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14 Great Special Training in Underground Dungeons at Demon King's Castle

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Feel the chills, I twirl in my blanket.

If you sleep like this twice, you'll be happy. That's what I thought, and I closed my eyes - but Bavan and the door to the room opened and Rousha came.

"Morning, Hiroki! It's morning!!"

"... you're doing well, Rousha. Good morning."

I can't even go to bed when they wake me up, or I'll stretch out and get out of bed.

"Why are you so tense?

"What!... 'Cause it's too luxurious to settle down when you're alone in the room. I got a lot more nervous than staying in a expensive inn. Even beds are fluffy... so you're always right."


They do use luxury products, but they originally lived in Japan... so I figured this one would be somewhat inferior.

One day, I might be impressed if I could make a duvet of rare demons......

"Let's just get dressed, so Lusha can have some breakfast first."

"Uh!? No, I'm waiting, so let's go together!

It seems absurd to walk alone through Demon King's Castle.

"Okay, okay, just give me a minute."


Watch Rusha leave the room and hurry to wash her face and change into her usual clothes. I also left the room and headed to the dining room with Lucha, who waited for me beside the door.

◆ ◆ ◆

"Ya, good morning, both of you!


When we go to the dining room, the shop fairy in her seat waves at us. Next to that, the Demon King had already started eating, and he greeted me.

"Good Morning"

"Good morning. Very nice room, thank you."

As soon as me and Rousha got to our seats, the maid prepared breakfast for us.

Yogurt on salad, bacon, eggs and fruit. Then several types of bread are put in their baskets so that they can be eaten as they please.

The demon king looked at me and opened his mouth slowly.

"Dungeons to go, underground in the castle"

"Underground, is it?

"Yes, there are dungeons that only generations of demon kings know about"

"Huh -!?"

I'm in a hurry when they say something serious.

No, no, no, no, no. 'Cause you can tell me that? There's no way! That's my opinion...

When I saw the Demon King, I knew I couldn't look him in the eye with a long forehead, but I told him "no problem".

"I trust Hiroki, okay?"

"Oh, thank you......"

It's more trusted than I expected, and it's a lot of pressure.

But then you'll have to live up to your expectations. I mean, I work so hard to get a level up.

◆ ◆ ◆

Led and guided by the Demon King is the basement of the tower that the Demon King has in his chamber. It seems to be used like a warehouse at first sight, but they can go to the dungeon first from here.

"Since it is my own room, there are only a few people who can get in"

"Ya, only about me go in and out of the Demon King's room!

Well, unless you're so close, you won't be invited to the Demon King's chambers. Plus, it's a pull.

I wondered if I would use any magic to pave the way to the dungeon, but as I turned the carpet that was laid on the floor and lifted a portion of the floor, a spiral staircase appeared leading to the basement.

What, that's an easy trick......! I endure the fact that I almost stuck it in my voice by accident.

"Well, then, I'll go"


Seeing the Demon King reach this way, me and Rusha tilt their necks. Nothing, it's a normal staircase, so it's okay that I didn't hold hands.

That feeling must have been in my face. "No," the Demon King shook his head.

"You can't go in here except me. But he is perceived to be a part of me by what he touches me, and he can enter."

"Oh, that..."

It seemed more well regulated than I thought.

I take the Demon King's hand, I connect my hand with Lucha, and Lucha also connects her hand with the Store Fairy with the other hand. This way, it is possible for everyone to enter The Secret Dungeon of Demon King's Castle.

When entering the entrance to the dungeon from the basement, I did have the feeling of going through something like a membrane.

"Is this the only dungeon known to the Demon King..."

"Yes, I've never been in there before."

Inside the dungeon were stone walls and floors. By the way, cracks are entering, and the pale glowing ore from that gap is peeking into my face.

Lucha looked at it with interest and said, "Gems?," he asked the store fairy.

"Ya, that's a quality demon ore. It's one of the resources that can be mined in the mountains where the Castle of the Demon King is located, and it's a trait that grows."

"This is the demon ore!? I've seen it if it's of dull colour, but I've never seen it so beautiful..."

Although Lucha is surprised by its beauty, it wouldn't be there!

"Wait, will it grow!?"

"That's right. It's rare and barely on the market, though. I'm not mining anything here either."


The growing weapons and protective gear you see in the game, if you can make one like that, it's going to be fun. I want it, but it's rare and it'll be hard to get it to give way.

It's not necessary right now, and it's on hold for one second.

More than that, now, on the move in the dungeon.

"As I walk forward as avant-garde, Lord Tito will attack the demons with Lucha."


"Yeah, I got it!

Altogether, tell them that you will not be impotent and that you want to talk to them immediately if you need anything. I won't force it, but it's today's slogan.

"Ya, what about me?

"The store fairy, at the rear. If any demons come from behind, take them down. And then, if there's anything to Tito, I'll protect him... about it?


Copy that, and the store fairy nodded, so our level went up.

Walking on one level, Demon Slime came out.

Although I was a little anxious about what kind of demons would come out of the underground dungeons at Demon King Castle... I was honestly relieved.

This could also be defeated by the Demon King alone, not Lusha. Demon Slime is obsessed with attacking me, so there won't be anything to worry about.


"Dear Tito, defeat me"

"Oh, oh...... Nevertheless, you really avoid it."

The Demon King uses as much wand as he does to use magic on Demon Slime.


It defeated the Demon Slime and the Demon King stroked his chest down with relief.

"I'm glad the magic didn't explode or anything. Does it look okay?

"Oh. If it's a magical skill in the water system, there's no problem"

Conversely, they say that using the magic skills of a good fire system tends to have a lot of magic and run wild.

"Now we're up to level two!

"Well, let's take them down more and more at this rate"

One tier, so the number of demons is not that high.

As soon as Demon Slime comes out, the Demon King defeats him. Repeat that a few times and we'll roam one tier.

This hierarchy will be enough today, as it is not a level increase in haste.

Around the time the Demon King's level went to 3, a slightly unusual demon slime emerged.

"Wow, what the... demon slime?

"That's... Big Demon Slime"

It was the Demon King who answered my question.

"There are many theories about how multiple demon slimes have merged, grew up, and another demon altogether... not particularly elucidated"

"I see..."

Does that mean slime? But it wouldn't be so strong if you hadn't done your research.

I will go to the Big Demon Slime and try to get attacked.


After all, there doesn't seem to be a problem.

"Okay, [Water]!

The Demon King's magic skills hit the Big Demon Slime, but he couldn't defeat it with a single blow because it was huge.


"Okay, I knocked him down!

In the second shot, he defeated Demon Slime.

Pretty good.

"I'm on level five now."

"That's a pretty good pace. Do you want to go back today?


You don't have to do it from day one. That's what I've been thinking and suggesting we go home, but the Demon King has somehow leaned down.

Could it be that you want to level up more?

When I look at the store fairy without knowing the truth, I'm smiling bitterly.

Apparently, the Demon King has a reason. But I guess that's a little hard to say. Forced to ask... probably not good, huh?

Thinking about what's going on, Lusha said, "Why don't we go further?" and showed me the Han Ra in front of me.

And it was the demon king who made me happy.

"I want to go deeper into the dungeon!


Apparently, it's still going on.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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