5 Monhoudanjon
6 The Demon King's Knee

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

While I thought it might be a little bad for Rousha standing up for a little sleep, I decided to try Magic Search.

But more than that - you'd better try it on yourself first.

"[Magic Search]"

Then my information shows up.

Hiroki Sakrai

Magic Power 1240/1245

"I see, is it quantified..."

But you just don't get it from looking at this.

With every single use of the skill, I'm sure it will decrease slightly. But even though I have used the heel many times, I can see that this number means that I am recovering a little bit.

"It may be many or few, but it's hard to judge.... Would you like to check with Lucha as well? [Magic Search]

Lusha Plum

Magic Power 5/105

"... I see?

I'll have about 12x more magic in my calculations.

I've had a status value bonus since the beginning of coming to this world, and I could imagine it being higher than people. Well, then you can heel without worrying about the number of skills you have.

"Is Lusha's remaining magic, five? Sure, it's not weird to lose your magic..."

Until I recover, I think I should let him sleep like this.

I get out of my tent and take a breather.

What's in this room is a treasure chest and a transfer device that will probably lead you to the city where Demon King Castle is located. Other than that, there is nothing in particular, and there is no other way forward.

I waited slowly for Lusha to wake up.

◆ ◆ ◆



"Hiroki, wake up!!"

With Lucha's voice, my consciousness surfaced.

Apparently, he was so happy, he fell asleep. When I made a big stretch, Lucha stood, who seems to have recovered his magic powers.

Oh, yeah.

I imagined the contents of the chest and fell asleep.

"I'm sorry, I think I'm gonna be okay now."

"Oh, good. Actually, I was worried, so I checked out Lusha's magic."


To a decent Lusha, I'll explain the magic search earlier. "I see," Lucha nodded, beginning to remember how many times she broke her finger and used a firearrow.

If you do remember the number of times, you can adjust your skills without losing magic.

"Some of them were removed, but I think I used my skills about 20 times"

"Then... do you use magic to use firearrows for about 5 at a time? You can be my guide."

"Right. Be careful."

Nevertheless, Rousha doesn't use much of her skills, and it won't be much of a problem because she's so magical that I can't help but care.

Next Lusha goes to the chest and invites me to call.

"Hey, let's open it up! I'm sure there's something good in there!

"Right. Open it or let it go."

When the two of us opened the chest together, what was inside was one book.

But it doesn't look like a book about acquiring skills, and although I can't read it, it also says letters on the cover. While wondering what the hell it was, I asked Rousha if she could read it.

"Ugh, I can't read it. It's not standard language. Encryption, or, like, old letters...?

"Don't you see now... You might want to go to the Adventurer Alliance and ask."


I'll bag the book and get up.

... I kinda miss just one book. I can't read the contents, all the more so.

Though I was thinking about it, Rousha doesn't seem to care and she just goes under the transfer device. Fast action.

"Look, Hiroki! Let's go."

"I know."

When I approached the transfer device with Lucha, I went out to a completely different location from the entrance. I'm relieved that there didn't seem to be any accidents.

Seems like it was in a cave, but apart from the exit of the transfer device that came on board, there were two more of the same. Perhaps it's connected to the exit of two more dungeons.

There's only one aisle, so I'll take the lead and head for the exit.

Then what jumped in front of me was the sky and clouds that looked terribly close by. The air is cooler and thinner than in the dungeon.

"Maybe here, at a high altitude?

"Sounds like it... Hiroki, look! Wyburn's flying!

"Oh, are you okay?!?"

Sky - At the tip of Rousha's finger, a few Wyburns.

But people in the city don't panic at all because it's a familiar sight. That sounds different when it comes to the demon king's knees.

The city is built with the Demon King's Castle at the far back, from which there is a house and so on.

And the city was surrounded by walls, and just outside it were clouds.

If you look around the city, you'll see glowing lamps and many magic items. Because of the high and low differences, the carriage cannot be used, or the center of the aisle is a river and small ships seem to be used as an easy way to get around.

The Demons, of course, have the appearance of elves and beasts.

"It was hard to come, but it's a lovely city. If you climb above the outer wall, it'll be stunning!

"It would be nice to see the morning sun or something."

"Nice, that!

Lucha laughs at my suggestion.

Well, I'm planning on staying for a while, so I'll have to sleep on that opportunity, too.

"For now, let's get some errands done first. We're going to Demon King's Castle."


The city has one big street in the center, and it seems to run straight to the Imperial Castle. It takes a while because it's a walk, but it doesn't seem to mean I'm lost.

When you walk about an hour to Demon King Castle, there is a large castle gate at the entrance. And what stands inside is the Red Roofed Demon King Castle.

Next to the castle gate stood the door for passage and several knights as watchmen.

Apparently, they'll even accept you there.

"Excuse me. I was asked to bring a package for Mr. Cruz..."

"Oh, Master Cruz's. Thank you. But unfortunately, we were absent... could it be in the form of a deposit here?


Speaking of which, Pinot also said he didn't know where Mr. Cruz, his master, was. Of course I can keep my stuff, but that prevents me from meeting Cruz.

I was wondering if you could help me see the Demon King if I could see Cruz... 'Cause there's no way I, the common man, can meet the Demon King by saying I want to.

Because they don't go out in public, especially.

Show me a little thought, then I shake my head slowly.

"It's a package I left from his apprentice, so I'd like to give it to you directly if I can. Can I come back later?

"Of course it is. But until when will we be back too..."

"I'll stay a while, I don't mind"

"If that's the case"

To my suggestion, the knight nodded without one disgusting face.

"If Mr. Cruz returns, may I contact the Adventurer Guild? It's called Hiroki."

"Okay. We'll be in touch when you get back."

"Thank you"

For one thing, the story comes together, and I'm relieved.

... The Demon Knight is a good man.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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