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7 My sister was stronger

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After a short run in the carriage, we arrived at a very luxurious mansion.

The entrance will be stood by a large gate and a watching knight, from which there will be a hundred meters, even if it is lightly quoted, to the mansion.

Colorful flowers bloom in the garden and are just fun to watch. Too bad it's night now. There's a terrace near the mansion, and it looks like we can have a tea party.

More than I admire the garden, Lucha was also looking out the carriage with her eyes shining. Sounds like a lot of fun and a bit of fun.

"Wow. I knew if you were taking care of it, the flowers would bloom beautifully too"

"Oh, it's a garden I'm setting up for Lucia."

Listening to Lucha's words, Ishmel nodded proudly.

And soon, the carriage comes to the front door and the horse stops on his feet. When we all got off, a man in butler's clothes came to pick us up.

"Welcome back, Master Ishmel. Welcome, Master Takanashi. You two..."


"I'm Lucha Plum. Le, a friend of Takanashi."

"Really? Welcome. We welcome you. I am the butler of this mansion, my name is Severo."

Smiling, Mr. Severo led us to the reception room.

Deep green elegant carpet with carefully crafted conditioning. The walls are decorated with paintings and the vases are populated with white flowers.

It's very different from the bad taste room I saw in Royal Castle before.

They serve tea, they sit in my order, Rousha, all the way from the back to the three-seater couch.

Ishmel seems to be coming with her sister after she gets dressed.

"Hey, do we have a lead on Master Lucia we're meeting now?

"That's right. I don't know if you have any information... but I think we can talk about something."

"It's the Duke's house, let's make a connection."

As we talked, the door opened with the sound of a knock and Ishmel came in. Behind it, a girl who looks like an adult, as I've been hearing all along. Perhaps the person of interest - Master Lucia.

When she looked at us, she smiled and graciously thanked us.

"I am Lucia Cracked. Lord Takanashi is close to us."

Lucia Cracked, a lady with seemingly tender eyes.

Fluffy ash-white hair with black kachusha and slightly thicker brows in watery eyes.

The white toned dress has a black bow and a cute water-colored frill skirt. She's an adorable girl, who seems to be in a position unrelated to strife.

Me and Rusha greeted each other the same way, and they took their seats.

"Long time no see, Master Lucia. I'm sorry I visited you at night."

"No. We'll always welcome you."

"Thank you"

Relax and have a cup of tea and I'll listen to Lucia.

"But I can't believe Master Takanashi is here... is there anything? If I may, I will work with you."

"It's a prospect."

Before I cut out the story from here, Master Lucia asked me about this intent.

Though I thought you were just a big, big lady, you seem to be thinking about this one. It's easy to talk to, I think.

"Actually, it's about His Majesty Joseph."

"His Majesty's?

When Ruri talked, Master Lucia was surprised. Ishmel also gave a strong expression.

They know Ruru is part of a brave party, so I guess they decided it wasn't that easy to talk about.

"... there is someone under contract with His Majesty Joseph, and I want to cancel it"

"Contract, is it?

Master Lucia doesn't know what he's talking about, and he seems to wonder when he hears Ruru's words.

But Ishmel quickly pinned, he said, "Is that a contract bracelet?" and let it strike me brilliantly. Ruru nods quietly and continues the conversation.

"But that contract is too profitable for His Majesty Joseph. If you ask me to disarm you, you won't be able to do it."

"... Takanashi-sama's request is for negotiating material for the cancellation of the contract?

"Yes.... I knew I shouldn't ask Lucia about this"

With the word "contract bracelet," Master Lucia seems to have grasped the contents as well.

"You're so important that you have to ask me, aren't you?

"... Yes"

I snorted firmly at the words of Master Lucia, who was asked.

And Ishmel has a very unpleasant look when it comes to him. Perhaps it wasn't funny that Ruru affirmed that he was a loved one.

This guy seems to be in love all the time.

"Then of course I can help. Right, brother?

"... Lucia's too cheap. You mean the brave Watanabe, right?

"! Did you know, Master Ishmel"

"The brave one?

When Ruri looks at Ishmel in surprise, he sniffs.

"All I know is some, including me.... However, those familiar with the magic props may also have noticed. You may not even know who you're dealing with."

"You were..."

More than I thought, Ishmel seems familiar with the internal circumstances. Perhaps you have more information than Master Lucia.

That seemed to hit me, and Lucia's face clouds.

"... I wish I could have mouthed it, but it can be difficult when the person on the contract is the brave one. If you were another nobleman or commoner, for example, you might have listened to me even if I asked you to."

"The presence of a brave man is huge, so yes, he won't shake his head vertically."

"Oh no..."

The part that catches on is that the contracting party is a brave man?

That's right, I must have summoned you with great difficulty... there's no way the king would let it go so easily. This is quite a hassle, I think.

Then Ishmel opened his mouth as he saw the rubbing.

"It's a tough problem for sure... but if Miss Takanashi is going to marry me, I'll make it happen"

"Oh, I refuse that"

I opened my mouth aggressively before Ruru could react.

No, we don't have a choice, do we?

I've been listening in silence for a long time, because I pinched my mouth, or Ishmel staring at me with an amazing figure... let's just say I didn't see it.

"Wouldn't it make sense if we sacrificed Takanashi to help Watanabe? Now that I'm your fiancée, I'm going to move to help Takanashi."

"You, if you listen to me in silence, do as you please...!!"

Ishmel stood up from the couch and tried to walk towards me - but Master Lucia snapped me on the hem of my jacket and turned back to the couch.

"Lucia, what..."

"Brother, you can't. I missed taking such a deal with Master Takanashi. As a sister, I'm very embarrassed. Threatening a woman to get engaged, I can't believe..."


Master Lucia tells me that Ishmel shrinks.... maybe even if not, is this sibling stronger than my sister?

I guess I don't want my pretty sister to hate me.

"I'm sorry, Master Takanashi. Your brother will give you extraordinary information to apologize for."

"Well...... That would be very helpful. Thank you, Lucia, Ishmel."

Whoa, when I noticed, the story was well put together.

That's right......

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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