8 Departure to the South Forest
9 Party with Ishmel

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"Hmm... slime, you're a miscellaneous fish"

In this case, does the term discipline… apply? Since entering the woods, Ishmel had truncated all the demons that came out with that sword.

Even the weakest demon named Slime.

... Is this the style of knights in this world?

I don't know, I feel like I could just let the clutterfish go this far and move on. What a thought, because I'm the game brain.

Or is there a decision that all demons must be destroyed because they are knights? I don't mind.

"Master Ishmel will take them all down, so you have nothing to do."

"Right. But I think it would take a while if you were just knocking it down to the slime..."

The two girls don't seem to have anything in particular to do, relaxing and chatting while pinching me. But Ishmel reacted to the conversation.

"We have nothing wrong with it, but it would be tough if the healer Hiroki was attacked by the slime he left behind, wouldn't it?


I opened my eyes when the answer returned that I had not expected at all. 'Cause I can't believe you were bothering to knock down the slime for yourself... he said Ishmel was a better guy than I thought.

I'll thank you for that, but I'll tell you it's okay.

"We're swinging our stats to avoid demon attacks."


"Hmm, maybe it's quicker to show it"

People in this world don't see evasion as an important status, so saying it with your mouth may not keep up with your understanding. Then it's quicker to practice.

Get out before Lusha and go next to Ishmel.

"... you, it's insane for a healer to come forward"

"Well, just watch. I know you don't have to protect me."

Ishmel stopped me, but I didn't care to start the party. And then we pull Ishmel out, and we go on through the woods.

A little walk would bring out some sort of demon.

Walking for about ten minutes - bingo.

Five goblins showed up from the front. The green kids ran out as soon as they found us. Apparently, it was locked on as a prey.

"Become, there are many! Hiroki, get behind me right now!!"

When I hear a voice and look behind me, it's one Ishmel who's in a hurry.

Lucha and Ruri don't seem to care about goblins, they're blooming in chatter.... Well, there's no need for Rousha and the others to be on guard in the woods where every goblin leaves. I'm the one walking ahead.

It would be a kind of trust, so I'm glad to say.

"It's okay," stopped Ruru, as Ishmel, who immediately pulled out his sword, tried to gobble up and rush out.

Sakurai's strong, isn't he?

"But it's a healer. I need to defeat Goblin soon...... oh no!!"

The Goblins attacked me all at once in the gap where Ishmel was disciplined.

- Miss!

Miss, Miss, Miss!!

Goblin, there's no way only five attacks hit me.

I can afford it.

Miss! Miss!

"Nah... Oh, it's impossible... why isn't Hiroki attacked by goblins? A healer is a lie? No, because only healers can use Shields and Regeneration skills... definitely healers..."

Ishmel couldn't keep up with his brain processing, or he made a bump and thought about it. While I grin bitterly at you for being serious, I speak to Lucha.

"Will you take these goblins down?

"Yeah, I got it! [Creative Arrow]"

Lusha nodded in one reply, making five arrows at once to stand on the bow. Let it go straight towards the goblins - only to one, hit.

"Yay! One first!

Next to Rousha, who looks happy, Ishmel looks at the situation with a wide open mouth and a suspicious look. You must have been terribly surprised that you took the arrow off even though you were Archer.

As far as watching that from behind, they're trembling and laughing.

Then I made several attacks and was able to defeat Goblin safely.

Congratulations, congratulations...

"No, no, wait! What do you mean!? Why didn't Hiroki hit Miss Rousha's arrow, avoiding Goblin's attack flat!? Explain it!!"

I keep looking at the explanation and nothing...

While I was grinning, I explained about the evasive healer and about Rusha, the aggressive polar swing.

"Huh...! Is there a man in the world who does such reckless things?"

"I'm here."


Ishmel listens and holds his head when he is insane. But I've actually seen the battle scene, so I guess I have to admit.

"... ok. Ignore the weak demons and move on."

Ishmel said so, even as he let his cheeks pull.

◆ ◆ ◆

If I was proceeding while defeating the demons attacking me, I would have reached the back of the woods.... but the intended Chloria was never seen on the road.

By the way, going back also made it easier for demons to leave, so Lucha searched for Chloria and shared the role that Ruru felt good about attacking.

I'm looking for Chloria, and I'm looking for help to see if there's any demons out there.

"Hmm, looks like you still don't"

Ishmel, who had just defeated the oak, looked at Rousha and spoke up. Apparently, this is the deepest part of the woods.

"Right. I thought if it was a big rock, it might be growing there... but there's no rock."

"So you're saying it's not an easy thing to find. Well, demons are weak woods too... I can't help it."

Let's tell the more challenging woods or mountains to see, says Ruru.

On that point, I agree.

It is a precious flower, because it is swarmed where there are strong demons.

"Do you want to go back first? Lucia will be worried too..."

"Right. Buy a souvenir for Lucia."

"Oh, that's good! I'm sure you'll be happy."

I find myself in a very uncomfortable mood when I go home.


Maybe there's a little secret in this forest.

Miss! Miss!

Take a closer look around and explore the cause.

Overall, this forest has tall trees and a dark green color. I saw many times on the road that there was a wide variety of grass flowers and many regular medicinal herbs growing.

The small, sharp grass swayed and the slime glistened on his face.

I don't think he's in the back of this forest, a weak, weak slime.



"Hiroki has increased the slime to two, right? Kind of like a pet."

Actually, for a while now, Slime's been hitting on me. Although, of course, all the consequences are mistakes.

"I was relieved that there was no harm in it. But isn't it weird that there's a slime in the back of these woods?

"Huh? When you ask me... There are only demons as weak as slime, near meadows and forest entrances."

Lucha tilts her neck wondering where this slime did come from.

"That slime, it's coming out of the grass over there."

That's what I pointed at, just the big grass right behind Ishmel.

"... Hmm. Is this grass also the secret of slime?

While I said that couldn't be happening, Ishmel drew a big grass "just in case". Of course there's a chance there's nothing, but I'm going to Ishmel's, too.

peeked across the sari and grass, and the prediction was flawless.

"Become, this is...!

Looks like the entrance to the dungeon.

Yes, it was the entrance leading to the dungeon that came out.

The slimes seemed to boil a few around the entrance to this dungeon and were able to confirm a few.

"No one will ever know there's a dungeon here. It's a dungeon the country doesn't grasp. I guess I didn't know because it was covered in grass and yet it was a shaped entrance with holes in the ground"

"Maybe there's a chloria in this dungeon"

"... Sure that's possible, but isn't it dangerous to suddenly enter an unknown dungeon?

I was gonna go into the dungeon soon, but Ishmel seems to disagree.

However, I also know that the reason for this is to think about our safety, so it's okay, so it's not an easy atmosphere to say to get in.

Well, I was wondering what to do, and Ruru moved ahead of me.

"It's okay, we're strong things. Let's go."

"Hey, Miss Takanashi!?"

Through the troubled side of Ishmel, Ruru went into the dungeon. Ishmel continued into the dungeon following a bewildering whirl as he turned pale in his face.

Although Ishmel is careful, I think he can appreciate the fact that he can act without hesitation for Ruru.

"Hiroki, shall we go too?

"Right. Tense dungeons that the country doesn't know about."

"Okay, let's defeat the Lord!


Me and Lucha also stepped into a hole, the entrance to the dungeon.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

10 Rabbit Dungeons