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The story of the Demon King making a revelation quickly ran through the city and is in festive condition this morning.

He said it was evening to unveil, so I was thinking about going to a relaxing festival with Rousha... Dong Dong Dong and I are being knocked on the door of the room with tremendous momentum.

"... you're still early in the morning"

When I opened the door to the room thinking who the hell it was, the Demon King jumped at me.

"Hiroki, help me...... Huh!


I can't help but think of a way to get stunning tackles.... but before that, now it's time to ask what happened to the Demon King?

Maybe there was some kind of trouble with today's plans.

"Easy, Demon King! What happened?"

"That's... the nobles who were your grandfather's faction have made a single representative that they deserve the Demon King!

I guess I got anxious after everything that happened, even though I was raving about it yesterday that I was fine. Though the Demon King, he might be old enough and cute considering he's only a thirteen-year-old girl.

I wonder if any of us can patronize measures in this kind of political connection?

"For now, what's the situation now?

"We're going to fight two on two! Hiroki, take the avant-garde!


You're getting past my imagination.

"Doesn't that have a political ruse? First things first, we talk, we cheat, we move under the water..."

"Grandpa's faction wouldn't do that! I think power is everything, something like extremism."

"I see."

But the Demon King said he was out of line saying that if only he won the battle, he would properly admit he would get under it. He says you can trust that because he says it's polite to protect what he says once.

Now I know why, but I'm the one they want?

The Demon King has a shop fairy who is a loyal subordinate and a good friend of the previous Demon King, Mr. Cruz. Wouldn't it be better for me to get out, being more human?

You must have noticed I was confused. The Demon King lowered his eyebrows with regret and told me why.

"I've been pulling back, so I don't have any allies."


I guessed it.

Right, almost no one will take sides with the pulling gamer...... I've come to know the hard reality.

"Where are the store fairies and Mr. Cruz?

"Those two do another job. Shop fairies are on perimeter alert because some people don't feel comfortable about me.... it looks like the king of man wants to defeat me. Cruz will deal with the nobles."

"Is the right material?"

"That sort of thing. The only thing I can trust is Hiroki, except for those two."

I see.

I'm glad you honestly relied on me, but would I be okay?

"What kind of guys are they?

"It's the young man in the wizard who's pushing on the demon king over there. Hunters fight together."

"The hunter will be fine, but the wizard is a pain in the ass"

If it's an arrow, it would be avoidable, but I don't know if I can avoid magic skills. A magician's low level magic skills may not be possible if they are advanced strong skills.

This firepower will be the only Demon King, so if you don't sink the wizard fast, you won't have a chance of winning.

"All right, we're gonna have an ops meeting."


Opponents are wizards and hunters.

This is me, the Demon King and Priest.

Though the power word Demon King alone looks like he can win, his opponent will be quite hands-on as well.

"I think we can avoid all Hunter attacks. The problem is the wizard's magic skills. You know what you're gonna use?

"... I don't know, but I think I can handle that. I have the skills to absorb their magic."

Speaking of which, I remember what you said about taking in my sister's magic.

Sure, then this one won't be magically damaged... but I think it's an irregular strength.

"But is that how they're gonna be okay?

"I don't eat them all. I'm fine."

"Then is it okay? Let's just take down the wizard fast and win. Hunter's got a shield up and I'm coming forward, so we're gonna go gunning."


All you have to do is set up an operation and wait for the battle.

◆ ◆ ◆

"Ahhh!? A battle betting the Demon King's throne!?"

"Here, shh! What if someone asks?"

"Oh, sorry! But I'm surprised to hear that."

We had some time to fight, so me and Rousha came to the city to attend the festival. There are plenty of stalls and other food shops out there, playing instruments and dancing fun in the square.

Everyone seems happy with the demon king's revelation.

Clarifying his ears, he hears the inhabitants.

"Hey, I was worried, but it looks like the Demon King is coming out"

"I've been admiring my predecessors since I was a little girl. I hope you're the kind of person everyone admires."

"Oh, speaking of which, so you were taking the Knights exam, you"


"Is the Demon King amazing?

"That's right. You're protecting us."

"Heh... Demon King is amazing!

It conveys that I am very excited for the Demon King to show up.

"Nice country."

"Yeah, you are. The Demon King admires you. Then you'll be convinced that there are others who do want to be."

"So is that."

Respected by the Demons, they stand at the center of it.

I'm sure there are others who want it, besides the Demon King. I was born a demon king or not.

It's destiny you can't resist to decide, but with a slight hope, I reach out... I don't know what that feels like either.

Right now, I'm looking for a way to return to Japan with the thought of straw.

"But they're hunters."

"Hmm? What's going on, Rousha?"

"I just thought I'd become jealous. I will one day too..."

Lucha bursts her fist and reveals her desire to become a top position.

"I gave Mr. Cruz the luggage, so the next thing I want is a temple to transfer to a hunter. Right away, right away."

"... yeah. Good luck being a hunter and getting stronger! Yes, we need to fortify the bow for that."

The Demon King's unveiling schedule was so fast that he was totally behind him.

"It's the item I got because of it. Do you want to find a blacksmith?"

"I hope you have a skilled craftsman. Oh, let's hear it in the Adventurers Guild."

It would certainly be more trustworthy to have a referral than to go in without knowing the good or the bad. To get a quick introduction, he went to the Adventurers Guild and was introduced to a blacksmith.

"Whoa, whoa, a mustache of earthdragons! Rare item!!"

Tension high!

When I went to the blacksmith introduced in the Adventurer's Guild, the old man of the dog Beast got very excited to see the beard of the earthdragon.

Looks like Lucha's pulling a little too.

"Um, I'd like to make the bow stronger... what do you think?

"Oh, I'm sorry. I don't see much, so I got excited..."

Laughing hahahaha, Grandma observes Lusha's bow closely. Take a serious look and praise "this is a good bow".

"It's a polite job, and it seems highly offensive. Could it be that the blacksmith who made it is Dwarf?

"It was the Dwarf blacksmith who took care of me."

Dwarf's grandma took quite a help, as she also had a set of gear, as well as all the essentials for her tent trip.

As I nodded, the old beast man nodded back, "I bet you do," he said.

"Dwarves have a lot of skilled blacksmiths. I can handle earthdragon mustaches too... To be honest, I would recommend asking a better skilled craftsman because it is a rare item. I want to, but I can't get the most out of him..."

"Oh no..."

To Grandma's words, Rusha is shocked and lowers her ear.

The blacksmith here recommended the Adventurer Guild, and it's not too bad that it was one of the few stores in this city that also handles bows.

Because there are many demons who prefer magic, there are overwhelmingly many blacksmiths who deal with canes and vice versa.

Should I ask you here, or should I look for another blacksmith?

But if it's because of you, I'd like to ask a well-armed blacksmith. I wish everyone would be honest with me like this guy, but I also get anxious because I don't know the arm of the next blacksmith......

"But I'm going to the temple to be a hunter... after all, the compromise is -"

"What, are you going to be a hunter! Congratulations!!"

Before I finished giving my opinion, my old man came over with words in a good mood for food.

No, it's fine.

"Hmm? So you're going to Tangerine? Then I can introduce you to a blacksmith with a good bow."

"Oh, true!?"

Listen to your old man, Lucha's ears pin.

Apparently happy. It's too easy to understand, and I laugh unexpectedly. But soon, Lucha's ears drooped.

"Then do you want me to introduce you and strengthen your bow there"

When I spoke to him to introduce him as he wondered what was going on, he told me why.

"Are you sure? If my offense doesn't go up, it's hard to fight..."

"What, you cared about that? If you're gonna get a good bow in the end, I think I'd better be that way, huh?

"Really? Then let me sweeten you to that! Fun!!"

I'm sorry for my old man because Lusha makes me look so happy... well this is all I've got.

"I'm glad you're happy. Then give this reference to the guy named Shoesel the Tangerine. Because they tailor it to the best bow."

"You're Mr. Shoesel, I see"

"From the temple to move to the hunter, you'll find out soon enough because you live in the nearest village."


Ask her to write a letter of introduction, and Rousha will bag it.

This is going to have to be rushed to Tangerine when the demon king's unveiling is over.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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