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8 Departure to the South Forest

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Master Lucia coughed up and glanced at Ishmel.

Apparently, he's really going to tell me to apologize. But Ishmel has a sinister look, so I guess he's unhappy. - but he noticed that Master Lucia smiled.

"Ha... Sure, because I'm in too much of a hurry, and I've caused Miss Takanashi trouble. Let's get you close on this one."

"That's your brother."

"Thank you, Master Ishmel"

Ruri thanked me, so me and Rusha bow their heads and thank each other. If he doesn't say he's impotent, he thinks we should get along with him.

"... the king wants a rare flower called 'Chloria' in the back of the East Forest."

"What, give me Chloria...?

What surprised me when I heard Ishmel say was Rousha. Of course not with me, but Master Lucia is surprised, so I guess it's not a common flower.

But it looks like Rousha knows because she's surprised.

"Does Rousha know?

"Yeah, I've never seen it... for once. Eh, with four leaves, it looks like a clover. I just have a good message that you'll make your wish come true."

"If it's true, it's amazing..."

"Well, I'm frowning about that. It's a rare, beautiful flower."

It's like a fairy tale, so I don't suppose anyone believes it? And, says Lusha.

It could really be because it's different worlds, but that's just how versatile it is. Can we get flowers like that and go back to Japan...

Ishmel sighs and goes on to preface that it will be difficult to find him.

"If you find it, it will undoubtedly lift your contract bracelet as well. I can guarantee that. You can attach your promise first."

"... but how come the king has flowers? From what I've heard, it doesn't seem to have the effect of fulfilling my wishes."

No matter how many kings, I don't think I want that.

Then Master Lucia told me why.

"Maybe it's a princess?


"Yes, because you wanted something like that when we talked about it the other day."

Does that mean a gift for my daughter?

Ishmel nodded at Lucia's words as well.

"Apparently His Majesty has pissed off the princess, and she can't forgive me if I don't get Chloria. So they're desperate to find it.... Surely they haven't heard my mouth for over a month now"

Listening to me makes me want to sigh unexpectedly.

... Could it be that the king called back Lotus and Ruru to make you look for flowers? If so, I can also be convinced that I called him back before defeating the Demon King.

How sweet for my daughter.

However, it is also true that if there is such a reason, it is great for exchange terms.

"I'll find that Chloria."

Even something like a fairy tale, if this is how it's conveyed well, it must have existed. Then you should try to find a possible place.

When I proclaimed it, Ishmel nodded at me while saying "reckless..."

"... but there's a chance you'll take a fake. The collection is conditional on me being accompanied."

"I don't mind, but maybe it's a dangerous place, right?

"I'm a knight, no problem"


Ishmel seemed confident in his arms and responded instantly without being frightened at all.

The question is where is that chloria......

"Do you know where that flower is?

"I checked it out, I know. Behind the woods just south, there's a swarm of land."

"Oh... well, that sounds close"

If this is the Apricot Continent! If they told me what to do, I would almost go backwards again even though I was back because of it.

Rusha, who was listening, opens her mouth with a little thought.

"Then we might be able to collect it right away...... I've heard that Chloria grows in the light of the moon, so it grows in flickering places or in herds on rocks."

"That's the elf, you know it."

"Oh, thank you"

Oh, this is powerful information!

Ishmel didn't seem to know that much detail either, and I'm honestly surprised.

"If you know that much, you'd better head to the harvest before the king says anything. Maybe I'll order you to collect them for little bird games soon."

"Better get it before then."


The story came together quickly.

There are four of us headed to the woods to collect: me, Lusha, Ruru, and Ishmel. If the lotus seems to be able to go, five. It's too late today, so I decided to meet you in front of the city gate tomorrow morning.

Ask Lotus to talk to you later. I thought Ishmel might have a job, but he just seemed off.

But Master Lucia looks worried about this one.

"... will it go to the back of the woods? Shouldn't you wear an escort, too? No matter how much your brother says you're strong, isn't it a little lame to have one avant-garde? To Takanashi, Lusha and some women..."

Lucia says we should enrich the party a little more. But Ishmel smiled and showed him "no problem".

"I'm a knight, and Miss Takanashi is a brave party wizard. Just the two of us would be enough."

"... Really? But don't push yourself too hard."

"Oh, let's be careful"

Master Lucia laughs bitterly at the words Ishmel said as he slapped his chest.

"But more than that..."

"Hmm? What, Lucia"

"I'm worried about your brother being rude to Takanashi."


Hearing the point of concern, the indoors were engulfed in silence in an instant -.

◆ ◆ ◆

And before lunch the next day, we came all the way to the South Forest.

There are four members: me, Lusha, Ruru, and Ishmel. It seems Lotus has promised to accompany the knights in their workouts and was in a hurry.

He said he had enough strength, so this time, Ruru gave instructions to deal with the promised knights and sell their favors. Indeed, human connections have never crossed many.

The forest we reached was deep green.

Growing grass trees stretch high, with only a few gaps in which the sun's rays can reach. Now I don't think the light of the moon that Lusha was talking about will come in, though not very much.

However, there seemed to be many types of plants, and various plants came into view.

"Then we'll go for the back. Follow me in the formation of Miss Rousha, Sakurai and Miss Takanashi as I lead the way."


We snort at Ishmel's instructions.

Though I was wondering what kind of offense it would be, the line seems to be giving it a good idea.

The avant-garde, of course, Ishmel. The next thing you know, there's the speed of the attack, Rusha, the healer and I think we need to protect it, as long as it's a magic attack at the end.

Yeah, good placement.

- Ah.

Speaking of which, I'm not telling you that none of Lucha's hitting power is there.

... for now, okay?

Even if I taught you, yes, it would be difficult to change Ishmel's style of combat so easily. Let's see how it goes at first.


Using my skills, Ishmel started walking into the woods.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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