14 Great Special Training in Underground Dungeons at Demon King's Castle
15 I'm not leaving yet.

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Sometimes it's the Demon King's hope, and we decided to keep going behind the dungeon.

We proceeded to two levels as we defeated Demon Slime and its Big on one level.

... all of a sudden the demon gets stronger, or something, right? With such anxiety in mind, straw and demon goblins emerged from the front.

Miss, Miss, Miss, Miss!

"From the weapons you have... to the nights, to the archers, to the magicians... healers? That's so colorful."

"Should I cover for you, too?

"Right. Goblins seem to have a lot of numbers, so I think it's better to get rid of them soon."


Now ask Lusha to attack as well and defeat the Demon Goblins with the Demon King alone.

The hunt is going well because I never get attacked. Lucha's arrows have a low hit rate, but they won't knock them down until the Demon King's minute, so on the contrary, they may be just fine.

"All right, we're moving on."



Following the words of the Demon King, we went deeper and deeper into the dungeon.

◆ ◆ ◆

Coming to the fifth tier in no time, the demons that were demonic turned out to be just Fenrill.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa

"Shouldn't we just turn back?

"Heh, looks strong...... maybe a little too strong for Tito to level up"

Lucha agrees with me, too, and tells me to go home.

But it was still the demon king himself who shook his head against it.

"I want to go deeper!

"Um, but Master Tito is taking it down... tough, isn't he?

I'll try to suggest so, but the Demon King doesn't snort.

I really want to move on.

It's only about noon considering the time, so maybe it's a good time to move on... but not aptitude when you think of it as a hunting ground.

... but well, have you ever gone over to sell favors to the Demon King?

"Okay, let's go ahead. But the main attack will be on Rousha, won't it? And from here on out, when it gets tough, we'll have the store fairy fight for it."

"Oh, that's okay"

With the permission of the Demon King, I had no choice but to move on to the back of the dungeon.

Like I said, the demon that comes out on these five levels is Fenrill. Even Lusha has difficulty defeating him with a single blow, so the store fairy will attack with him.

Beautiful furry demon in silver, though I guess speed is one of the sells -.


He wasn't my enemy with a high dodging status.

It might be just as tough if they came with a few of them, but so far nothing is usually unavoidable with a stand-alone demon.

"No, I'm surprised you're avoiding even a quick Fenrill."

With that said, a store fairy threw something like a beeball at Fenrill - and it exploded. Apparently it's a combat item, but I'm in a hurry that it won't be something to use within such a narrow dungeon.

"What if you attack like that and the ceiling collapses?"

"The dungeon hasn't been made that soft, so it's fine."

I worried that the aisle would collapse with the bomb thrown by the store fairy, but it hasn't scratched one. Like I said, it looks like a pretty sturdy build.

Well, can't Fenrir live there otherwise?

"Or is Fenrill a blow? I want that item, too."

"No, it's expensive, isn't it? A million dollars a piece."

"Damn, what a good business"

I can't afford to pay that price for a bomb item just once. When you get big rich, you might want to buy one as insurance.

If Lusha and I get away, I can't defeat the demon by myself.

Then the shop fairy and Rousha joined forces to defeat the demon and quickly came to the eighth tier as they scissored the break.

It's pretty high paced because of the good firepower.

"This hierarchy is huge and the ceiling is high..."

The ceiling lightly exceeds twenty meters. And it's not built as a passageway, it's on one floor and the tip is thin.

What kind of shitty demons are there?

Because Fenrir came out on the fifth tier, so it's not strange that if you get to the eighth tier, you get even more dark demons.

If I thought so, the voice 'Gwaaaa' sounded.

"Oh, what the hell is going on!?"

Lucha shook her shoulders and looked around - pointing up and roughing up her voice.

"Ugh, Wyburn!!"

"A dragon...!

If you're the one attacking me from the air, I don't know if you can make a good attack on me. I put my support skills on everyone, thinking it's pretty nasty.

"[Shield] [Regene]"

"First I...! [Enchanted Arrow] [Fire Arrow]!!"

Lucha uses her enhanced skills on the arrows to increase her attack power, and lets the arrows put fire together with more skills.

The target, Wyburn, is huge, so Rousha's arrow may also hit - although I thought the moment I shot him, the reality is still not so gentle.

The arrows come off the Wyburn large and beyond the sky......

"No, I won't let you! Eh!"


The store fairy throws two earlier bombs, one of which calves off a strong scale per Wyburn. And the other exploded in the air, changing the orbit of Rousha's arrow with the blast.

"I see Lucha's arrow hits Wyburn for this!

"Yah! Plus, the scales fall, and the arrows prick directly into Wyburn's skin!

A store fairy tells me it's more than double the effect of attacking normally.

"My arrow... hit it!

Wyburn received Lucha's arrow with momentum, unable to fly and fell to the ground.

When we get here, the rest is full bogged down.

Rousha and the Demon King attacked with two seats and defeated Wyburn.

"That's an amazing level..."

When I get this far, the demon even seems a little pathetic.

Repeating the same thing about twice, we reached the road to the next hierarchy. Because Wyburn is strong, or he didn't have a lot of numbers.

I decided to take a short break down the spiral stairs of the hierarchical movement before going to the next nine levels.

"Demon King, have you reached a level?

"Right, we're at level 12."

"Ya, that would be amazing if you went up there in one day. Enough."

The Demon King nodded at the words of the Shop Fairy and turned to us.

"Oh. Thank you, Lusha to Hiroki"

"If it helped, it would be an honor. And then I hope I can use my magic skills."

"Because we worked hard together. I'm sure you'll be stronger soon."

Me and Lusha replied with a smile, and this is going to solve the Demon King's magic situation before it's too far away.

That way you might hear what I want to know about magic.

"Nine tiers next? It's night, and I think we should turn back..."

While I say that, if this dungeon is made of ten tiers, it would be easier to attack and return with a transfer device.

of but......

"I can see the floor of the Nine Hierarchies, but obviously they are changing... there will be a strong demon"

"I knew you would."

Yes, I can see the next hierarchy from this place where I'm resting - but the building was getting extravagant.

These phenomena occur in the dungeon, usually because it's a floor with a boss room... but that wouldn't be the case given the subtle position of the Nine Hierarchies.

So isn't this where demons get stronger? And I guess Rousha thought about it. Of course, I agree.

So I want to go home - when I see the Demon King, I still shake my head to the side.

"I'll move on, but if you decide you can't defeat the demon, I'll turn back."

"! Oh, that's good! Thank you, Hiroki."

The Demon King says happily, so I can't deny it strongly either. Or if I don't live up to my expectations...... I think so.

I have no choice, do you want to step on it one more time?

"So this is the nine tiers that made the dungeon extravagant"

I tried walking out of the safety zone and down the nine levels, but no demons came out.

What's going on? If I thought so, a lavish door appeared in front of me. It's very similar to the door in the boss room, seen on the lowest level of the dungeon.


I look back, face to face with everyone.

"Isn't it strange to have a boss room in this hierarchy?

"Yeah, I think it's weird. If you have a boss, isn't that a hundred hierarchies?


Lucha agrees, and the store fairy is nodding.

It's dangerous to open the door, but this is the Dungeon of the Demon King that was kept secret. I can't even throw away the possibility that it's built differently or has something special......

I also think you should go home, but honestly, I'd like to see what's out there.

... I want to see it, I want to open it.


"Dear Tito?

"... I will defeat the demons in this room. Increased levels have allowed me to feel my magic right"

Orange eyes stare at me and breathe unexpectedly.

Though Demon King, you can't let a 13-year-old say this far and back off. I nodded quickly and agreed.

I'm sure you'll be able to see the Lord of Demons.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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