5 Meet the nobles
6 incidents……!?

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"Is that it? Hiroki?


I heard Dia raise her voice to the lid and I looked back. Take a look, the luxurious carriage almost drove away.

I don't think Mr. Hiroki would ever ride that carriage, but it's Mr. Hiroki...

"You said Freuds was coming back. Did Tina miss Hiroki?

"What! Well, Mr. Hiroki took care of me a lot. You want to see me? That's a dia, isn't it?

I nod loudly, of course, to Dia, who says with a slightly obstinate mouth.

"Well, I know Hiroki's a strong healer."

"Right! But why to such a carriage...?

"Some pretty lady was with me."

"A woman's person?

"He had dark hair and a purple dress. There might have been someone else, but I couldn't see it in the crowd."

Hear Dia's words, mumble and think.

I do not know if there was anyone else besides Mr. Hiroki and the person because there are so many people in my time right now.

When it comes to the woman you're with, Mr. Hiroki, your partner, Mr. Rousha. But if it's dark hair, it's someone else, right?... Could you possibly be a new party member?

Or, like, her... or something?

Because Mr. Hiroki was busy going to Apricot Continent! That shouldn't happen, I probably shake my head.

"... are you okay?


"No, maybe they worked disrespect for your nobility and took you by carriage, didn't they?

"- Huh!!"

I didn't think about it at all, so I blued my face.

Mr. Hiroki is a healer waving his status values around, so it's possible that someone who doesn't feel comfortable about it will say something...!

With that in mind, Dia's reasoning may not have come off either.

"What shall I do, Dia, Mr. Hiroki... eh"

"You haven't decided you still are! In the meantime, let's talk to Freud."


Hurry back to the star-down pavilion and Mr. Freuds seemed to have a pleasant drink in the dining room. I'm drinking again today... so I tried to be careful, but now I've got something to say before that!

"Mr. Freuds!

"Oh, you're Diane to Tina. Welcome back. Have you been able to accomplish your request today?

"Now is not the time!


Roughing his voice against the swallowing Mr. Freuds, he squeezed his eyes, but quickly got a serious look. Mr. Freuds knows best that I don't make jokes.

"Mr. Hiroki... Huh!

"Hmm? What's wrong with Hiroki?

"I worked disrespect and your nobility took me...!!"

When I told him that as I was about to cry, Mr. Freuds' "Ahhhhhhhh!?" shout stuck to the dining room.

He looks at me and Dia alternately with a surprised look on his face and puts his neck up.

"Oh, are you serious?

"Dia saw it!

"Wait, Tina! I just saw the carriage ride and I don't even know why!?"


Sure, it's possible, but that's a assumption! And Dia tells me.

"Oh, yeah..."

"What, Tina's assumption"

"Mr. Freuds, but you don't know!

I look at Mr. Freuds, who laughed unexpectedly, and I swell my cheeks. I'm really worried about Mr. Hiroki.

But it seems I was the only one.

"Hiroki is a solid one, so he'll be fine. Stats that don't clap, but that's pretty polite. You're so cheap and polite than me or Diane."

"That's right..."

When I think of Mr. Hiroki, who had been polite for some time even when I knew him, it doesn't seem like he would have a quarrel with the nobility.

Even if they say something, it's going to make me feel light.

"Speaking of which, is Mr. Rousha...?

"Oh, it looks like you went out with Hiroki."


Mr. Freuds tells me something I didn't think I would, and I open my mouth pompously. If you were watching Mr. Freuds go out, I'm sure you two would be together.

"... well."

I kind of feel like I've lost it worrying. If you two are together, no matter what happens, you're sure to be okay.

Because Mr. Rousha is stronger than me.

Mr. Freuds rose from his seat and squeaked my head.

"Wow! I don't think it's messed up anymore."

"Hiroki will be fine. You're gonna come home one of these days! Here, let's make it dinner."

"... yeah"

As prompted, me and Dia will eat about our seats.

I thought today would be the day to see Mr. Hiroki, and I sigh. If it's true, I'd like to go to the dungeon with you, but I'm sure you won't catch up on my level.

... When did Mr. Hiroki get this far when he was the same stray as me at first? In the meantime, I wondered if I could come back soon, looking at the door.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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