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11 What a Demon World Life Game

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

"... then let's play a game. There's just something you can't do alone."


You invited me to the game, so me and Rusha nod and reply.

The demon king rang the bell in the room and called the maid, letting her clean up on the table. Apparently, I'm gonna use the table.

And the side table was brought in, where the tea and the fried confectionery brought to the souvenir were served.

I bowed my head lightly to the maid who prepared me, and when I looked at the Demon King, he was spreading a large piece of paper. Apparently, it's a board game that was in the drawer.

"I'll help."

"Do you want me to spread this to the table?

"... thanks"

Me and Rusha take the paper from the Demon King and spread it out on the table.

... What is this...?

"A game of life?

"This is the Demon World Life Game. Do we have the same thing in the Piznut kingdom?

"I don't know if it's in Piznut, but it's a game that was in my hometown, too."

"... I see"

I have a mass eye about, and it says something for each mass. The numbers are also written, so I guess the richer players will be victorious.

The rules seemed to be what I expected, and the Demon King explained them to me. Lucha didn't know, apparently, and she was listening seriously to the explanation.

"So you can roll two dice and just go ahead with the summed numbers."

"... yes"

"The rules don't seem to be a problem. Every time you get to the goal, you get the money and the person with the total amount wins!

Lucha seems to have figured out the rules well and looks like she's having fun.

It's 55 squares of spiral, and it's a goal when you get to the center in a bicircumferential fashion from the outer perimeter. Like the game I was playing in Japan, it doesn't seem to be a embedded system.

It is possible to play for up to five people, one with 10 million rico, two with 8 million rico, three with 5 million rico, four with 100 rico and the bottom five with 0 rico.

The first money you can have is Rico 10 million per person.

I'm blue, Lusha's yellow, and the Demon King's got the red pawn in his hand and the game starts...... I thought, "Yah!" I heard voices.

"Do you play the Demon World Life Game? Mix it up, too."

"... I don't mind"

Coming from nowhere is the shop fairy.

I already have a tight black pawn in my hand.

... This is the Demon King's private room, and you can come in so easily? Well, is there no problem because there seems to be a relationship of trust?

"Oh, some treats look delicious!

"It's a fried confection I brought for a souvenir. It's good to play games while you eat, right?

It's a simple fried dough with sugar all over it.

I've chosen the opposite if it's a demon king who may have a rustic taste but usually seems to be eating good food.

As expected, or what?

The Demon King looks intrigued and stares at the fried confectionery. Then I took one and checked the scent before looking at this one.

"... thanks. Here you go."

Eat puffy and the Demon King loosens his mouth a little bit "yummy". Apparently, you liked the treat I brought you.

That's how the demon world life game for the four of us surrounded the table began.

"Well, then, we'll sort it out. JANKAN, Pong!

After playing with the honking voice of the store fairy, it became the order of Lucha, the store fairy, the demon king, and me.

"Lie, it's from me!? I definitely didn't like it the most......!

"But the chances of a goal first are up, huh?

"That may be...!!"

When I advise Rousha, who seems kind of disgusted, she looks at me with a subtle face. It's a game, you wouldn't have to worry so much about it.

... Well, I'm not going to lose either.

"Please, give me a good number!

When Lucha waves the dice so she can make a wish, the eyes out are five.

"Oh, good numbers -"


"- Isn't that...?

I thought it was a good start... but the look on Rousha's face caught on.

Oh, do I have to pay attention to the words written on the mass ahead of me that stopped?

Rousha read out the contents.

"Take a walk in the courtyard on the pacaroo, get a million rico"

"What, if it's not a shitty debt, why don't you?

"What are you talking about, I have to get on the pacaroo!?"

"... yeah?

Oh, maybe Mass. Do I really have to do what's written in my eyes? In real life? That sucks. It's tough.

I can't read the letters. I don't know what's going on until Mass stops and asks Lusha to read them. It's horrible.

"Ya, well, you should get on the pacaroo!

"Are you okay? Won't you bite?

"... he's a good boy, it's okay"

The Store Fairy goes outside, followed by Rusha, the Demon King, and me.

When I went outside, Pakalu was just eating the leaves of the tree. When you think it's grass food, don't be a little relieved.

"Shh, shh, shh, okay! All we have to do is circle the courtyard here, right?

"Sounds like it. Are you okay, Lusha?"

"Probably. For animal treatment, you're the one who can handle it."

"Ya, good luck"

Lucha reaches out her fearful arm and takes her hand to Pakalu's mouth. Apparently, Pakalu is confirming the smell of Rousha.

Pakalu rubbed against Rousha's hand, so he probably wore glasses. Lucha slowly rode on Pakalu's back and looked forward with her posture correct.

"Wow, I got it right! Good. Pakalu, just hang out around the courtyard."


"Good boy."

Apparently, the mission was accomplished safely.

"No, I'm glad you succeeded."


"If you fail, it's minus five million rico."

"Were there rules like that?"

Exactly. It's hard to halve the funds from the start.

Rousha's mission is over, and we're back indoors again.

"Ya, I'm next. Eh... three. Fill up the treats and pay a million rico... too bad"

The store fairy ate fried confectionery and paid a million ricos.

Next, it's the Demon King's turn.

The dice thrown from his small hand rolled over the table and put out six.

"... All right!

The demon king advances the pawn and Rousha reads out the contents of the mass.

"Eh, I'll get a gift and three million from someone from the previous turn"

"Ya, a gift and three million! It's the bottom line at once."

The store fairy gave the Apricot fruit to the Clam Demon King with his bag. After all, I shouldn't give you a gift.

Or is it a rare piece of apricot?


The Demon King has received it, so now it's my turn. Roll the dice... I got five eyes out.

Same as Lucha, riding around the courtyard in Pakalu...... Sure, I would have been scared if I had seen it for the first time, but it has been proven in Rousha earlier that Pakalu is easy to miss.

You can afford it.

"Do you want to go to Pakalu's?"

"Good luck, Hiroki. Pakaloo, you were a good boy, you're gonna be fine!

"Oh, yeah"

Hear Lusha's support and go to Pakalu's place.

Behind you, three people look at this one: Lusha, the Shop Fairy, and the Demon King. They don't seem to think we're all going to be worried, and they look a little light-hearted.

"Pakalu, join me around the courtyard."

Don't try to scare me, smile, take my hand to Pakalu's mouth just like Lusha did earlier -.


- Hmm?

Miss! Miss!

"Why are you attacking me!!"

Pakalu bites quickly into my hand, and I can pull my hand in. I'm just a little shocked I thought it was around the courtyard with cute animals, though there's no damage because I'm dodging them.

Does Pakaloo, who gets his nose rough all the time, hate me?

Lucha comes next to me and sees Pakalu.

"Lie, you were such an adult when I was"

"Was I treated badly?

"I didn't feel like that..."

Are you in a bad mood? What can I say, when Rousha approached Pakalu, Pakalu snuck up to Rousha happy.

... Isn't that strange?

"It was cold for me, but now you're a male..."

"I don't know about that..."

I have Lusha, so maybe she'll be fine. I think so, and I reach out to Pakaloo again.


No, this.

"No, Hiroki is five million ricos confiscated."

"Damn! I thought the store fairy was the bottom line."

My holdings are halved in one turn.

Return to your room and resume the game.

It's the second turn.

Rousha proceeds three squares, performs the song and receives a million ricos from all of them in gratitude.

The store fairy advances four squares and gets three million rico to reward him by telling him about his recent failures.

The Demon King proceeds five squares, gets to know the rich and gets five million ricos.

I go five squares, meet a strong adventurer, and they take a million.


"Even though it's only my second turn, Hiroki is losing overwhelmingly..."

"Damn, it's from here!

And then the turn went on, and everyone was close to the goal.

Lucha and the shop fairy are seven squares behind the goal.

The Demon King is four squares, and I'm five squares.

And when it comes to funding...

Lucha, 19 million rico.

Shop fairy, 74 million rico.

The demon king, 14 million rico.

And me, 61 million rico.

"Where the hell did it make such a difference..."

I'm at the bottom of the list.

"Ya, Hiroki is weak in the game?

"I don't want to be told by a fund store fairy similar to mine"

I give it back to the giggling shop fairy with my zito eyes.

Or the Demon King is overwhelmingly too strong. Maybe you can control the dice eyes, too, to some extent?

That's a pull that's playing an analog board game.

I was hoping to win, but you just don't like being the bottom line like this.

or so, I can't do anything about the dice eyes, so I just have to let myself go.

"Well, I'll dice...... all the time.... six, ahhh!

"Congratulations, Rousha"

First, Rousha is the goal in one piece.

Then safely, the store fairy also has a goal.

The next person to wave the dice is the Demon King, but I'm sure he'll keep goaling like this. That's what I thought, but the Demon King's eyes are three.

Of the mass of the goal, one in front.

"... compete with someone in the mass behind you by betting something"

"............... is that me?

I'm the only one with a pawn behind me over the Demon King who hasn't scored a goal.

"When it comes to competing, you don't have anything to bet on, do you?

I don't even have rare items, and even though I've saved there, I'm not rich. When I wondered what was wrong, the store fairy had made a suggestion.

"Ya, how about if you win, you can ask for one thing?

"I don't mind that."

"That's fine with me, too."

I'm a little nervous about not knowing what it is, but it's a game. I wouldn't be able to do such a terrible favor.

"If I win...... well, can you invite me to dinner too?

"For dinner?

"Because we want to get along"

"... ok"

I'm relieved that you accepted.

Maybe I should really ask about magic, but I didn't feel like that was a bet.

Because I feel like I'm going to get a bad impression, and if you don't tell me properly, it's hard.

"Hiroki, but what do you do about fighting?

"We have to decide how. Does Tito have any hope?

"... because I use magic, can I avoid Hiroki?

"-! Sure."

Seeing Lucha tilt her neck, I wave the contents to the Demon King. And soon the way of the battle returned, so I accepted.

If the Demon King unleashes magic and avoids it, my win. If you can't avoid it, the Demon King wins.

Or because if I dodge it, I can avoid magic - unless they use so much amazing magic, I feel unbeatable.

For once, if you can see it, you can avoid it yourself.

"Then let's play the game in the courtyard!

Nod to the words of the store fairy and we'll get out of the room.

"Speaking of which, how many times do you do it? Once?"

"Ya, that'll be over soon, so about three times isn't fun?

"Yeah, I think it's good!

Me and the Demon King will distance themselves and stand in the middle of the courtyard. As Lucha and the shop fairy watched, the Demon King took a deep breath and put his hands forward.

I thought the wand was...... but I guess it doesn't have to be anything else because it's a game.

"Anytime, Dear Tito"

"Okay, go.... [Water]!


"... really, you avoid it"

"Evasive healer."

Though I was wondering how much magic you'd be using because you're a demon king, the magic you use is a magician's elementary skill that feels like it's age appropriate.

Once again, the Demon King releases water at me.


I didn't have to do anything, I was avoided.

"... then how about this?



I just changed my attributes when I wondered what kind of skills I would use. You'd just lick me too much, I didn't know - Fire got more momentum and it hit me like it was tangled up.

"Nah...... huh!? Damn, [heels]!!"

Unavoidable, heels are used aggressively to heal.

"Hiroki ok!?"

"What, now...!? Isn't Fire the same skill as Water?

I see the Demon King saying what it means to the power that Lucha worried about and ran over, but couldn't compare to the water just now.

"I am the Demon King, so if you take this seriously, it will be easy."

"... I see"

So you're saying that water was being manipulated? Indeed, it would have been a great success if it had been an operation to alarm you with a first and second blow.

Besides, I think I'm just a fireman, so stay alert. When I become the Demon King, I don't want to be impressed that I can do this kind of artistry.

"It's my loss. You said one thing Tito said, right? What would you like?

"Then join me for dinner."

"-! Of course, gladly"

I snorted with a smile at the words of an unexpected demon king.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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