8 I had information about the transfer!
9 Request from store fairy

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Why the store fairy? Though I thought so, speaking of which, it was Demon King Side.

Sounds like you're gathering information about the Demon King.

"Bye. I have no idea who we are."

"Yeah, you are."

I can't help hiding it, so I snort at the store fairy inquiry. Lucha also agreed and said to the store fairy, "Was it no good?" Ask.

"Yeah, it's nothing. It's important to gather your own information."

The store fairy tells me it's much more trustworthy than being danced to by weird information.

"So, why is the store fairy here?

After all, I didn't expect to encounter anything other than when I was opening a store in the woods or in a dungeon. When I hear that, the store fairy just opens her mouth.

"Ya, actually, about the Demon King, I came to ask Hiroki for a favor"

"About the Demon King?

Is there such a thing as asking me to be an outsider?

It's not common sense in this world, and when it comes to taking it, it's about avoiding and recovering. I'll see if there's anything I can do to help... hmm.

"It's not here. So will you move the place and listen to me?

"Right, let's just ask. Lucha, too, okay?

"Yeah, sure."

"Ya, thank you both"

The shop fairy, who thanked me, said "over here" and led the way, so me and Rousha followed.

◆ ◆ ◆

I visited once, but to the Demon King's Castle because I didn't have Cruz and later... I didn't think this was how it was going to come again.

The Shop Fairy led us inside Demon King's Castle.

It's about the castle of the demon king, so it could be a pretty dark decoration... I didn't think so, but that didn't happen at all.

The hallway is a beautifully polished marble with lights on the walls making it a space to calm down. One of the rooms shown was equipped with elegant tables and sofas.

Maybe or maybe not, much more elegant than a castle in the land of man.

"Wow, that's so luxurious. I can't believe how easy it is to get inside the castle..."

"Rousha, I'm too upset"

I laugh bitterly when I see you twitching.

But surely you will not be entertained in the royal castle unless you are also a nobleman. Even I've never had this kind of hospitality.

I used to be entertained in a barn.

After seeing the maid prepare tea and cake and back off, the shop fairy opened her mouth.

"Ya, actually, Demon King... it's a pull"

"........................... Yes?

When I heard the words I had not expected at all, I accidentally got my eyes dotted. No, no, no, because it's a pull, is it weak?

The image of the mighty Demon King collapsed in me at once.

It's pompous to look at Rousha sitting next to him, so I guess he didn't expect it as well.

"I would like to ask you to hold an unveiling ceremony. The truth is, I want the people to see me sooner, but they won't come out saying they don't like it."

"Is that a problem I can handle?

Someone I'm begging you, am I wrong?

In this case, wouldn't you ask a counselor or some of those people? When I say that, the store fairy says "yah" and shrugs her shoulders.

"Hiroki is unusual, so I was wondering if the Demon King would talk to me."


What's so strange, rude?

"Ya, that's a compliment!

"So... it doesn't seem like there's anything I can do? Instead, I think it seems more likely that you won't see me. In the first place, what kind of a demon king are you?

I don't know anything about him, so I ask the store fairy for an explanation.

"The Demon King's name is Tito Apricot. Your father, the former Demon King, died and became the new Demon King. The public knows about that fact, but it's a revelation."

"I see. Could you still be young?

"No, the Demon King is thirteen years old."

"Young...... Huh!

You're no younger than me.

That was at the same time as his father's death, because he stood at the apex of the Demonic Nation - and he certainly might want to pull it off.

Is he a gentle demon king at heart?

"Such a little boy was the Demon King, wasn't he? But I'm worried that you've been pulling... let's just talk about it."

"Right. I don't know if you'll see me, but I'm just gonna go."

"Ya, thanks!!"

When me and Rusha decide to take it on, the store fairy can flatter her mouth all the time.

"Ya, Hiroki is changing, so I'm sure the Demon King will open his heart!

"Don't say it again and again, it's a good word"

"Well, I'll show you to the Demon King now! Both of you, follow me."


I was wondering if you were going to change the day, and he's just going to see you now.

The other guy is the demon king, can he be this sudden...

"You're going to be thrilled, Hiroki"


"Ya, the Demon King's room is right up the courtyard."

When I left the room and went to the crossing that led to the courtyard, I saw the tower, the Demon King's chamber, before the flowers blossomed. There are two knights on the lookout in front of the door, and they seem to be connecting us to the Demon King.

Look next to the tower where the demon king lives, and I stop by accident.

"Is that Pakalu?

"True! But how can you be here? Normally, they're supposed to take care of you in a shed or something."

Pakalu is a monster that resembles an alpaca.

I can pull and ride a carriage like a horse, but its speed is said to be overwhelming compared to a horse.

I'd like to get on it sometime, but I'm not scared to touch it slightly when I hear it can be pretty fierce and bitten off my arm... I'm scared.

A shop fairy looks at Pakalu and tells him, "I'm letting him go".

"Ya, it's the demon king's pet."

"Are you a pet..."

Then I'm sure we should get along, too.

If I thought so, the tower door opened and people came out from inside.

"Ya, demon king!

"Oh, that... that guy is the Demon King!?"

"Yes, I am."

Can I say that the person has an impressive red hair close to pink?

He even wears glasses even though his forehead, which is longer than his eyes, seems gloomy on the bossy hair.

The clothes are unsized and rash, the sleeves folded and the feathered black cape dragged against the ground longer than the height.

I don't know, I get the impression that I'm doing more.

A man would have been neater, I think.

It looks like the Demon King is going under Pakaloo and giving him some fruit.

... is it time for dinner?

Me and Lusha look at each other, look at the store fairy, and the three of us nod.

"Demon King, I've brought the healer Hiroki. I'm sure we'll get along."

"Nice to meet you, Hiroki."

"My name is Lusha. It's an honor to meet you."

When I name it because the store fairy introduced me, the Demon King sees me and Lusha...... but I don't know the look on his face because of his long forehead.



The Demon King greeted us and returned to the tower early.

I heard it was a pull, but I didn't know we could even exchange words.

"Well, then, we can't even talk about it..."

"Ya, because the Demon King is shy"

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

10 Ri no Handkerchief