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When I just toured the festival for a moment and got a reference at the blacksmith and went back to Demon King Castle, I was already ready for the unveiling ceremony.

I came with Lucha to the Demon King's quarters, but the Demon King was loading a greeting manuscript that he desperately made with Cruz.

Apparently, I'm not too nervous about the confrontation.

"Oh, welcome back, both of you. Master Tito's a little focused, so leave him alone for a while."


"Awesome concentration to not notice we came in..."

Mr. Cruz puts his finger on his mouth and laughs no more.

"That's all you trust in us. We're about an hour away from the showdown, so if Hiroki's okay, I'll prepare lunch... but what do we do?

"Oh, I'll have it"

It's not exactly moving around, so it's before the showdown, but it'll be okay to eat.

Next to the Demon King reading the bump manuscript, he had lunch with Lucha and Mr. Cruz chatting.

◆ ◆ ◆

And the production of the confrontation - the Demon King was neat.

Well, so is that.

Because you have to have a confrontation to prepare for today almost all night and have an unveiling ceremony that tells you that you are the Demon King.

The stage of battle is on the grounds of Demon King Castle.

In the space used by knights to train, it is forbidden for ordinary people to enter, but only those who work for nobility and the royal castle are allowed to see.

In a nutshell, it would be the one who sees...

"Dear Tito"

"Hmm? What, Hiroki"

"Taking it down fast and hypnotizing it until the unveiling ceremony begins"

"! Oh, thank you. Thank you."

It still seemed pretty sleepy, and the Demon King honestly accepted my suggestion.

Of course the two wizards and hunters on the other side don't like our interactions like that.

Hunter stepped forward and stared at me.

"Don't tell me you licked it! What the Demon King deserves will be determined by Master Clyde!

"Paula, you don't have to say that out loud..."

"Master Clyde be more confident! Because I can't believe such a child is a demon king!

You look like a brain muscle hunter......

There are two opponents against whom I and the Demon King will confront each other.

It's a young man in a wizard named Clyde Leacock and a hunter girl named Paula, his squire.

Earlier he said he was the grandson of someone, of the faction of the Generations Demon King.

"Take it easy, Paula, it won't happen. Excuse me, I'm Clyde Leacock. I was told to be the Demon King, and I came here."

"... the Demon King has decided with me, so it's no use doing anything"

To Clyde, who told him with a grin, the Demon King argues with strength.

I don't know what they're thinking, but we can't lose this fight.

The referee shall be the Commander of the Knights of Demon King Castle.

He looked at Clyde alternately with us and shook down his high raised arm.

"- Begin!!"

Use that as a signal, I use my support skills.

"[Shield] [Regene]"

I put Regeneration on the Demon King so that he can recover immediately, no matter what.

"Human, Priest? No, a healer? Either way, I just think you're licking this confrontation!

"No, you don't have to try to fight!

It's only a shame that the other hunter screams something, but doesn't know how dodgy the healer is.

As was the case in the original operation, I'll be filling my distance with a dash to force myself to target the attack. This way, you're gonna have to attack me no matter what.

As expected, Hunter's attack was directed at me.


What surprised me about that, of course, was the other guy.

"Shh, what's going on!? I can't believe you didn't hit me...!

Hunter screams and releases a few arrows...

Miss, Miss, Miss!

Unfortunately, that doesn't strike me like that.

- Even so, I don't have the means to attack you if you pack your time! Totally in position.

I avoided all attacks, so I arrived at the opponent, who was about 50 meters away.

"... Hi"

I'll just laugh and try to say hello, but unfortunately I haven't heard back.

"Don't be ridiculous, you're not a healer!?"

"It's an evasive healer."

"Ha... Huh!?"

It says on his face that I answered the query honestly and he doesn't know who he is.

"But you avoided all your arrows, didn't you?

"I've never heard of such a healer!

"Then remember. Personally, I'd love to see more evasion spread..."

Defense is good, but it's better not to hit the offense.

What a huge flame coming from the rear to the gap we're talking about. It's Inferno, the magic skill unleashed by the Demon King.

Although I was worried about the amount of magic because I was tired from lack of sleep, it seemed to work properly.

"Ku...... [Enchanted Arrow] [Water Arrow]!!"


Each of them countered to unleash water system skills, but this is exactly what water is about on a burning stone. The Demon King Inferno swallowed little water and quickly evaporated it.

And Inferno lightly defeats Clyde and Hunter.

I'm glad it went according to the operation, but it's too modest to clap.

I see Clyde falling and a hunter on one knee, and then I send my gaze to the referee. Immediately hack, raise your hands and declare victory.

"This battle, Master Tito, is a victory!

"All right, one thing settled. [Area Heels] Till"


"Why did you help...?

When I recover the Clydes, I look at this one strangely.

No, no, what are you talking about over there? If a settlement has been reached, it will be natural to recover the wound.

"Why don't you give me a toddle?"

"You can't do that. I don't think Tito would want that."

"... Huh!

I explained to Paula, and when we went under the Demon King, she greeted me with a full grin.

"Master Tito won."

"Oh! Thanks, Hiroki!

Now that we have no more concerns, it will be recognized that the Demon King is Master Tito if we give a unveiling.

One case is settled.

Clyde called the Demon King and held him back as he tried to move the place out to do it on the balcony of Demon King Castle.

"... surprised. Lord Tito's flames were so beautiful and certainly worthy of the Demon King"

"Clyde...... right? As your father's daughter, I intend to be a shameless demon king."

"Yes. If it is Master Tito, it will be possible. … hostile I may be too convenient to say, but I hope I will take one end of it as a subordinate in the future"

Clyde kneels down and bows his head to the Demon King.

Though this one won, the demon clan of earlier factions that would set up a confrontation. Do you accept it here, or do you cut it off?

I wondered what kind of judgment the Demon King would give me, and when I saw that look, my concern was so tiny.

"Oh, I hope so"

"Thank you."

The Demon King smiled beautifully, accepting lightly.

Not at all, the vessel seemed bigger than I imagined.

◆ ◆ ◆

The sky is so blue that even the flying Wyburn looks fantastic.

I'm about to be present at an historic moment right now.

That's right.

It's the demon king's unveiling ceremony...

"You're thrilled."

It's not like we're gonna do anything.

I agree with Lucha, who's nervous on the side.

Many people gather in the square where you can see the balcony where the revelation will take place. Demons, of course, but beasts and elves have dwarves and various races.

What we have is the rooftop part of the tower that the Demon King uses as his chamber. Because there are no other people, I feel like I'm watching in the special seats.

Tito, dressed in a black dress and dressed in his predecessor's cloak, reveals himself.

Burning red hair can be seen from a distance, but today the crown is listed there. And a wand as big as your height on your hand.

The moment the Demon King showed himself on the balcony, the city rocked all the more.

"Wow, it's the Demon King!

"Liar, girl!?"

"Wow, wow!

"You're adorable!!"

The voices are all words that affirm the Demon King, and they are relieved.

But I'm sure it was herself that relieved her the most.

"... I am so glad that you have spoken this way to the impudent me who has not been able to show up in a long time"

The Demon King slowly, looked forward and began the conversation.

"To me the status of Demon King took away my parents and sister from me, an abomination. How many times have you thought that I should just go away?... Still, this is how I appeared as the Demon King - because your father wanted to protect what the previous Demon King had built"

The people who were bothering will be quiet and listen to the words of the Demon King.

"From now on, I will protect the Apricot continent, including everyone who lives there. Believe in me and follow me!

Wow, I cheered so much for the words I was told without any hesitation.

"Dear Tito, you're so popular."

"Charisma must be the one. There's someone up there who's ready to stand up there."

"Right. I can't even tell you to do that."

"Neither can I."

The Demon King grinned with satisfaction and looked at the city with joy.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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