27 Departure for the Temple of Transfer?
One, it's a dungeon attack.

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The arrows fly in momentum and are lucky enough to hit the demon. It was Lusha who unleashed the arrow, and as soon as he saw it, Lotus waved her sword to the rest of the demons, and Ruru magically toddled her.

Hmm, you don't have my turn at all.

The place you are now in is The Dungeon of the Seabed, which connects the Apricot and Roarquat continents. I couldn't attack because of my lack of force before, so I went through this time on my way home... but now the firepower was too overwhelming.

That should be it, because this time there are two extraordinary party members.

With that in mind, my gaze is directed at the three people who are unconsciously in front of me.

The first person to shoot a blow in is my partner, Archer's Lucha Plum.

Long elf ears peek from pink honey-colored hair. Tight pearl pink eyes are girly and adorable, but their character is Han Mae.

Pink bow for yellow and green accessories. He wears a rounded material on his hips that creates arrows and has a large bow. The blow is powerful because it swings all stats to attack values.

Using relentlessly high firepower magic, play with the little birds of the wizard.

Like me, she's a senior high school girl who came from Japan after being summoned. Long glossy black hair and strong willed black eyes. Makes you look sober, and that gut is pretty sitting around.

Dressed in a purple-toned dress robe with a shorter wand. Besides offensive magic, I am comfortable with search and other enemy skills.

It is Lotus Watanabe, a brave man and avant-garde, who deals directly with demons.

Likewise, one of the summoned. Among them, he has gained the status of brave man, and even has his own gentle character, often in a spicy standing with all the lotuses.

Lightly pigmented red brown hair with a neat face. They often seem to be liked in this other world, and they seem to be admired by knights and hot by women as well.

They're all my people I can count on. And Rousha is also a partner who has traveled with us.

This time, there are two major achievements from going to the Devil's Continent.

That I was able to decurse the lotus curse.

That if I met the Demon King, who had been ordered to crusade me, I would have gotten along with him in a pacifist gamer.

However, unfortunately, the magic team to return to Japan could not get more information than I thought.

The Demons say that magic can be luxurious and you don't need to use magic formations. Now it seems to be a forgotten old magic......

First, we plan to gather information in the Tangerine Kingdom next.

But I have one thing to do before I do.

It's about smashing the 'bracelet of the covenant' on Lotus' arm.

Lotus made a pact with Joseph Piznut, the king of the country who summoned us to help me when I was left alone.

The contents are simple and you cannot go outside the country without the king's permission. It may not be that terrible, but it's tough to have restrictions on behavior in different worlds.

Even if something happens, only Lotus can escape from the country.

By the way, this world has three continents.

The Apricot Continent, home to the Demons.

The inhabitants of the Beasts, the Tangerine Continent.

Human dwelling, the Loquat continent.

Apricot and Tangerine have demon kings and beast kings reigning as apex, respectively.

But only Loquat has a few more countries in it, each with a king. It was the Piznut kingdom that summoned us.

Rusha recently told me that...

"Hiroki, I saw the Lord's room ~"

"Ah, early..."

"There's Len and Luli, and I'm stronger too!

Lucha called out happy and was a little surprised to see if she had already arrived in her boss room.

Behind the dungeon is a boss known as the Lord, with a treasure chest and a transfer device to return to the entrance of the dungeon at the end.

"When I came forward, the Lord here... uh, felt like Poseidon"

"You looked like an old man."

When Lotus told him as he remembered, he nodded at it as well.

That's the boss of an undersea dungeon, I laugh. The opponent would be a water attribute, so I just want to say that the advantageous attribute is wind...... but if you think about Lucha and Ruru's firepower, you're going to be able to defeat any attribute right away.

"Hiroki, do you have an operation or something?

"... no, you knocked him out with two Lotus and Ruru before, didn't you? How was it then?

I thought I might have knocked him down without any particular struggle, and I asked Lotus.

"You struggled quite a bit because you looked human on the outside. Look, a lot of demons are more than animals in one way or another, right?

"Oh, sure."

Lotus said he had the closest appearance to a human being ever. The Japanese, who were college students peacefully until summoned, would have had something tough.

"Nice to knock you down."

"Yeah. Or it's magical and light."

"Didn't you struggle?

"I am."

Apparently, our party is more relentless with the women. No, I knew it thinly...

Then if you don't think you need to be particularly vigilant, Lusha says, "Yes!," he raised his hand.

"Yes, Lusha"

"I may be too..."


"Why don't you and me and Hiroki try? Dungeons here, I couldn't attack when I came forward..."

Long ears to heel, and Lusha sees the lotus and the rubbish.

It's a four-person party, so I guess you're sorry to ask me to let you two take it down. I don't really care, but when I think about it, I say yes. "Fine."

"I don't mind either. I'm fighting once, and I don't think Rusha would shy away."

"Yeah. I think it's a good thing to get experience"

"Thank you, both of you"

Permission is given, and Rousha makes his expression shine.

So the boss room is a pair of fights between me and Rousha.

"Well, let's go. [Shield] [Regene]"

Reinvest your support skills in all of them.

When you open a door decorated with shellfish or coral, it is the boss of this room - Poseidon - that is situated in the center.

As Lotus and Ruri said, it does look close to a human being, it's an old man. Either that or it could be close to a half-fish man. I have a big spear in my hand and a watermark.

"In the meantime, I'll see how it goes, so Lusha's gonna have to wait till you signal."


When I got out in front of Poseidon, he shook down a big spear.


But, well, that never hits me.

Because he's an evasive healer. The exact profession is Priest, but they don't have this profession in humans, so they're faking it to be a lower ranking healer.

Apart from recovery and support, the ideal model allows you to take advantage of evasive stats and avant-garde as well.

"He seems aggressive because he's a grappling old man, but he's not quick, so it's easy to avoid him"

It would be dangerous if enemies were multiple or specialized in speed - but in demons alone, yes, we would not lag that far.

"Lusha, it looks okay to attack."

"Okay! [Creative Arrow]!

Lucha uses her skills to make arrows and shoots them on the bow.

- of, but unfortunately it didn't hit Poseidon. Why? Because Lucha's status value is polar to the attack and the hit status value is 1.

But for that matter, the power of a single blow is immense.

Backing up for Lucha, Poseidon made sure to swing his spear, and he attacked me.

Miss! Miss!

Well, of course not.

And Rousha shoots at this side with five arrows at once. I don't hit Lucha's arrow on the dodging healer, so I just look at Poseidon.

Now, one arrow hit.

"I hit it!


He hit Poseidon on the shoulder and his body twitched. The arrows penetrated, so it would be pretty damaging.

But the next moment, Poseidon's spear gem glowed.



A glimmer of light struck my arm.

Is that inevitable a strong skill attack there...? But I don't have any pain. If you think so, your arm seems paralyzed.

… there is no particular inconvenience in avoiding or using your skills.

Looks like it was just a paralysis attack, so I decided not to care. If this was avant-garde, I'd have been fully bogged down with spears like this, but I hate you.


If you avoid the spear of the chase altogether, Lucha's voice reaches your ear from behind.

"[Wind Arrow!]!!"

Windy, Attribute Attack.

Besides, this offensive skill has a good advantage for Low Hit Lucha. That's because the wind is wrapped around it, so the perimeter of the arrow is also included in the attack range.

The arrow came off and slid through the side of Poseidon, but the wind that was wrapped cut it to carve its body.

And at a speed I don't have time to breathe, the next arrow flies in and stabs me in the Poseidon - knocking me down.

Seeing the giant fall, you stretch that it was an easy win.

"Yay! Hiroki, you got him!


Lucha comes over here happy to see Poseidon defeated. Unfortunately, I didn't get the demon stone, but I was able to get the spear.

I don't have any use for it at all, so I'll put it in a magic bag.

"You knocked him down lightly."

"I knew Lucha's bow was strong."

Lotus laughs and praises Ruru for Lucha.

Even me and Rousha took it down so lightly, I'm sure if the four of us were fighting, it would have been instant killing. If it were us, it would be enough to think that we could defeat any demon.

- Hey, more than that.

"Crate, let's open it!


Speaking of after defeating the boss, it's crate time.

We move on to the next room and come forward to the chest placed in the center. So when I opened it, what was inside was the Book of Skills Acquisition, the Demon Stone, and the money.

Disappointed at the lack of rare items, but also not so easily available......

As long as you were looking at the items that came out, you handed me the skill acquisition book.

"What if Hiroshi used it?

"What, me? There's just one book, and it's so easy -"

"Agreed! I think Hiroki should use it!

"I think that's fine, too. Hiroshi is a support position, so you've never done this to remember your skills?

I tried to think about it properly and make up my mind, but everyone's opinion was unanimous and I was supposed to use it. I appreciate it, but I'm kind of sorry.

If that's what you think, Ruru tells me I should get it again. Well, so is that.

"Bye, thanks. [Heels]"

The Book of Skill Acquisition can be activated by using skills. As a result, only one new skill can be acquired.

"Skill [Cure] Acquired:

Whoa! Didn't this get you some good skills?

Speaking of Cures, Iron Plate Skills for Conditional Anomaly Recovery. As a support job, it's pretty big to be remembered for this.

You must have noticed that I look happy, looking at me with Lucha excited.

"What did you remember?


"You have the ability to recover from state abnormalities! Drinking potions is also tough during battle, so I think it's great to remember with skill!

Lucha waved her hands and was happy, so I snort, too.

If it's a game, I can't relax and use the healing pills that are easy to use with a click, even in the real world. 'Cause the enemy's in front of us and he's attacking us.

In that regard, skills are easy because they are readily available.

"I knew I wanted to be more fulfilled, support skills. [Cure]"

When I tried it, the paralysis I had eaten from Poseidon earlier healed.... I totally forgot because it was a small paralysis... well, it would turn out to be O'Rei.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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