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While the smell of tea leaves spread indoors, they were all neat.

"Ya, we're safe. It was a long time before I got here!!"

"Thanks, I've caused a lot of trouble to the store fairy..."

The store fairy seems to be feeling innumerable, sinking into the couch with delight and weakness.

There wasn't much to do. Even me and Rousha are kind of tired, so I know how that feels very well.

If this is the right time to be calm, can I ask the Demon King about the Magic Formation?

"Dear Tito, that it was an exchange condition... may I ask?

I'm sorry I'm so quiet, but I want to know soon, too, so I'll swing by.

The Demon King immediately said, "You did," and sat back down squeaky.

"What I want to know is about magic and magic formations that can travel far away."

"Magic Formation? You can say that none of those ancient things, the demons you use...?

"Uh... that's what I asked Mr. Cruz"

When I look at Mr. Cruz sitting on the couch drinking tea, he laughs bitterly. Probably unlikely, he thinks too.

As expected. Somehow, the Demon King roared troubledly.

"Uh-huh, no magic formations are used... ah!

"Dear Tito?

All I'm saying is I flashed, and the Demon King looks up all the time.

"I don't have any knowledge of magic formation, but I might have a clue. Wait!

Saying so, the Demon King goes down to the basement room he uses as a warehouse. Is it also a magic book that could lead to something?

After a while I waited, the demon king with the little box returned.

"Take this to Hiroki"

"... what, this"

When I opened the box, it was the key that came out of it.

This is a beautiful piece with circular handles and blue gems.

I just don't know where to open it at first glance.

"Oh, maybe the key holder part... magic formation?

"Yes. I wonder if it's an item that the Demon King kept for generations... Somewhere in this world, there's a door that you can unlock with that key."


Isn't it hard to find that just...

So desperate, he went on to say that the Demon King had no purpose at all.

"It is true that there is a place where I can go with this key... but this one is not the only key I need. I only know that the second one is on the Tangerine continent. … but there is no other information."

"The Tangerine continent has a lot of nature and a lot of dungeons. I find it hard to find without a clue..."

Following the Demon King, Mr. Cruz also joins the conversation, unintentionally raising the hurdle.

The Tangerine continent itself plans to go because there is also a hunter transfer in Rousha. But when it comes to looking for a second bottle, it's tough.

Lucha will also worry next to me and give her a possible place.

"Master Tito had it, so the Beast King has it or something...?

"Oh, I see."

It seems likely that the kings of that continent will have it for generations.

Or maybe I can get some information. If there is a problem, can the Beast King see it...?

"Surely it's one hand to ask the Beast King. Hiroki's changed, so I'm sure you'll see him."

"Are you that different, me"

He said he was just an evasive healer.

But, well, if I can see you for a reason, can I be weird?... No, okay?

"I wish I could have connected you, but it was yesterday that I revealed my hatred..."

He was told that it was difficult to introduce the Beast King because his face as the Demon King was not directed at another country.

He said he was going to be interacting with Tangerine as a country… or a continent.

They can introduce you if you wait for that, but they're just not free enough to wait.

"We'll look into it. I'll be on my way to Tangerine soon."

"I'm going to the dungeon, and I'm sure I can find another key."

Lusha nods too and laughs trying her best to find it.

"Right. Then I'm praying from here that I can find you, too.... If you have any information, I think I'll go out and take care of the store fairy."

"Don't help me, thank you"

"Ya, leave it to me!

Will we encounter it again in the dungeons or in the woods?

Thinking about it, don't be kind of fun like a game.

The demon king took a seat at the lid and brought back the large box that was on the shelf. They give it to me, and I tilt my neck at what the hell.

"That's a reward. It's very good stuff. It'll help."

"To Hiroki and Rousha, thank you so much for your help. Not just the dungeon, but the showdown."

The Demon King and the Shop Fairy told me not to hesitate to take it, and I nod.

"Then I'll be thankful."

When I opened the box, the light overflowed.

Surprised for a moment, but soon realizes that the cause is the ore inside. It is a rare demon ore of high rare value, seen in the secret underground dungeons of Demon King's Castle.

Plus, it has two big chunks in it.

"Wow, wow......! Oh, can I get this!? Am I getting too much?!?"

Lusha holds her face down with her touching, "wow" over and over again.

The Demon King showed me his wand and told me about the Demon Ore.

"This wand was made with demon ore when I was born. At first, a wand about ten centimeters in size grew up with me and became my wand now."


Though I thought it was a fine, strong wand, I didn't think it was something that was growing with the Demon King.

I'm honestly glad I can get the demon ore that I wanted but gave up that I wouldn't be able to. I don't have a growing weapon. I want to build gear.

Oh, but then...

"Wouldn't that also be the material for Rousha's bow?

"Yes, I am! With this, I think you can make the finest bows and increase your attack power exceptionally! Wow, wow, wow! Thank you, Dear Tito!!"

I was happy and tense too, but Rousha was more tense.

"As much as I want to leave for Tangerine right now!

"You can't do it right away. They buy food."

"I know ~!"

I know what it's like to do, so maybe we should travel in a few days.

Get some rest today and go buy some travel essentials tomorrow.

"Ya, you two are still fast paced on your journey"

"My journey with Hiroki is fun. It's so exciting to be able to go where I shouldn't be alone."

"When you say something again, don't light it up"

My face kind of turns red when I hear Rusha's honest thoughts.

I'm so glad you thought that, so let's try so hard I can't beat you either. It might be a good idea to go to all kinds of dungeons, build weapons, and one day go to the end of this world, like no one has been able to reach it.

I don't know if I have that.

"I'll be around the world for a while, too, so I guess I'll see you somewhere else."

"And Mr. Cruz? Pinot told me you've been to a lot of places... are you going far?

I was wondering if he was based in Demon King's Castle apart from his house by collecting materials and such around Apricot continent.

"The magic book Hiroki gave to Master Tito would have marked the location of the great tree, right? I didn't know everything when I was a janitor, so I went on that confirmation journey."

"Oh, speaking of which, you did."

"Did you forget? The Demon Ore includes a thank you for the Book of Magic."

Mr. Cruz laughs and tells him he's worried.

"Don't let weird people fool you."

"It's okay there. For once, I want to think that I have an eye for people…"

I think people who don't keep their distance from hearing about my profession have a high probability of being a good person.

It's a subtle criterion of judgment, but this probably hits me pretty good.

The demon king I was listening to laughs dull.

"So are we going on a journey now? When you come to this city again, come to the castle. … let's play a game too"

"After all, it was my loss. I'd like to practice riding the pacaroo next time so we don't lose."

"I'm looking forward to it. Thank you, Hiroki, Rusha. I can't thank you both enough."

The Demon King comes to tears and pushes him to come and visit whenever he wants.

Of course I'm coming to see you, so me and Rousha snorted full of strength.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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