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When I opened the door, it was the three demons who showed up.


Unexpectedly, I wouldn't be able to help but squeal like that.

Demon Wyburn is at the center, and there are two like Demon Fenrill is around. I could be tough to hold this by myself... honestly.

If I had lotus, I would have had Hate skills. I'm afraid I don't have that handy skill.

I serve and drink the potion that leans the demon onto me from the bag, but it is unclear if it will work. If you are a weak demon, it works, but a strong demon can be resistant.

In the meantime, I'll take three attacks.

Miss, ton, miss!

"[Shield], is it just hard to have three strong enemies..."

Unlike the Goblins, the basics can be avoided but not absolutely. A nasty sweat conveys his back, but it decides he didn't notice.

The Demon King steps forward and uses his magic skills with his wand.



Its power is more out of step than the water I used on the road, and at a glance I can see that I'm better at flame attributes.

It does a lot of damage, but it doesn't even get to defeat it.

After all, is it tough because of the low level in the first place? If you are unconditional and strong because you are the Demon King, you will not struggle.

Tong Tong, Miss!

"[Shield], it's not good to keep prolonging"

Hopefully it will only attack me, but if the aim goes to Rousha or the Demon King - did that make the flag stand because I thought about it?

Demon Wyburn caught a flame all the time, and that was directed at Lucha and two of the store fairies, not me.

I think it's okay because I'm shielding you for once, but it's not a good idea for an attack to focus on two of the firepower. If we don't do something about it, the Demon King popped out in front of the two of us when we thought about it that way.

"Dear Tito!?"

"No, I said I'd move on, I can't allow you two to have something... Huh!

That may have been the pride of the Demon King, albeit young.

The Demon King turns his wand all the way to Demon Wyburn and the Demon Fenrir, which had continued further from behind.

And quietly, I chanted it.


Once, a strong flame rolled up, and even the flame with the demon Wyburn swallowed it and devoured it by demons.

Lucha and the store fairy are also eye-opening and amazed at the fireworks they deserve to call Hell exactly.


Demon Wyburn roars and collapses, while the Demon King's body flutters and is about to fall on the spot.


"... eh"

Take the fallen demon king in inches and be relieved. The three demons were defeated by Inferno, so this room is safe now.

Immediately the store fairy said, "Demon King!" and comes this way.

"Ya, the Demon King... Huh!? Out of Magic!?"

"I think it probably is. [Magic Search]"

Tito Apricot

Magic Power 0/224

"Wow, I'm using all my magic. Inferno is an amazing skill after all."

"No, it's top magic skills."

"I guess..."

I can predict it would be pretty rare because it's a skill I didn't even remember the whole wizard thing yet.

And there's one thing that bothers me.

Magic power has increased from 110 to 224. Almost double. And considering it's beyond the magic that was 220... I don't think the magic will explode... But I don't know all this unless I get him to try it out.

"Hiroki, is Master Tito okay?

"It looks like it's out of magic, so I think you'll be fine if you rest"

"Really? Oh, good..."

Lucha looks relieved, too, and looks at the Demon King.

"In the meantime, I need to be able to rest. Can I get a tent and a sleeping bag?

"Right. You can't just let him sleep on the dungeon floor."

I apologize to the Demon King for being our tent, but I have no choice. I tried to get it out of my bag, but the store fairy waited.

"No, then we can have it. It's okay."

"Is that true? It helps."

If you are indeed a store fairy, you also seem to have a luxurious set of wild accommodation.

"I'll put the demon king to sleep, yah, do you want this? [Little box house]"

"Box house?

It was a miniature, house-shaped model that the shop fairy took out with a sack on its back.

It would be a popular series if it was in chatter.

Placing it on the ground, the house got about three meters in size while I was looking around.

"... home"

Cute red roof with wooden entrance. There is one window, and there is a warm light of warm colour from inside.

The store fairy opened the door so I walked into the house with the demon king in my arms.

It's in the living room, and there's two doors to the back. When the shop fairy went to one of the rooms, there were five beds.

"I'm surprised the house just came out, but it's amazing to even have a bedroom..."

"It's a super rare item! Hiroki, put the demon king to sleep."


When I put him to bed, his breathing stabilized, so he'll be fine now. All you have to do is slow down and wait to wake up.

While out in the living room, I ask the store fairy about this item.

"Is this also for sale?

"Ya, this is mine. I can't sell it because I don't have it in stock right now, and the price fluctuates a lot and varies every time...... Apricot grass isn't as expensive as my eyes, is it?

"That's right..."

That's right, I'm convinced.

"It doesn't look like you can buy it for the rest of your life. Hey, what's that door over there?

"Ya, that's a bathroom and a toilet"

"All the way down!

Lucha, curious as she seemed unfortunate, asked about the area around the house and looked around the living room with envy, "I like it".

I want it too, but it's too expensive.

... or would that be a shortcut if you knew how to get it rather than buy it? I'm a high level adventurer for once, and if I need ingredients, I can get them.

... No, who made these amazing items in the first place?

"By the way, this item, is it a little box house? Can it be an item someone's making?

There are blacksmiths for swords and the like, and alchemists for potions and people in the profession who make the items. I thought maybe I could make it by holding a special position or a top position......

But it seemed different, and the store fairy says, "No."

"As far as I know, I don't have that kind of profession. These rare items are usually obtained from dungeon chests with high difficulty."

"Oh, I see"

If they call it a chest, it's the tightest way to get it.

"Then maybe we can get it someday if we go around the dungeon too."

"Sure! More than I can imagine, dungeon crates are amazing. I'm just glad the Skills Acquisition Book came out, but when a house like this comes out, I'm gonna rise."

Unexpectedly, not just me, but the shop fairy laughs at Lucha, who tells her to keep opening more and more dungeon crates.

"Then we have to work hard and get to the level. I've been accumulating money, and I'd like to enhance my gear."

"Yeah, I agree! I'd also like to give you a status value."

"No matter how much you make, don't come out with the next thing you want"

"That's why adventurers are fun!

Rusha's thoughts are positive about me saying I don't have a cut. Sure, isn't it fun for adventurers without goals and objectives?

"You two are a really good party. It's just fun to be together."

"Lucha is my best partner."

"Ya, welcome"

"That's not it!

disagree with the shop fairy laughing at me and I change the subject.

"Shop fairies didn't know anything about this dungeon? I haven't even checked to see if this was really the main room..."

"Oh, that bothered me too!

"No, I know because I'm a Demon King's man! I'd say, unfortunately, I don't. I only knew there was a dungeon, but the structure inside was refreshing!

So if you have trouble guessing, the store fairy shrugs your shoulders.

"The Demon King is asleep, but we can't move on, so let's take a rest today"


"Yeah. When Master Tito wakes up, let's all move on"

We decided to rest like this today to wait for the Demon King to wake up.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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