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4 Operational meetings

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As originally planned, me and Rousha took a room at the Star-Down Pavilion. This is an inn I used to take care of, and the Freudians are also based there.

I had my first day without anything, the next day.

When me and Lucha went to the Adventurer Alliance, Lucha told me that a message was coming to 'Hiroki'.

"The sender says," Luli. "This evening, even the tavern Smomo."

Copy that.

I try to make these contacts on the Adventurer Guild bulletin board because it makes me stand out when the rugs are in dignified contact with me.

The Kings only have the last name 'Sakurai', so if it's a dummy, you'll soon find out.

"Well, you're a smog at night. Is that okay with Lucha, too?

"Of course."

It was decided this evening.

◆ ◆ ◆

Smomo is an adventurer's favourite tavern on two floors of wood.

It's busy when you go inside, and there are a lot of people who are drunk. Many glasses of ale are transported to fly, so much so that its pleasant laughter can be heard outside.

When I went inside, I saw him in the deepest seat.

"I wanted to be there."

"Let's go, Hiroki. Luli's waiting."

Tell the clerk I'm meeting him, ask him for a drink and get to his seat.

"Sorry, did I keep you waiting?

"I'm just here, too, so it's okay"

Speaking loudly, he looked at me and smiled. The first thing that bothered me about my seat was that I don't have lotus......

That seemed to Lucha, too, and asked as she tilted her neck.

"Just one Luli?

"The knights asked me to train with them."

"It is. That's brave, you're popular."

We had a non-stirring chat until the drinks and dishes were brought in, and we tried to get to the point where our bellies started to swell a little - before that.

"Did the king say anything to you? He said," Defeat the Demon King. "

I asked around about them since they went to the royal castle.

Then, laughing bitterly, he starts talking.

"Lotus told the king that the Demons are good people and they don't need to be defeated..."


Hearing Ruru's words, Hiroki held his head unexpectedly. That king can't be so open to the conversation.

Even though I don't listen to much of us, there's no way I can believe what I've heard from people and what's not convenient for me.

When I held my head by accident, he told me to continue.

"I didn't hear directly from the King... but apparently something happened with the Demons back in the day. That seems to be the big reason for disgust. Of course, there may be times when you want to expand your territory as a country or you don't like having different species next door..."

"Something, hey..."

They don't even know the details.

There was war on Earth and, of course, in Japan back in the day. This world is behind Japan in civilization, so it is not surprising that there was a war.

I don't... well, not a good thing as a mood.

"Lotus went to the Apricot continent and became even stronger, so the new soldiers are looking at her with admirable eyes. And because of that personality, I'd take care of him if he relied on me."

That's why they're building some sort of status admired by the soldiers. A lot of people take Lotus's side. I've never done it before.

"Whatever happens, I hope the soldiers take Len's side"


Nod at Lucha's words and talk about the bracelet next.

"I asked at Rousha and I, it seems difficult to unilaterally cancel the contract bracelet. I checked with Dwarf's old man who works as a forger, so I think it's unlikely."

When I said that, I snorted.

Apparently he looked it up in the library and asked people.

"I've been taught that by the nobles, too, so I guess there's no mistake. If this happens, we'll have to bring the negotiations directly to the King..."


But will that king have a place to negotiate with us?

Anyway, if it was about Lotus and Ruru, they wouldn't listen to me for now...

"Like gripping and threatening even weaknesses?

"Hey, Hiroki......! He's a king!?"

"Oh, good."


Rusha shakes her head in a panic when she clings to my words and says that's just too much.

"I can't believe you said that from our standpoint! Well, I'm sure Ren is a brave man..."

Wouldn't the king be in a better position? And I say anxiously. Rusha seems to be worried about what might happen to us.

"Perhaps the best thing is the exchange terms? Something that doesn't really hurt the King's mood."

"Exchange terms…"

Though it's easy to make a suggestion, I wonder if there's anything I can get out of here.

Because the condition of defeating the Demon King is impossible, for example, collecting rare items in a dungeon or something like that?

It's a brave party, so fighting for the country would be taken for granted. Then we have to prepare something other than force.

"Something rare or something? If we go around the dungeon, we'll get something..."

"If it's a dungeon, I'll take care of it! We'll work hard until we get something nice."

When I suggested it, Rusha just came aboard. That's Han Mae.

"But you won't be able to negotiate unless it's the item the king wants... so I also feel like it's going to be a pretty long fight, huh?

"Mm, sure...... If you're a king, you're going to get whatever you want. From me, as long as I'm jealous."

Rusha drops her shoulder when I tell her it won't be that easy.

Speaking of which, the kings wore a lot of jewellery and other jewellery. Before we ask for help from the brave, we first remind ourselves that we were stunned to work hard.

"I'll take care of that," he grins deeply, as long as he was listening to our exchange.

Apparently, there's some kind of good operation.

"Sure, it would be nice to get an item in the dungeon...... you might want to ask"

"What, to the king?

Sure there may be that, but how unscrupulous can you be...... At ease, Ruru shook his head quietly.

"Exactly. Even I wouldn't do anything reckless like that."

"Right...... But who are you going to ask? You don't know anyone who knows about the king, do you?

"It's okay. I have a little handover, so let's go now"

In the words of Ruru, me and Rusha face each other.

'Cause I never thought this would happen. But goodness would mean hurry, Ruru stood up and said, "Let's go."

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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