17 What lies ahead and the chest
18 The Tomb of the Historic Demon King and His Secrets

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There's a good chance there's a demon, so of course I'm the one walking the lead.

Carefully descending the spiral staircase, the destination was a spacious space that did not seem to be underground. Grasshoppers blossomed on the ground, with a single large tree and tomb in the centre.

Fortunately, there doesn't seem to be any demons.

- Is that the tomb of the Historic Demon King?

"It's kind of a beautiful place, Hiroki"

"Right. Just go to the center -" Dear Tito!? It's okay... then, isn't it... "

"What!? Dear Tito, are you okay?!?"

Because I put the tomb in my sight, or the pompous tears fell from the eyes of the Demon King. Lucha is badly confused and confused.

"Demon King, hold on..."

I'm sorry, I'm fine.

Plumbing the tears with the hem of the robe, the Demon King walks straight to the front of the grave.

We'll follow suit and we'll see how it goes. Lucha also seemed to realize that it was someone's grave in front of the great tree, and she mumbled.

The Demon King kneels in front of the grave and softly hands together.

I'm sure you're praying for something.

- For a while, it would be nice to leave it at ease.

I'll put my hands together and then I'll sit on the spot. I admire the soft grass as comfortable and well grown even though it is underground.

Lucha and the shop fairy also sat back and just quietly waited for the Devil King's prayer to end.

How long has it been since then?

The Demon King started talking about himself with a bump.

"... I told Hiroki earlier that this is the tomb of the Historic Demon King. Of course, my parents and... my grandparents are asleep."

"Dear Tito..."

Rousha puts her hand on her mouth and spicidly distorts her expression.

"My parents were so sweet and took care of us and my sister so much. That's why I'm in the grave..."

I tilt my neck at the demon king who tells me he's about to disappear. But don't rush ahead, wait for the demon king to talk.

I was surprised when I opened my eyes to the words I was allowed to continue after I calmed my breath a little.

I was told to eat my sister.

"Huh -?"

I don't know what that means.

"To whom the hell would you do that?

"... He was my grandfather, the previous demon king then. I think the reason for this was something so stupid right now"

For generations, the demon king's child said that his first child was a boy.

But it was Tito and his twin sister who were born. My grandfather was very upset because there was no precedent for being a twin.

Because it's not the same as before, can we just keep doing this?

Tito's parents were sweet though, so the legends of those generations adored the two born without worrying.

But - those happy days didn't last long.

The reason for this is in this Underground Dungeon at Demon King Castle.

"They say this dungeon sucks away the Demon King's magic and keeps them. I don't know if it's because I was born with twins, but I was told I didn't have enough magic to keep the dungeon."

Then you can lose the dungeon! Yes, my parents said they advanced to my grandfather. But apart from the fact that this dungeon has the tombs of generations of demon kings - for the mining of rare ore, there are great trees.

My grandfather said they were very beneficial to this country and could not be discarded.

"That's why you told me to eat my sister and take in her magic."


Do you mean there are extremists in every world?

But is this how the Demon King lives now because his parents helped him?

- No, wait.

When I first looked into it in Magic Search, I felt two kinds of magic in the Demon King. If they say that's what took in another person's magic - I'm so convinced.

Such, it was magic.

Did you really eat it?

That's why I refused to be the Drag Demon King and lived my days playing games......?


The demon king I've touched in the last few days, he wasn't like that.

In front of my parents' grave, he's a sweet kid who can weep.

"So, what happened?

When I realized it, I asked the Demon King first. I'm sure it's because I wanted to hear the word in person that there's no such fact.

"I ate my sister - I let her escape from this country, in spite of it. I'm sure I'll never see you again for the rest of my life."

"You saved my sister, didn't you?"

"Oh. But that's about all I could do to be weak. Eventually, my parents ended up fighting my grandfather, and they both died."

That's how he became the Demon King and pulled it off.

"If I do not have children, will the Demon King vanish? What a shallow child's wisdom."

"No, that's not true. I won't laugh or laugh at the answers Tito gave me so hard."

"That's right. If I were in the same position, I wouldn't even know if I could have made a decision."

When I denied it and shook my head, Lucha agreed.

How can you let a child who feels so hard go?

"Thank you, Hiroki, Rousha. Fortunately, the nobles are quiet now, and there are no problems. There's also a store fairy."

"No, I'm on the king's side."

The demon king took a few deep breaths and told me inside his chest.

"I tried to pull it off all the time like this, but it stopped. If... if anyone realizes my sister's survival... my sister could be targeted this time. So I want the power to protect it."

"Is that what happened?"

Reasons such as wanting to be strong were very sweet.

"So Hiroki, can you help me a little more?

"Of course I'll cooperate. … we played games together, because we're buddies"

I don't have any other answers than pleasure.

I've been called by the king of man, and I can't believe how close I am to the demon king. A world that is not a game or a comic book is still something that people's hearts can do better or worse.

"I'm here too, Master Tito!

"No, I'm here, too!

"Thank you, Lusha, store fairy. Let's do our best to be a demon king in public.... so it's a shame that there wasn't one in the chest"

"Is that it?"

Listen to the Demon King, me and Rusha tilt their necks over what the hell was missing.

I figured the contents of the crate were a bit soggy... maybe I was right to think it was a shame.

"Actually, I have a book about the Demon King. There are two of them now, but there are like three of them all."

"So you're missing one book..."

If it's a Demon King's book, it's certainly not surprising to expect that it might be in this dungeon chest......

Or I guess I couldn't think of anywhere else that might come up with such a book besides here.

If I take down the Lord of the Dungeon a few more times and keep opening the crate, will I leave? If that's what I thought, Rusha called me.

"Hey, could that be... not that book?

"Huh? Oh yeah, a chest out of a dungeon I went through to come to this city!

I remember getting a magic book that I couldn't read at all, and I hurried to take it out of my bag and give it to the Demon King.

"I don't know if this is the book I'm looking for..."

"... No, this is it. It's a historical book I've been looking for."

"Seriously...... good"

The Demon King immediately turns the page and reads the contents.

"The historical books had a history of generations… the first one with chronology and the appearance of the Demon King, the second one with rare skills that only the Demon King could inherit and use. This is-"

The breathtaking sound of the Demon King reached my ear.

"Of all the great trees in this world...... map?

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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