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Nobody has ever attacked this dungeon, so I don't know how many layers there are. But I'm thinking that if it's so difficult that no one can clear it, it's not hierarchical.

Inside it was a normal cave.

Lusha stares in the back, fingering.

"One level is Demon Slime."

"Sounds like it. In the meantime, let's go ahead and see how it goes."

Demon slime is coming and he's going to pound on me. Perhaps the ordinary adventurer will defeat him at this point and move on.

But that's time consuming and laborious, so I decided to move on until it was going to be tough to avoid.

Ten, twenty, thirty more... I think that's just a lot.

"Lusha, please"

"Mm, okay."

Lucha stares at five arrows at once and hits the demon slime that is hitting me. There were just thirty of them, knocking down seven daemon slimes, including those pierced by arrows.

Yeah, I'm doing great.

I just repeated that a few times as it was, and a staircase came out to proceed to the next hierarchy. Is that distance, for example, less than a kilometre?

The distance per hierarchy doesn't seem that long.

"Okay, let's keep moving forward at this rate. With Hiroki, there doesn't seem to be a hierarchy where we can't move on."

"I hope so..."

Of course, I want to snort, but I'm a little nervous because I don't have any information.

Moving on to the next hierarchy, demon goblins. Next, the demon oak. Though slightly over a hundred in total across the hierarchy, there are about twenty of them coming out at once, so I could afford to deal with them.

But I do shake to dodge, or it would be harsh without range high firepower.

If I'm being honest, does this mean this is just the right hunting ground to get to the level......

◆ ◆ ◆

The numbers are high, but the demons never came out so strong that they quickly cleared up to the ninth tier.

I was wondering how many hierarchies there are, but apparently ten hierarchies is the boss room because the atmosphere in the dungeon changes and the walls in the cave are filled with glowing ore.

"That was an easy win," Lucha tells me, bluntly next to me.

"At this point, the boss doesn't seem that strong either. I mean, it's hard to have more than one boss."

"Right, it would be hard to defeat the Lord if he had a bunch of them.... after all, is there more than one Lord here? No way, hundreds of them like demons of the hierarchy... what a development..."

"That's scary just thinking about it."

The boss's room was more or less the same size for every dungeon.

From the entrance to the exit, there is a distance of about fifty meters. If there was a hundred there - no, if there was a boss over thirty, could I stand it?



Look at me in silence, and Lusha will raise her voice worried.

I shook my head and took a deep breath before I saw Rousha.

"Fine. Exactly, just the boss's grade all of a sudden! You don't either."

"... right. Even the demons of the Nine Hierarchies were Demon Oak and Demon Killer Mogra!

Yeah, it's an easy win! And Rousha smiles, too.

And what's in front of us is a double open red door. That heaviness that doesn't look like a cave gives us the tension in the boss room.

You two look at each other, and I'll open the door.

It was - gray - that extended its full vision.

Before I could think of anything, I screamed.

"[Heels] [Heels] [Heels] [Heels] [Heels]!!"

"[Creative Arrow] [Fire Arrow]!

Less than a hundred demon skeletons were walking out here, collapsing on the spot.

"Lusha, never get out in front of me."

"I know... Hiroki, I have 100 bodies!?"

"Oh...... Huh!

- Yes.

In front of you is a large group of demon skeletons. Fortunately, did you reduce the number before you came this way? Shield up, I'm out a step back.

Behind him, Rousha led a few arrows and let them go.

The distance between the falling demon skeleton and us is ten meters. If we keep this up, we're going to be able to take it down somehow.

Lucha punches the firearrow in again.

This skill, as the name suggests, allows an arrow to put fire together. The advantage is that a small explosion occurs when an arrow hits the enemy.

So if you use it in this dense area - even if an arrow hits the whole thing, you can also defeat the surrounding demon skeletons.

"[Heels] [Heels] [Heels]"

- Miss!

I'll take down the Demon Skeleton from one end with my heels that I couldn't defeat with Lucha's arrows. A few of them attack me in time, but they don't hit me, so it doesn't make sense.

It may not have taken the two of us ten minutes to keep attacking and defeat all the demon skeletons.

For a moment, when I turn to Lucha, who is behind me, I realize that I look terribly pale.


"Ha, ha, ha..."

"[Heels] [Regene]! Hang on, you okay?!?"

Calling his name in a hurry, Lucha is about to suffer shallow, repeated breaths. But from what I've seen, there's no trauma, and it's hard to think that Demon Skeleton's attack went to Rousha.

Before I thought about the cause, he asked me the answer.

"Sorry, out of magic...... sounds like it. Ugh, that's disgusting......"

"Out of magic!? Right, because I was using my skills"

"Looks like no..."

Lucha usually only uses her skills about the Creative Arrow. But now I've used Fire Arrow many times.

Definitely, that's what caused it.

Because I don't normally care how many times I have skills, I couldn't realize that Rousha doesn't normally use them or that they were overused.

Look at me repenting, and Lusha laughs "haha".

"Rest a little and you'll recover. You'll be fine."

"Right. Do you want to rest in a room with a chest?"

"Yeah. Thanks"

Lend Lucha a shoulder and go to the room at the end of the boss room.

As expected, there is a chest placed there. But let's not open it until Lucha's feeling better.

Prepare a tent, put Lusha to bed, and then I realize I do.

"Maybe we can find out what's going on with Rousha in the magic search for newly remembered skills?

That may help you understand how many times your skills have been used.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

6 The Demon King's Knee