2 Long time no see again
3 Long time no see old man

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The blacksmith grandma we take care of owns a store on Main Street. It's a great location to walk 20 minutes from the inn where you plan to stay.

Wooden stores can be viewed through windows. Plate armor and the like are on display, making them eye-catching all the time.

When I opened the wooden door and went in, I was greeted by a low old man's voice, "There you are".

"... hmm? Oh, isn't that the hero of a changemon healer? You're back?

"Yes, as promised, I've come to show you my face"

"Long time no see"

Grandma seemed to remember us, and she welcomed us with joy.

It's been a long time since I've seen Rousha, so she looks happy.

"Nevertheless, if I run errands here, I'm going to Tangerine next."

"Really? Oh, my God, you're busy."

"It's my transfer!

"Well, I'm sorry."

When your grandma tells you you don't have time to slow down, Rousha tells you what you're after. Then he was as happy as he was about himself.

Sometimes Rousha's bows and gear will also have her grandmother fortified.

"Sometimes I have to show my face today, but I thought it might be necessary to maintain my gear."

"Oh, right. Let me see it."


I also took out the knife I received, including the travel essentials my grandmother had prepared for me. Lusha gets a look at the bow.

"... Hmm. The lady's bow is well taken care of. Hiroki's..."

Grandma looked at my gear and said, "Don't you like taking care of it?" and smiled bitterly.

"If you don't polish it tighter, it'll make it easier for you to spill the blade? Well, I'll take care of it this time."

"Uh... I was taking care of it for once, but I'm not good at it"

I was a college student until recently, and there's no way I can perfectly take care of my weapon.

Because people in this world often treat knives and such from childhood even if they are not adventurers... my arm would be a shame compared to that.

"I can afford a bit of money, so I'd like to ask for anything I need when I go to Tangerine. And if you need to replace it…"

"I see."

Looking at tents, jackets, etc., Grandma shows you how to think.

"Do you do wild boarding?

"Um, I don't have detailed plans, but I think that would happen without a village or a city. And then when you dive into the dungeon?"

When I heard my reply, Grandma brought a sleeping bag and a blanket from the back. As soon as I see something pretty solid, I tilt my neck wondering if it would be time to replace it.

Looks like we can still use it, huh?

With that in mind, my grandma explained the sleeping bag to me.

"I'll talk to my wallet, but if you're going to Tangerine, you should take care of the cold. There are mountains and forests, so the climate is unstable."

"Oh, I see."

He advised me to have a sleeping bag as it is now, but also something with high insulation.

Grandma prepared a thick but affordable blanket and expensive sleeping bags that used or functioned with demonic stones.

I see, was there such a reason? I mean, a warm sleeping bag would be nice. As an image, would it come with a futon dryer?

"I made money in the dungeon, so I need a sleeping bag...... no, can I have a blanket too, just in case?

"Of course you're good. But you can't have that much, can you?

Grandma thinks me and Lusha are regular bags, so she laughs that she won't come in. But now it's a magic bag that can hold plenty thanks to the store fairy, so there's no problem.

"I want a blanket too! I think it would be convenient to have it on my knees..."

Before responding, Lucha lifted her hand.

I put my bag on the counter and laugh more.

"I had this made into a magic bag. So I'll go in without both problems"

"Magic bag!?"

When I explained to my surprised old man, I was so tired of sighing haha.

"I thought you didn't know common sense. I can't believe a healer came home with a magic bag. The world has no idea what's going to happen."

I gave Grandma the money, and me and Rusha got the sleeping bag and the blanket. Besides, it's done by refilling fine equipment.

And then, I realize that decorative gear is placed right next to the counter.

necklaces and earrings, belts and bandanas, etc. Along with that, the bracelet was also placed.

... maybe even sell a contract bracelet?

"What, gear?

Granny realizes I've been staring, and she asks if I need it.

"No, not me..."


"Someone I know wears a contract bracelet, but I'm looking for a way to cancel it."

"You're wearing something difficult again."

Grandma also looked at the gear and told me that she didn't handle the contract bracelet though.

"That's special, so I didn't put it in a regular store. I've never even heard of how to force you to disarm..."

"Really...... Thank you."

When Dwarf's grandmother doesn't know, I guess it's going to be hard to force her off. Because when it comes to equipment, I still have the image that Dwarf is the best.

I also thought about it or something magical, but it seems difficult to solve it if it's a human continent.

I hope Lotus and Ruru brought me some good information, but it looks pretty difficult......

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

4 Operational meetings