Let's find out about the seven.
8 I had information about the transfer!

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I've tried to come to a language-related shelf, but I don't see a letter with the same content as the book out of the crate.

I just thought it was an ancient letter or something used by the Demons, but that didn't seem to happen. Had I come so far, would I have guessed it off?

Even I can't read the letters, but I know as much as I can tell if they're the same letters.

I pull out one book at a time and turn the page with a parallax, but with all the same letters.

"That doesn't look like it," Rusha grins bitterly as she checks the bookshelves, too.

For once, I also checked the ban on lending, but there was nothing like it.

"... Could this book be more precious than we imagined?


"'Cause it's crazy. The Demons, of course, had books about the languages of humans and beasts. Besides, I thought about the number of books..."

This library is very large and will probably have about half a million books. That's about the size of a library in a somewhat larger university.

And yet, there's nothing about the letters used in this book.

If you think about it normally, it won't be possible.

"Oh well, right...... I've heard that the library here is the best book collection in the world. So even if I went to another library..."

"Are you saying it's unlikely that there will be material"

"I think..."

Or is it stored in a place that is not visible to the average person?

But then, I'm sure it'll be hard to even find out if there's any relevant material.

I sigh even though it would be easier on the internet.

If I could see with the Demon King, it might be worth asking. Other than that, get to know the researchers or increase the amount of information I get by raising my awareness as an adventurer.

The dodging healer itself has low cognition, so that might be where to start. Still, I've been supporting Tsuji lately and appealing to the soundness of the healer.

And then, I realize that several adventure-like people are eager to do some research on a nearby bookshelf.

"Hey, Lusha. What book is that over there?

"Huh? Yeah, that's a shelf with a book on how to move to a senior position."


Then I can snort what the adventurers are eager to see.

I go in front of that bookshelf too and get what looks like a book on how to be a hunter from Archer.

I can't read the letters, but there's a bow painting on the cover, so I'm pretty sure.

Lucha's getting stronger, and you think it's time to be a hunter.

"In the first place. How are we going to change jobs?

"Each job has a god, and you can transfer in the temple where you worship it."

"Temple to God."


When I give you the book, Lucha starts reading.

It listed the conditions and locations for moving from Archer to Hunter.

The conditions for this are twofold.

It is an item for strength and delivery to God.

There must be more than a certain level, status, skill, talent, etc.

An item to become a hunter is a bird's feather called a wind cut (kazakiri).

It's not specified what bird it is, but I'm sure it has to be a pretty strong bird.

"Or isn't the criterion of strength too ambiguous?

"That's right... but it's not like I can talk to God directly"

"Well, that's true,"

At least I wish I had something like which status values are more than a few, or if I can remember something about my skills I can change jobs.

The details have not been figured out, so if I think I've gotten stronger, I'll have to go.

"You think it's time for Lusha to get a new job. Where is that temple where you can change careers?

"Hunters are the Tangerine continent."

"That's a long way..."

I wish it was on Apricot Continent where I am now, but they don't either.

"Well, isn't it pretty hard just to go if you don't live nearby?

It was so hard for us to come to this continent.

But Rusha shakes her head and says, "It's not true," he says.

"If you're an adventurer enough to change careers, you can afford it. Party members will come with us."

"Well, you sure do. I want to keep up with Lucha's career change."

"Thanks. If I become a hunter too, I'll be more aggressive and help Hiroki. I'm glad to hear that."

"Then when you're done delivering your stuff, you'll be on the Tangerine Continent next."


I couldn't read the contents of the book, but I got information about my transfer to Hunter, so let's do it. I can do more and more and I don't have time to rest but I'm happy with that again.

"All right, do you want to go to the inn for now? Let's go sightseeing in the city."

"Like, I want to see it!

After the magic library for a moment, we head back to the city.

Because the sun began to fall, or the air became more limp than earlier.

"I'm a little moist with the dungeon offense, so I'd like to stay in a nice little inn."

"I agree with that! I like an inn with a bath!

"I agree."

Rousha has been bathing since the Lotus experienced bathing in the inn where they were staying. Though, it's not attached to the room, it's mostly the type with the big baths.

Exactly, I don't feel comfortable with a private bath for a fee... When you can make more money, you'll also get extravaganza one day.

"Better get close to the Royal Palace and the Adventurer Guild, I'm sure"

"Yeah, sounds convenient"

I just found an inn that looks good, and from behind I said, "Yah!," he called out.

Turning around, it was the shop fairy who was there.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

9 Request from store fairy