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When I got out of the dungeon and went to Demon King's Castle, the shop fairy ran towards me and said, "Where have you been?!"


"Ya, it's horrible to avoid!!!!!!!!"

"You're worse off coming in all of a sudden!

Avoidance now is not my intention in the first place.

I think that's probably what fate was.

"I was in the dungeon. Nothing. You didn't have such a rush to run...?

"Yep... I just got back from following you, are you a mazo?

"It's not like that."

It was Mr. Rousha in front of Han who suggested it.

"I mean, Mr. Cruz knew we were going to the dungeon... well, I didn't even ask for a message"

"Ya did? Next time you go out properly, let me know!

"Yes, sir."

Talking like that chatter, Lusha looks at us laughing.

"Didn't you have something to do?

"Oh, speaking of which,"

I almost forgot the real deal because I accidentally dodged it.

"It's time for the demon king to reveal himself. And I'm going to the dungeon just to see if I can handle the Demon King's magic properly."

"Oh, okay"

Surely if we don't check properly, the Demon King himself will be anxious. Lucha also followed me to the dungeon and said, "Let's go right away!" and full of energy.

Me and Lusha nod to the words of the shop fairy and head to the tower, which is the home of the Demon King.

Going to the tower, there was also Mr. Cruz with the Demon King.

"Hiroki, Lusha!

"You're late - did you cut your hair?!?"

"Damn! Dear Tito, I was a girl... sorry, I was so..."

It's okay, 'cause I thought it was a boy at first, too.

With a bitter smile at surprised Rousha, the Demon King spun around and made him smile.

This cute dress has a black tone and a knee length. The hair is aligned about under the shoulder and the sides are knotted twin tails with just a little ribbon.

But the long cape stays put, and I'm a little worried I'm going to step over the hem and fall.

"You don't have to worry about anything. Because I've been pretending to be a boy. So I was strong and imitating your father's tone... and from now on I'm going to live as a woman"

"But you did say it was the first man to be the Demon King, didn't you? Um, is it okay to disagree or something?

More like this, shouldn't we root for it in political terms?

That's what I thought, but the Demon King laughed bitterly and said, "I don't like that." I have a slight bad feeling about it, but I nodded that it would not be about speaking out.

I don't know any demonic nobles or factions. I'm the one. I can't help it.

"No, have you set a date for the revelation?

"Absolutely! My revelations are tomorrow."

"What, early!?"

I will return anything to a schedule that is too hasty, and I will be reckless.

"But I think I already know what I'm like. What I showed my maid."

"Oh, really..."

"It's not that big of a grandfather's faction that says the Demon King has to be a man and at least he won't admit it if he doesn't eat my sister"

I get emotional that it's a moment when you change to look so solid that I don't think you were a pulling gamer.

I'm relieved that the hostile faction isn't that big, but if anything happens, tell them it will help - we headed to the dungeon again.

◆ ◆ ◆

When you see the demon slime coming out in the dungeon, the Demon King immediately defeats you with fire. The force is not even runny with fine dust, it's a smooth slip out.

"I want to make sure Inferno works properly."

"Fine... but what if you fall out of magic? Tomorrow I have a revelation, but if something happens, it's not good."

It's nice to be full of motivation, but I want it to be about the right time.

"Even after the unveiling ceremony, you don't have a problem, do you?

"I can't. Because it's an unveiling ceremony and I need to show my strength... Seeing that, the Demon King is strong enough to get him to admit he deserves the apex.... well, the old Demons just care, though the young Demons don't care"

"The Demons are in trouble too..."

I don't deny old clichés and customs, but I also want you to incorporate new ones. Otherwise, not many people will feel as hard as the Demon King does now.

Yeah, but you're such a demon king, you're sure to make a good king.

I look forward to the upcoming Apricot Continent, created by the Demon King.

"So, do you hit Inferno? I'm on the second floor, Goblin, okay?

"That's fine!

Hear from the Demon King and we'll go to the second level.


Miss! Miss!

Walk a little further and fish a few demon goblins. Don't forget to go somewhere a little bigger and make sure you have the least amount of space you can possibly use Inferno.

"Good luck, Dear Tito"

"Thank you, Rousha. Because I am the Demon King, I have to afford this much...!

The demon king stares at the demon goblin, takes a deep breath, and then sticks his wand.

And instead of the low voice that was forced out, a clear and beautiful voice resonates forcefully into the dungeon.

"Because it is my power, I will use it properly...... [Inferno]!


The Inferno used by the Demon King had a little less flame and control than when used in the boss room.

Apparently, there was no such thing as a magic storm.

The scorched demon goblins collapsed on the spot and became ashes.

"Well done, Master Tito."

"Oh...... good. Thank you, Hiroki. Now I can be a proper Demon King."

With tears in my eyes, the Demon King hugged me all the way to my waist.

I find myself relieved from the bottom of my heart, and I sound like you did your best with a gentle tap on my shoulder.

"Master Tito will surely be a good demon king. I promise you that."

"Yeah, thanks. If Hiroki has enemies, I... I'll burn you down with Inferno!

"That's comforting."

Or the Demon King would be too strong for his people or something.

Because Lotus is a brave man... you will have the two most powerful men on your side...! If this is too awesome, the tension goes up unexpectedly.

No matter how difficult the dungeons are, they can be challenged.

Let's go back to your room.

"Well, we'll have to get ready for tomorrow... and after this, we'll make a manuscript with Cruz."

"That's tough..."

I was anxious to see if it was really going to be okay tomorrow...

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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