with a troubled face, Ishmel took out the lamp. When I press the switch, the lights are on, and they illuminate the perimeter.

I see, it's convenient.

Oh, but it seems inconvenient when it comes to doing a dungeon offense.

"Master Ishmel, shall I have it?

"Oh, please. Hiroki is in the heart of the party, so the place is just right"


The lamp I was given was lighter than I had imagined. Maybe it's made from some kind of demonic material.

"Well, shall we go? But if you need anything, I'll be right back."


We snorted at Ishmel in a harsh tone.

After walking for a while, the first demon appeared. It was the adorable rabbit that came as she jumped.

... No, demon, is it?

Maybe it's just an animal... I thought so, but I notice a single horn growing from the rabbit's forehead.

Oh, is it a demon after all?

"One Corner Rabbit! It's a demon I don't see much of, but corners can be expensive because they're medicinal ingredients."

"And the meat is tender and delicious."

Rousha and Ishmel each explain the one-corner rabbit thing. Well, if it's going to be a pill, it's going to be treasured.

And I thought that was surprising...

"Do you eat demonic meat, Master Ishmel? Well, I've eaten too."

"Oh, do you also have Hiroki? Nevertheless, I didn't like it. I've run out of food on a training expedition."

"Oh, I see..."

So he had no choice but to say that he ate just the corner rabbit he knocked down because of the appearance demon that he was likely to eat without resistance whenever possible......

Knights and soldiers are in trouble too......

Ishmel sets up his sword and strikes a corner rabbit, but he made it easy with his agile move. That's just what I call a rabbit, quick.

"If it's quick, you just have to stop moving. [Paralysis]"

"Conditional Abnormality Skills......! All right, within now!

It's a new skill I've never seen.

The skills used by Ruri hit a brilliant corner Rabbit, paralyzing his body as the name suggests and keeping him motionless. Ishmel attacked immediately there and crunched him down.

As a material, only corners are recovered.

"I can't be alarmed because it's still one tier... let's move on first"

"Well, [Shields]"

I shielded Ishmel just in case and moved on.

The making in the dungeon was almost the main road.

In addition to the main wide road, sometimes holes appear on the sides. I tried to go ahead a few times to try, but it was stopping right away.

It's just that there were a few corner rabbits, so maybe it's the room I'm using as a bunk.

We're going down two or three levels.

"... there's only one corner rabbit?

"Looks like it. Could it be a dungeon of a corner rabbit's nest?

When I grumbled and questioned him, he replied. What I was thinking, apparently, is the same.

"So maybe the boss is a corner rabbit too?

"If so, it seems very easy to take them down"

What a laugh we were, Ishmel suddenly stopped walking in the lead.

I ask him if anything is going on, stop his legs and see what's going on forward. Then I saw something like a door on the dark end.

... maybe or not, boss room!

I never thought it was on three levels. It's a one-corner rabbit dungeon, so maybe it's a special make.

"You made it to the Lord's room before you found Chloria."

"Oh, speaking of which, you did..."

In unfortunate Lucha's words, I remembered that I had completely forgotten my purpose. This one was already full of heads by finding and attacking undiscovered dungeons.

You need to be calmer...

"Hiroki, give me the light."

"Oh, yes. Go ahead, Master Ishmel."

Ishmel, who received the lamp from me, slowly went to the front of the door.

White doors, decorated in red. There are grass flowers growing at my feet, and when I open this door, I even feel like I can go to another world.

Ishmel seems to be staring at the door and thinking of something.

"Can't you open it?


When I called out in doubt, Ishmel caught my cheek and was surprised.

"You...... there's no way you can open it so easily, even though you don't know what lord lies ahead. There's even Miss Takanashi and Miss Rousha here, it's normal to be cautious."


Apparently, he was thinking about going to the boss room or turning back.

Maybe, me, Rousha, I would have moved on without thinking about it. Because even though we don't like being strong, we're aware of it.

My level is 45 and Rousha is 46. It's 50. That won't be a problem, unless a dragon class emerges or something.

"Speaking of which, how many levels does Master Ishmel have?

"Mm, is that me? I'm a knight serving my country, so I'm working out. Level 32."


I laugh bitterly at Ishmel, who proudly answers, what a reply... I don't know how strong Ishmel is among the knights, but it doesn't seem to mean he jumps through and is strong.

Then... maybe I should go in first and see what's going on inside.

Probably Ishmel has about the strength of a first-rate adventurer, but it looks like we were better up there with a pretty hard level.

That seemed to be the same opinion, calling my name and urging the door with my gaze.

Okay, I'll take care of it.

"Master Ishmel, I'll see how it goes first."

"What? Though I don't know how much you're waving around, Sakurai would be a healer, right? Isn't that just impotent?

Then I would say no to Ishmel, who was going to say he was going.

It's 45.


"It's my level. Isn't that enough to go alone?

"- What! No way, not so..."

Apparently, Ishmel didn't think my level was that high. Open your mouth wide, I'm surprised.

I'm not surprised today.

"Well, you look like a boss...!

I passed beside Ishmel in a grudge, opened the door and stepped inside. Looking at things a little bit, Lusha and Ri also follow.

And a little later, Ha, Ishmel returns to me, continues.

"This is..."

I look at the boss from the front and smile unexpectedly.

The white and fluffy body is about three meters in size, but she looks cute all the time. But I have a sharp front tooth peeking at my mouth, and if I'm going to get bitten off with that, I won't have one.

Rusha, who was behind me, said, "Wow!" He raised his voice.

"It's a flower rabbit, I've never seen it before!

Apparently, it was a demon that Rousha knew.

"Is that a rare demon?

"Yeah. You're a cowardly, cautious demon, so you can't see him on rare occasions. I'm basically in a nest hole and only come out on the ground when I collect food... it was the Lord. Some of my body's in a bag like a pocket, and I think I'm gonna save some food there."


I hear Lucha explain, and I nod so much. Sounds like herbivore, by the way.


When I look at the flower rabbit, I'm upside down with all my hair and intimidating this one. If we strike, they'll definitely fight back.

Nevertheless, you can't not not defeat them.

That's why I step forward. It's an operation to make me the target of the Flower Rabbit first, and then have Lusha and I make an attack.

I guess I got within range of the flower rabbit. Like biting with sharp teeth, they jumped at me!


- Frightened!

I can avoid it, so no problem, but it's going to be pretty damaging if I eat it. I hate pain, so I recognise avoidance is the best after all.

"Hiroki, go!


Lucha stares at the three arrows and releases them. At the same time, we use magic together.

Then, Lucha's arrow, which flew in a different direction, was orbitally modified by the Ruru wind magic to strike the flower rabbit brilliantly. Of course, all three.

I think the two women are the strongest looking at the flower rabbits that have been knocked down so quickly.

"I heard you were strong, but Miss Takanashi is really strong..."

"Thank you, Master Ishmel.... because I had no choice but to be strong. As a brave party, you have to answer any unscrupulous."

"Oh, you did... If our knights had been firmer, we might never have let Miss Takanashi fight..."

Ishmel went into serial mode, clutching his fist all the way through.

Me and Rousha decided to look at each other and see if there was any material we could recover from the flower rabbit for now.

"At the stomach of the flower rabbit, I have a pocket... sometimes, they have something rare in them."

"You mean besides food?

"Um, I don't know about that... let's see"

Lucha touched the belly part of the flower rabbit and took out what was in her pocket.

Grass flowers, which are probably food, also contain herbs such as healing grass and healing grass. And then there seems to be no ore, no items, just something to eat, like nuts.

"Ah! Hiroki, this is it!

"Hmm? Clover...... that's not it. Could it be..."


Look at the flowers Lucha took in her hand and hammer her voice.

It was an adorable flower, like four leaves blooming from a small gem.

"Sure, if this is the case, you're going to be in a fairy tale. Something more mysterious than regular flowers."

"Yeah. But good, now you can negotiate with the king."


All you have to do is go to the royal castle and have your bracelet contract lifted.

"Is that Chloria?

"I didn't know there really was..."

"Beautiful," Ruri said, loosening her cheeks when she saw Chloria. Speaking of Ishmel, apparently he was half-hearted, and he's surprised that it really happened.

I'm going to kill Chloria and point the way ahead. Crate time.

"Well, shall we go?"

"Oh, yeah"

I just came to the chest, making sure Ishmel nodded.

Crates, no matter how many times you find them, don't get excited......! Lucha seems to be the same, shining her eyes on the side.

"Open...... hmm?

"What is this..."

It was a treasure chest opened with a tension max, but the moment I looked inside, I soaked up all at once.

"Herbs...... only......?

Sounds like it.

The open chest was packed with lots of herbs.

All healing grass. I would be able to trade high because I'm in good shape, but I was still happier with the skills acquisition book......

As soon as I came to this world, this herb was a valuable source of income.

"Well, I have no choice. If it's a dungeon with only three tiers, it would be like that."

"Dear Ishmel..."

Did you cheer me up about me that was obviously depressing? I don't know, the roots are kind people.

"I can't help staying here for long, so should I go back with the transfer device?"

"Right. There's got to be a demon at the exit, so can I get you on first?

"Of course."

Nodding at Ishmel's words, I rode the transplant device.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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