11 What a Demon World Life Game
12 Trust from the Demon King

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Throughout the Demon World Life Game, I feel like I've gotten along a little bit with the Demon King.

By the way, the game ended at my bottom...... well, it was fun, so let's just do it.

We were led by the Demon King and the Shop Fairy to the dining room at Demon King Castle.

The ceiling is suspended with luxurious chandeliers and candles arranged on a long table. The white tablecloth is embroidered in gold and lined with silver dishes.

The maid pulls her chair and takes her seat, but don't be so nervous...

'Cause I didn't think this was such a full-fledged dinner party. I wonder if he eats cute while playing games in the Demon King's room...... what a thought I have. Enough to beat myself to death.

But more than that, Rousha is hardened. Elf's ears were facing down and he looked at this one with an anxious face.

"Hehe, I'm nervous... I don't know the table manners or anything!?"

"I'm not familiar with it either. But the dishes in line are fine for now as long as they are used from the outside. All you have to do is eat slowly and calmly."

"What, I'm familiar with Hiroki! From the outside, okay."

The store fairy laughs "yah" when she sees Lusha pointing and confirming the dishes.

"Don't be nervous, it's okay! Nothing. Even the Demon King doesn't say anything about manners?

"That might be true, but I need to get things right here..."

Lucha seems to have a desire to be graceful because she can eat at the Royal Castle because of it.

He also asked the store fairy to tell me if he had any strange manners.

And the maid brought the food from the appetizer, and the meal began.

A cold tomato is served with boiled egg slices and cheese. Classy from the looks of it, Rousha sitting next to her took a small breath.

I'm kind of smiling at the way you're trying to eat with a fork somehow. Lousha, struggling with her trembling hands, mouthed the appetizer, loosening her expression in an instant.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

"Good for you."

Just looking at Lusha, she's going to be hungry.

I mouth it the same way and pound my tongue at its deliciousness.

The dish quickly became a dessert with fish, main meat, soup and warm vegetables coming out.

"Ya, I'm glad Hiroki and Rousha liked it. Hey, Demon King."

"... right. I've got dessert for you."

To the profound words of the Demon King, I inflate my breasts with anticipation.

Even though all the dishes on the course were delicious, dessert is even more rhetorical than that.

"I'm so excited about that. What kind of food...?"

Look at the dessert that came out and lose your voice.

'Cause I don't expect this to come out.

One dish the Demon King told me he would keep is a dessert made from apricot fruit.

The contents of the fruit are creased and mixed with jelly and put inside. The plate is also served with cream, which looks beautiful enough and looks delicious.

But cooking with apricot fruit.

What I recall is the words of the Alchemist Pinot's warning: 'If apricot grass fruit came out of a meal - eighty-nine, it would be poison'. Remember, that's what I was pushed to do. There's no way I can forget.

Apricot grass is a type of herb that grows in places with strong magic. It's called "grass" when it comes to fruit, because the effective area is the leaves.

The fruit part has the special effect of being neither poisonous nor medicinal, but nothing. That mixing it with something else will not affect it.

So well, poisoning and why cooking and poisoning them... means it's likely.


Should we eat?

Or is this the right thing not to eat because you suspect it's poisoned?

I don't know the true intentions of the Demon King.

I move my gaze to the Demon King, but I hide in my long forehead and I'm blind. The mouth, it's faceless. But I know you're paying attention to me.

What a disturbing dinner party.

... Predictably, it seems like a challenge letter from the Demon King asking if he can trust me. So, what about me? Think so, decide your intentions.

"……… I will take it"

When I say dessert, the store fairy smiles. From that look, I could be sure that apparently the judgment was not wrong.

The Demon King is not a poisonous man.

That's what I decided.

Or gamers don't do that! I'd like to think that it might be my wish.

I flattened everything, but my body is no stranger.

The jelly was puffy and delicious, and I was convinced by the phrase "one dish to keep".

"... I thought I would be confused to eat more. You ate clean, Hiroki."

"I was so lost inside. No way, I never thought there'd be desserts out there that could be poisonous.... but I enjoyed the game with Tito."

"The game? Is that why you believed me?

"For me, it's good enough."

Because you're a gamer.

When I said that and laughed, the Demon King gave me a smile on his mouth as he showed a little surprise.

"I did something to try, and I'm sorry. There's something I'd like you to fold in... will you listen to me?

"... if it was something I could do"

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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