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Cruz dropped me off laughing delightfully and we came to the dungeon to raise the level.

It's a monster house dungeon that me and Rusha came through, connecting the city to the outside.

"Okay, we'll do our best!

"Lusha, we'll learn new skills first."

"Oh, you did"

Immediately after entering the dungeon entrance, use the Skills Acquisition Book before leaving.

"Skill acquired [area heel]"

"Scope support?"

"I was a light arrow."

"Is that a light attribute? Sounds like a good match for the demons of this continent with lots of demons."

This is going to make hunting easier all at once.

"Does Hiroki's mean he can heel multiple people?

"Sounds like it. Well, it's not that much of a skill to use, but if there is, it might work."

Perhaps the best time would be to heel another party with Tsuji support.

"I remember my skills new, and I just... that?

"What's going on?

"No, I was wondering how the dungeon works. I came in from the city side, but it's like a tier one, not a boss room."

I don't care which entrance you enter, does that mean you go out into a single tier?


Miss! Miss!

"Have you just come out with Demon Slime? In the meantime, go a little further and then knock it down."

"You're right."


Miss, Miss, Miss, Miss!

"[Shield] all the time. When the number of daemon slimes increases, it stops, so I asked for an attack."


Walk out as usual and take the Po Po Jumping Demon Slime with you. That number will increase by five, six, ten, but it's okay to collect some more.

If you attack where you've collected about 30 of them, Rousha can also definitely attack the demon with a single blow.

However, collecting more makes me anxious to avoid it.

Miss, Miss, Miss, Miss!

... a good number of things have gathered up.

I stop and look back at Lucha. Then I waited! All I'm saying is, I bust my face and stare at the bow with an arrow.

I'm sure you'll use the new skills you just remembered.

"Okay, I'm coming! [Light Arrow]!

Lucha's unleashed arrows wrapped helical light around the arrows, flying about twice as fast as usual. It also seems to be taking speed correction, which is a pretty powerful blow.

We also defeated the daemon slime that just scratched it, knocking down as many as nine in one blow.


"I was surprised too...... ok, you keep going! [Light Arrow]"

"Oh, come on, if you use too much, you'll run out of magic, so be careful."

"It was!

Lucha gives her tongue out and laughs, "Be careful," she said.

Keep shooting arrows a few times, knocking down all the demon slimes and going back.

We defeated demon goblins and demon oaks just like last time, and even came to the boss room. It wasn't long.

"The problem is this main room, right? I've got about a hundred demon skeletons, so I need to be pretty tempered."

Rousha is holding on to Kobushi for a long time, but there are no plans for Rousha to turn up this time.

I opened the door to the boss room without warning and stepped inside. Of course, Rousha is in a panic of surprises when she thought she was going in after some kind of operation or signal.

"Hey, Hiroki!? Why are you suddenly opening..."

"It's okay, I'll take care of it! [Area heel]!

"... ugh!?"

When I used my skills, dozens of demon skeletons decayed at once.

Apparently, this skill has a heel effect of about 10 meters directly around the point I designated.

Pretty effective skills for an undead system that can be defeated with heels.

Before the Demon Skeleton attack got to me, I knocked him out.

... Well, it might not be a very useful skill if you weren't the boss whose heel works. You won't hit a bee saying I'm active now or so.

"Hmm? Wait, that means..."


I'm walking to the center of the boss room.


Miss! Miss!

Of course, there are tons of demon skeletons around. They're all coming at me.

Miss, Miss, Miss, Miss!

Make sure you get together in my radius of five meters and use your skills.

"[Area heels]!

In an instant, the demon skeleton that was in the boss room was wiped out.

Hey, nice, range heel.

"What do you say, Rousha! I knocked them all out."

"Wow, that's amazing, Hiroki! I don't think you're a healer to defeat me in such a flash! Oh, but you were Priest."

Still amazing, Rusha laughs.

"Open the chest and return to Castle Demon King."

"Yeah, you are. We have to talk about the future with Tito and the others."

"Right. I don't know if we can do this, but I hope we can keep an eye out."

So it's crate time.

It excites me no matter how many times I open it, and I want to open it more.

Lucha lays her hand on the chest and stares.

"What's going on?

"Hey, I was wondering what would happen... I got a little nervous. When it came to store fairies, it seemed like there were some pretty rare items out there."

I see, you prayed that Rae would be.

I know how that feels.

From this dungeon came the magic book that the Demon King will have for generations... maybe there's something pretty good in there?

I know exactly what it feels like to expect.

"I wish it was in the house that the store fairy had."

"I want that too......! Let's open it."

"Okay. Shh!

When me and Rusha opened the chest, there were several items in it.

3 x Blasting Beads

Tiara the Great Tree

earthdragon mustache

"Isn't it very luxurious...!? I don't know what it's for."

"This is the one the shop fairy was throwing at."

"That one million rico items...!!"

That just contains three, which makes me pretty tense.

"I don't know about this tiara, but you're a little embarrassed to equip it"

"Uh, you do have that. Let this sleep in your bag for now..."

"Yeah, I think that's fine. And finally, the beard of a dragon... it's a very valuable item too."

Lucha takes the earthen dragon's beard and stares.

Seems pretty good for Rousha, though I don't know how to use it.

"What do you use it for?

"This is ideal for materials that reinforce bow strings. Of course, it's pretty strong just to string this as it is."

"Nice, that! If Rousha's bow gets stronger, it's going to be easier to fight."

Lucha has always cared that she was weak, so I'm so glad the fire went up. You just fortified Lucha's bow with your earthdragon mustache.

"Thank you, Hiroki. Because if you sell it, it'll be money."

"We can use the items we get. Even money would save if we were hunting."

Unless you have so much trouble with money, you don't have to sell it.

Keep using it and getting our gear ready first. As for Lusha, I would like to strengthen her gear more and more in terms of skills as well as relocation to hunter.

"Just go back to the city and look for it at the blacksmith"


Truth is, I wish I could go to Dwarf's old man's store where I took care of him, but I'm just too far away to do it.

We went through the dungeon and headed back to the city.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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