19 Meet the Master
20 Hiroshi and the Predecessor Demon King

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Left alone in the dark, I stand idle.

I don't even know if there's an enemy lurking somewhere, and I don't have the means to attack. I could have let the Demon King escape, but didn't I pack it? I thought - Ah.

"[Safety Circle]"

I remember it new, but I didn't use it and forgot.

The skill I used is to create an area of absolute inviolability around me.

The heavy air that touched my body disappeared from my surroundings, and only in the safety circle did the darkness disappear to restore its original brightness.

"That said, this circle doesn't mean I can walk because I'm putting it in a place."

Might as well wait for the store fairy to come along for a while. With that in mind, a shadow emerged from the darkness.

"- Ha!?"


The outline is blurred, but it turns out that he would be a middle-aged man.

Probably the tenant who created this darkness.

"What the hell are you going to do? Are you an enemy?

'... not the enemy'


When I was deciding to be the enemy, I gave a dumb voice to the words I returned. 'Cause it's a glaring excuse not to be the enemy in this situation.

"My name is Dewey."

"That's... Tito's father, the previous demon king!

"That's right."

He seemed like a pretty big guy, and I'm in a hurry.

But I heard you're dead... can the Demons just live their souls? No, if that's the case, is the Demon King giving us an explanation?

'I'm sorry I confused you. I'm Dewey's residual thoughts. It's not alive. When the flowers of the great tree blossomed and Tito was there with a trusted opponent - I made sure we could have a conversation. "

Does that mean I've been sniped...

My own son, no, my daughter.

"I asked Master Tito about the situation.... Come on, you must have been worried"

How hard would it be to leave a young child to die?

I guess I have more thoughts than I can imagine.

'Oh. But I asked Cruz to protect me. He's my best friend, a man I can trust. "


He is an alchemist of great arms, administrator of the great tree, and best friend of the previous demon king.

How amazing is the Pinot Master... Too many people I've known here lately, they're going to butt in.

But can't you say the same in order to achieve your purpose?

The previous demon king smiles.

"This is how I came out here to tell Tito that I wanted to ask for Tito."

"Even if they don't do that, I've already decided to trust Tito."

"... right"

When you hear my words, the previous demon king says' Thank you '.

"But I've never passed many insurance policies to avoid betrayal. If you want me to, say it. '


I didn't expect you to say that......

I thought you were a majestic demon king in a deal to never let him betray the demon king. You're a total idiot. No, although I know how it feels very well!!

"Even if they say they want... all I want to know is about the magic team"

"Magic Formation?

"Uh, I'd like to know about a magic team that can travel far away."


I have no intention of betraying the Demon King, so I asked the previous Demon King if I could get information about my return to Japan.

If information could have been obtained, it would have made considerable progress.

The previous demon king told me something I could learn slowly as I pondered.

"The Magic Formation is not mainstream in this day and age. Long ago, it was used in ancient times.

"Is it not being used?

'As far as I know, I don't. You're going to need a catalyst to use the magic formation, and you don't need to use that much magic. That would be like massive magic to use in a massive war'

The demon kings of earlier generations were belligerent, but the demon kings of earlier and present generations were friendly, so they did not prefer to fight.

Therefore, it seems to be the idea that the magic formations should be wiped out in one way or another.

I see, I can't expect much information...?

"But why would you want information about the magic team? It's a very dangerous thing."

"... it"

How far on earth can I tell you about myself?

Thinking about residual thoughts, I feel like you can tell me everything about me. Because you don't risk someone telling you.

I concluded by closing my eyes and thinking about what to do, and being honest.

"I have been summoned to defeat the Demon King."

"Nah, what the -!?"

"Oh, of course I'm not thinking of defeating Master Tito. The human king who summoned me is the worst, and now he's hostile to you."

'... right. Were you the victim?

I laugh bitterly at the words of the Demon King, who sighed loudly.

The victim? Sure, that word, it might stick.

"When I defeated the Demon King, I was told I could return."

'Eh, why...?

"I wonder why..."

That won't be possible, says the previous Demon King.

"Even though I don't have the knowledge, I can see how difficult it is to incorporate returning magic into the Summoning Magic Formation. Or is it even engraved on your body in the magic formation for return?

With that, the previous Demon King tells us there is no possibility.

"... no, that's not it"




A little silence flows between us, but I didn't even think the human king was telling the truth in the first place.

"That's okay, because I thought we were lying. How convenient it would be to defeat the Demon King."

Moreover, the king of man said that time and so forth would be restored.

As hard as that is, I can tell that I just traveled a little bit through this world this way.

Even though acquiring skills is difficult and can be used only a limited number of times by possession magic.

"When it comes to magic formation, I think you know Cruz better than I do, so ask me."

"Is that true!? Just that information would be appreciated"

I honestly appreciated this advice because I thought it best to ask the Demon King, who unconsciously stands at the top of the Demon Clan.

"But I'm sorry I can't give you what you want... let's give you this"


In the hand offered by the previous demon king, a dagger was held.

Upon receipt, it weighed worse than I imagined. If you pull it out of the sheath, you can see that the part of the blade is stamped with a crest.

"Is this the Demon King's Seal...?

'That's right. If we were to gather information on the magic formation, that would surely help'

"Thank you"

Say hello to Tito.

"Oh, yes... of course I do"

I accepted the dagger, so I had to snort. I mean, I didn't mean to betray you.

"Master Tito started walking forward at his will. I think it's very strong and prestigious."

'Right, right...! I'm glad to hear that. Don't worry, put it to sleep...'

"Dear Dewey!?"

Because you were relieved by my words, the previous Demon King disappeared. At the same time the darkness disappeared and the colors returned around me.

"Hiroki, are you okay?!?"

"Lucha, you're worried. It's all right now."

"Really? Good..."

Rushing right up to me. Rusha makes sure I'm okay and gives me a relieved look.

Then came the Demon King, the Shop Fairy, and Mr. Cruz.

"Ya, I'm glad you're okay. I haven't been able to get to Hiroki since the Demon King came here."

"Was it? In the meantime, this one was fine. … We talked about the legacy of the previous Demon King, Lord Dewey."

"With my father?

To everyone who's surprised, I'll briefly explain what I did earlier.

Finally, I will not forget to ask Mr Cruz to take up some time later.

"Right. Don't worry about my father, I'll be a fine demon king!

"Yes, I look forward to Tito's unveiling."

"... stop that, Hiroki"


Shouldn't we be looking forward to it?

"No, I told you to stop being respectful! You were a vegetarian when you let me go, weren't you? I don't care how you talk."

"... ok, thanks"


After a long dungeon, we became friends with the Demon King, and we went back to earth using a transfer device.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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