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My first meeting with the Demon King ended in failure.

No, 'cause let's pull it off more than we expected...... people-friendly? I wonder.

After Castle Demon King for a moment, me and Lusha took the inn.

To take a bath in a shared bath, finish dinner, and have an ops meeting in my room.

I sit on the bed, and Lusha sits in a chair.

"I never thought the Demon King was like that. Yikes!

"I couldn't tell you a word. It wasn't scary at all."

"A frightened child... maybe"

"Sure you do."

The king of man used to say, "Defeat that demon king."

"Nevertheless, I want to get along with the Demon King and get info... I want to do something about it"


Although I don't seem to know much about things because I'm young, it could be a clue or a stepping stone to knowing how to return to Japan.

I'll figure out if there's a good way, and I'll suggest it to Lucha.

"I'm a kid, and you want to buy me something delicious or something?

"Maybe! I thought you'd be happy with the treats."

"Well, why don't you take that tomorrow"


◆ ◆ ◆

He said the store fairy was talking to me through, so that when I showed him the Adventurer Guild card, he could enter the castle.

Ask the gatekeeper to confirm and go to the courtyard where the Demon King is.

By the way, I bought it for a souvenir because the fried confectionery was for sale. I hope you like it...... all the time, there was a demon king in the courtyard.

He also seems to be fumbling with Pakaloo, and looks like he has no heart or fun.

"Oh, I don't think you're the Demon King."

Lucha looked at the Demon King and Pakalu next to me and smiled.

"Right. Animal lover child... is that what it feels like? Well, I'd love to talk to you, but the timing is..."

If you suddenly surprise me by speaking up, I'm sure you'll go back to your room. I want to avoid that, so I want a breakthrough somehow.

Troubled, Rusha said, "Is that it?" and lean his neck and pull my hem.

"Isn't that the handkerchief that the Demon King has, the one Hiroki gave to the shop fairy?

"Huh? True, it's a ru handkerchief -!"

The handkerchief the Demon King had in his hand was originally given to me by Ruru. An elegant handkerchief of delicate lace, it would be a rare substitute in this underdeveloped world of civilization.

I didn't know it was coming from my hand to the store fairy, but I went further from there to the Demon King. Ruru, you wouldn't think your handkerchief had the top of the Demon Clan.


Because I made a little noise, or the Demon King noticed and looked at this one.

Shivering his shoulders a little, he shifts his gaze to the handkerchief in his hand. Apparently, the handkerchief likes it.

This is your chance to have a conversation from there.

"The handkerchief originally belonged to my people. I'm glad I got that and crossed over to the store fairy... they seem to be taking care of it."

"... yes, it was"

All right, we got a conversation. Ah!

I play a gutsy pose in my heart and thank you for inspiring me to talk.

"Sorry, I'm not a suspicious one! I greeted you yesterday, adventurer - a healer of evasion."

"............... dodging, healer?

Damn, the demon king leans his neck.

I can't see that look on my long forehead, but I'm sure he thinks it's puzzling.

Exactly, you're getting used to it because you surprise me so many times.

"Evasive healers are about avant-garde type healers. Avoid demonic attacks and ask the guard to attack you. All I can do is support healers, starting with recovery, and avoid demonic attacks."


When I explained it all at once, the Demon King nodded.

Apparently, he understood me about evasive healers. I'm just pretty glad they don't deny it without a head...

At first, I told him to avoid it, because he was a bartender.

The Demon King showed a bare gesture of thinking about something and walked over here.

"… I am Tito Apricot. I spoke to the store fairy yesterday."

"You did, didn't you"

The conversation normally comes to an end and I stroke my chest with relief. That seemed the same to Lucha, who bowed deeply and introduced herself again, just like yesterday.

Now, that sounds like we could talk a little more.

"Uh, me and Rusha are from Piznut Kingdom."


First, I thought about how it was going, and I started explaining it, but the Demon King was silent again.

The king of Piznut is the one who made us summon him to defeat the Demon King. I'm sure even the Demon King himself has information.

They say you're from that place, and you can't feel good.

I shook my head in a panic and said, "I'm not an enemy!," he says.

"I know that. Store fairies do not bring me harmdoers."


Apparently they are not recognized as enemies.

But the Demon King doesn't seem to favor us like that.

Or it's a much firmer tone than I expected, and it doesn't look like a pull except for the look of it.

The Demon King caressed Pakalu gently before continuing his words.

"... Anyway, did they tell you to persuade me to do a presentation ceremony?

"Oh, that's..."

"I know, it's okay"

Apparently, all the prospects for the store fairy were foreseen for the Demon King.

But even I have information I want, so I can't back down here. Worried about what to do, Lucha called out to the Demon King.

"Actually, we brought souvenirs to the Demon King. Hey, Hiroki."

Yes, I totally forgot.

I nod at Lucha's words and offer the demon king the bag of fried sweets he had in his hand.

"I don't know if it suits your mouth, but it's a sweet treat. There's nothing good about the revelation, so why don't we talk about it a little bit if you like...?

"... well, just a little."

"Thank you"

Permission granted safely, and we were able to get the demon king to invite us to the tower where he was living.

That's more like a demon king's room - making it like a children's playground.

The lights suspended from the ceiling are lit with star-shaped ore. And the large indoors were filled with animals and other dolls with strange magic props and board games.

There is a table and a sofa, but on top of it is a basket with fruit and sweets.

... That's an amazing room.

And at the same time, the idea of maybe comes to mind.

"Demon King - What does Tito usually do?

"... I've been playing games"

"Is that the best... Ha! I accidentally got the voice of my heart!!"

If I thought it was what I expected, my mouth was open first.

I got a rude way of talking. Seeing the Demon King with that in mind, his eyes met with the orange eyes, which peeked slightly from the gap in his forehead.

"... you play games too?


This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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