4 Operational meetings
5 Meet the nobles

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"I really wish I could have prepared a carriage, but could I still arrange it now?

That's what I said as I stepped out of the tavern Smomo and saw the people Ruru was going out with.

I haven't been asked who I'm going to see, but could it be far from here? With that in mind, Rousha replied in a bright voice.

"Carriages all over the city are not noble either! You'll be fine on foot."

"Really? If Lusha says so, shall we keep going"

I saw that I snorted at Lucha's opinion, too, and then I started walking.

Now it's time, after six o'clock in the evening... something like that? The city is crossed by people after work, and the liquor store is hearing laughter that sounds fun.

Follow after walking in front so you don't fall off in the crowd.

"Is the place far from here?

"I think it's about thirty minutes to walk slowly. Are you okay?"

"Sure. I could walk more."

Rousha lined up next to Ruru, and the two of them started talking about where they were going now.

Speaking of which, I don't think it's unusual for a person to be rugged. I'll think in my brain what the hell kind of person he is.

There is probably no such thing as officials from the upper echelons of the country because they could be up to something… When that happens, did you meet someone outside the royal castle, or... an aristocratic maid or something?

Looks like Ri was at an aristocratic maid's tea party just to gather information.

... but if you're an adventurer, you'd be quite a veteran.

Otherwise, it should even be difficult to get close to the king.

But given that, it also seems difficult for the lady to get information about the king. When that happens, will the father be an identifiable person and easy to listen to information?


"... boo!? Hmm? Lusha?"

Walking while I was thinking, I hit something on the pretend. I thought maybe, that was Lusha's back that suddenly stopped.

What the hell happened? Looking ahead of Rousha's gaze at that thought, the luxurious carriage was stopped.


"I'm not sure either, but I'd like to get to know Luli"

When I gently slap Lucha in the ear, she apparently doesn't know what's going on.

But since Ruru sighed heavily, I can predict that he's not a very good opponent.

As I watched, my lord opened the carriage door - and a man came down from inside.

"It's Miss Takanashi! I can't believe we're meeting here. It's like a guide to the Goddess of Destiny."

"... no, it just so happens"

I can't unwittingly block an open mouth from a man who complained freshly and utterly. You can never tell me this.

Well, that's a blatant attitude...

"Nothing to be ashamed of. Yeah, why don't you join us for dinner now? I'll escort you to a delicious place."

"I've already finished my meal, so I'm fine. Isn't Master Ishmel busy?

"How sweet of you to care about me. Thank you, Miss Takanashi. - Hey, who are you two?

Looks like the guy who was inviting me to do the same thing unilaterally noticed me and Rousha behind him.

They're obviously nobles, so you should probably say hello from me. Step forward and I'll make a smile for now and see you lightly.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Sakurai. An adventurer."

I'm Lucha Plum.

Ruri was called by his last name, so I would also call him Sakurai, not Hiroki.

Then the man looked at me as if I were set by law.

"Phew...? My name is Ishmel Cracked. I'm going to be Miss Takanashi's fiancée."


The man who greeted me, I was surprised by the words coming out of Ishmel's mouth and shouted unexpectedly. No, because I haven't heard anything at all about Ruru getting engaged.

That seemed to be the same with Lucha, who was close, looking at things with eyes open.

"Liar, liar......! You're getting engaged!? You're younger than me, but you're going so far...!?"

Is that where you are concerned, Mr. Rousha?

Though there may be somewhere more mature to calm down than Rousha, who is certainly fighting demons for strength.

I almost laugh by accident.

But apparently that was Ishmel's one-sided assumption.

"I thought you declined the offer of engagement from Mr. Ishmel..."

"Why not. There can't be anyone who deserves you more than me. [M] Or to the man there...? No, no way, is the prince telling you? They say they have Lucia!!"

"No, no, no, no, no, I'm nothing. Because I'm not your boyfriend or anything!

I inadvertently shook my head and denied Ishmel, who told me in an awesome shape.

Or I've never had a girlfriend before!

Yet engagement and other nobles in different worlds are amazing......

"Mm, really...?

"He's an adventurer, and he's been to the dungeon before. Lucha is Sakurai's partner."

"What, were you two partners? I see. I'm sorry it took so long."


When she found out she wasn't Ruru's lover, Ishmel smiled and looked at me. This nobleman is absolutely chocolate......

"We were going to go to Lucia now. It's late at night, so if it sounds harsh, I'm going to make a promise after tomorrow..."

"What, were you planning to meet Lucia? Sure, let's welcome it."

Apparently, the one we were on our way to meet was a kid named Lucia.

Not just as long as possible. Ishmel had his name in his mouth earlier, so he's probably an associate of this guy. Ruru explained it to me because I and Rusha had the look to think about it.

"Master Lucia is Ishmel's sister. Nobility is the Duke's house."

"This, this, this is how you do it...!?"

As soon as I heard his identity, Rousha pinned his posture right.

When it comes to the Duke's house, it's next to the royal family. It would be royal blood, so you shouldn't be too alarmed. Even from what Ruru is called the Takanashi, it can be peeked at.

"Master Ishmel is probably the one, so you don't have to atrophy so much, Rousha"

"Ugh, yeah."

"Master Lucia is also a very kind man. We've been at a tea party a couple of times, and we're getting along."

... That said, I still can't seem to get the tension out of Rousha. I nod over and over and my expression is solidified.

"Well, we nobles and civilians don't often exchange words. But Miss Rousha is Miss Takanashi's friend, isn't she? Let me welcome you, you won't get so hard."

"It's an honor"

To Ishmel's words, Rousha bowed her head with a pebble.

And Ishmel looks at us and walks to the carriage door, "Go ahead".

"I was just on my way back to the mansion, too. You should take the carriage with you, I'm sure Lucia will be delighted"

"Thank you, Master Ishmel"

Sometimes the destination is the same, or I seem to have decided it would be a good idea to go with it. Me and Rusha looked at each other and thanked Ishmel, "Thank you," he said.

Ruru, Lusha, see you got in Ishmel's order, and finally I'm in the carriage.

The interior was covered with fluffy cushions and had a luxurious interior.

Compared to the riding carriage I've been using, there is as much difference between heaven and earth. That's the carriage at the Duke's house, is it?

When I got in, your man shut the door and the carriage slowly moved out.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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