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27 Departure for the Temple of Transfer?

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When buying food and other things and traveling.

At the gates of Demon King Castle, three of them came to drop me off: Demon King, Shop Fairy, and Mr. Cruz.

"Apart from that, I'll give you the potion I made. It works great, so you should use it when you get seriously injured."

"Awesome arm alchemist potion! Thank you."

Mr. Cruz gave me and Lusha three potions each.

This would be an advanced potion to observe from the word "use in case of serious injury". I don't know what's in the dungeon, so I'm very grateful.

"Speaking of which route do you go to Tangerine? Ship?"

"No, I plan to go by road through the dungeon"

Shake your head and tell the store fairy inquiry about the itinerary.

The route that Lucha and I are planning to take is a dungeon that was too difficult to attack to give up when we came to this Apricot continent.

Now that the level is up, I talked to Rousha and decided that I would be able to attack.

"Ya going through that dungeon? You two would be fine, but be careful."

"I've learned some new skills, and I'll try to attack them! Thanks."

I feel Lucha's intention to definitely move on.

And finally, the Demon King stood before us.

The shadow of the first time we met is nowhere else. A fine demon king.

"The next time we met, Lucha was already a hunter. Hiroki seems more polished to avoid. I'll give you my magic arm too... then we'll go to the dungeon together."

"Oh, right. If there's two of us, there's no such thing as a demon you can't defeat."

"Yeah, yeah, I'll be a hunter, too, and I'll be back to see you."

"See you then. Thank you for everything!

Thank the three of you who dropped me off, and we followed the Demon King's Castle.

What we're going to do is hunter's temple.

It will be long enough to cross the Apricot continent again because we will go to the Tangerine continent by road.

"Now it's good to try Pakaloo, not a boarding carriage"

"Fine... Hiroki, are you okay? It didn't go well with Tito's pakaloo..."

I give back to Lucha that I'm kind of worried, that I'm more worried.

"I thought you weren't the type of animal that hates me...... but I think it would be useful if I could ride it and I'll do my best a little bit"

"Right. Maybe some pakaloos will miss you."

With all that talk, we came to the dungeon to get out of the city.

Though the Pinots said it was a hassle, it's certainly hard to have to go through the dungeon every time you go in and out.

But well, it's not that bitter if you think it's a level increase.


"Hmm? Ring to the lotus!

Lotus and Ruru stood when the lid called me and thought something was up. I go into the store to talk, even though I have a question about why I'm here.

"Long time no see, Luli!

"I'm glad Lucha's looking good, too."

The two girls are happy to see each other again, so I ask them if anything happened to Lotus. You knew we were going for Demon King's Castle, so there's a good chance something happened and he came after us.

Lotus explained the situation to me, even as she distorted her expression like she was in trouble.

"Actually... from the King of Piznut: 'You still defeat the Demon King -!' I was told. '"

"Oh, you finally hung up..."

Lotus nodded as I squirmed.

"So we're going back to Piznut once. I don't know why, but do you just want to complain?

"That's a hassle. I wish I could get through, but I don't think so."

"Yeah. Aid is fine, but it's a country with clues about returning. But I think it might be easier to stay here without defeating the Demon King."

"Oh well."

Lotus is the king of Piznut...... was his name, uh, Joseph? I have a bracelet under contract with him, so I can't get out of that country.

Besides, that's an exchange condition for getting me out of the store, so I want to cancel it somehow.

I also need to get to know someone familiar with those magic props and find a way to disarm them...

When I think about it, I hear Lusha tap the desk more and more.

"Hiroki, let's go to Piznut together! I'm just on the road to Tangerine, and I can't let you two go and put it down!!"

"Are you sure? I'll be late for a new job..."

"Absolutely fine! My people are more important!

Although hunters can be any time, Rousha seems to have decided now is the only time to help the Lotus.

I wanted to do that, too, so thank you very much.

"Then go with me and find a way to cancel the lotus contract bracelet"

"Yeah, that's good!

Seeing Lusha in a mood, Lotus and Ruru blink.

"Lucha, you're reliable."

"Thank you. I'm blessed to be one of you."

Now that we've decided to travel together for the first time, I'll tell the two of you that I've got a few clues to the magic team.

The story of the people who use the magic formations that Mr. Cruz taught me and the key that I don't know where to use it, but I think it has something to do with it.

"Wow, Hiroki is. We don't have this kind of information."

"No, I was just lucky. But it's going to be hard to gather information... for a long time. I think I need to go to all kinds of places and listen."

I wish I was lucky enough to get to know someone with information, but I don't know if it will work that way.

It seems harder than we thought to find a way back to Japan with information on the magic team.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

One, it's a dungeon attack.