18 The Tomb of the Historic Demon King and His Secrets
19 Meet the Master

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What I didn't expect, and how important is that... I ask the Demon King and the Shop Fairy.

"... I have heard that the great tree is a tree with mighty power, which can also be used as a catalyst when using magic prop materials and skills..."

"Yah. If it's a few copies, I know where they are, but I don't know everything."

"You don't even know a store fairy..."

When they say that, they know it's amazing at once. Because the store fairy seems to know everything, but she told me she doesn't.

"According to this book, what we have here is called The Great Tree of the Demon King"

"Is it because you're protecting the grave...?


The location of the great tree is described, but it does not appear to state what is brought about by the great tree.

"I didn't know how many words it was when I looked up the words it said...... what the hell is that?

"Oh, this is a language only demon kings can understand for generations. Only I, and only a few of the demons, know this existence."

"Was it..."

Then you shouldn't know the answer if you look into it.

I'm glad I'm in the hands of the Demon King, who should have it, even as I grin.

"I also have to thank you for this. We'll talk when we get back to the castle."

"Thank you"

I lost my magic book, but I pose as an inner gut to get a thank you. I want a house, but I just can't... He said he didn't even have it in stock.

"I even went to the grave, shall we go home? We must also prepare for the demon king's revelation!

The store fairy strained and told him so, and where we all agreed - there was a slight leafy sound from behind the tree.

"Ya, demon!?"


The Store Fairy is on guard and I use my skills aggressively.

Thought there were no demons, but they weren't? But then I don't know why you didn't show up before.

I got out in front of the store fairy and prepared for when I was attacked, but my shoulder was inadvertently lost by a big yawn called "Whoa, whoa, whoa".

"What, yawn...? Does that mean there are people?


Rousha, who had a bow, makes me wonder.

We talked about not letting anyone in here but the Demon King, so I didn't even see it considering there were people here, either.

"Oh, have I made you wary? I'm sorry."

Along with such a relaxed voice, one man put his face out from behind the great tree.


"Ya, why are you here?

Apparently, the Demon King and the Shop Fairy were known opponents, and they immediately called their names. It doesn't seem to be the enemy, and Rousha also unloads the bow.

Hmm? I mean Cruz......

"Maybe, Master of Pinot?

"Oh, yeah. Do you know Pinot?

"Yes. I'm Hiroki. I have a package for Mr. Cruz from her."

"That would help, thank you. I'm Cruz, the alchemist."

I grinned and laughed, and Mr. Cruz thanked me.

Cruz, an amazing arm alchemist, is Pinot's master.

Dark green hair with saggy brown eyes. Is he over 180 cm tall and after his mid-twenties?

The ears peering from the saggy hair are long and can be seen to be elves.

He has a strong presence even though he looks relaxed because he is wearing a loose black robe.

"I'm surprised Master Tito is here. But I'm sure this guy will be happy."

Mr. Cruz put his hand on the headstone and smiled tenderly.

"I was close to Tito's father. He comes to the grave every once in a while."

"You did, didn't you"

I don't know what's going on. Mr. Cruz explained it to me and Rousha. But the store fairy didn't seem convinced, and asks Cruz in a questionable tone.

"You shouldn't be allowed in here unless you're the Demon King...... Ya, how did Cruz get in here?

"Oh, that's because there's not one entrance to this place. The path to coming here from Lord Tito's room cannot pass without the Demon King. But if it's from another entrance, there's no limit."

"Ya, how do you know that?

Even though I didn't know myself or even the Demon King, the shop fairy stared at Mr. Cruz. Maybe they're not enemies? That's how you might be thinking.

But behind the temper of such a shop fairy, Mr. Cruz remains smiling.

"I am the caretaker of Oki. It is the role of watching to grow healthy. The luggage that Heroki left behind is also meant to fertilize the trees."


I didn't know I was being carried such an important thing, I was surprised.

"I wonder how trusted Pinot is to entrust it. Mind if I get my stuff?


I didn't show that bare gesture at all, Pinot guy......!

I'm glad you trusted me, but I definitely want you to remember that I'm going to explain a little more.

When I give Mr. Cruz the box I kept, he immediately opens the lid and smiles "This is it".

What's in the potion bottle is a colorless, transparent liquid, and just looking at it looks like it's just water in it.

"Don't be so vigilant because you are not the enemy of Lord Tito and the Shop Fairy. I will never turn to the enemy of Dewey's oblivion."


"Because Dewey loved her daughter. Tito, watch."

Apparently, Tito's father, the previous Demon King, was named Dewey.

Mr. Cruz opened the potion bottle and sprinkled it to the great tree. Then a pale light arose, and the great tree blossomed white.

The sight is so fantastic, I unexpectedly see it.

"Wow, wow..."

"Flowers bloom in such a flash."

I am purely happy that the great tree blossomed because there were no flowers available for the tomb. That seems to have been the same for the Demon King, staring up at the flowers.

I can't. But you've come this far.

"No, there's so much going on today, it's tough."

The store fairy came next to me and Rousha with Mr. Cruz, like, man. The Demon King looks at the great tree alone in front of his grave.

I snort and laugh at the store fairy.

"That sounds like a pretty good reward to expect, doesn't it?

"That's right, Hiroki, it's neat. But I'll pay you as much as I can."

"That's exciting - wow!?"

- Oh, my God, if we were having fun negotiating rewards... the ground suddenly wobbled and the darkness spread around the grave and the great trees.

I rush out to the Demon King and scream.

"I'll protect the Demon King, so Lucha and the Shop Fairy need to secure the exit!

"Wow, okay!

"Hiroki, take the Demon King...... Huh!!"

Go as far as the rushing Demon King in the heart of darkness, and take his hand.

"Shit, Hiroki......!

"I'll keep running, Master Tito"

"Wow, okay!

I immediately turned my heels back to the exit where Lucha and the others were, but as my feet stepped out were swallowed by darkness... my surroundings were engulfed by darkness.

I know there are grass trees, but I can't walk well.

"Damn, what's going on...!

"Are you all right?!?"

"Dear Tito... eh, my feet are not swallowed...?

Even though my feet are sinking into the darkness of the ground like a bottomless marsh, the Demon King remains firmly on the ground with both legs.

What do you mean, you're only attacking me...? Such a question passes through the back of the brain, but there are things to be done before that.

I pushed the Demon King's back.

"Run and go to the store fairy!

"Huh... Huh!? But that would make Hiroki"

"If you're a store fairy, you can fly all the way here. So I want you to call me and tell him to pull me up."

"... wow, ok!

While the Demon King was troubled, he did decide that he should do so. I tried to bite my lips off all the time and ran under the store fairies.

For one thing, now I'm relieved.

"And then there's this situation… what to do,"

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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