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4 The Demon King's knees are far away

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

While touring the dungeon, me and Rousha came near the city where the Demon King Castle is located. I'm in the process of being rocked by Gatagotto and the passenger carriage now.

In a few hours, I'm sure you'll make it to the city. That way you may go to the Demon King's Castle, give your luggage to the Master of Pinot, and meet the Demon King even very soon.

Lucha told me, "Speaking of which," when she was being lulled to drowsiness in a pleasant breeze.

"Speaking of which, you said it would be hard to get to Demon King's Castle."

"... Indeed"

Pinot remembers not wanting to go to Demon King's Castle and telling me to deliver my stuff. But now we're getting on well and taking the carriage to the city... nothing seems troublesome.

If I do, does it mean it's far away because it's west of the Apricot continent?

"What, you don't know either of us?


It's the adventurers in the carriage with us who've been calling us.

There are five rows of four seats in the carriage. Me and Rousha are sitting in the back the most, and all we've talked about is a threesome sitting in front of us.

"Demon King Castle, have you been there?

"Exactly no castle, but I've been to the city. There are three routes into the city. The carriage only goes to the front of that route."


To the words of a skinhead adventurer, I raze my voice. Because I thought if I sat like this, I'd get to the city... and I feel terribly betrayed.

Lucha didn't seem to know, and I'm equally surprised.

"The first route is a dungeon with a strong demon. A top adventurer has partied with over a dozen people to finally get on with it."

"A leading adventurer, so much?

"Yeah, they have dragons, too."

A woman sitting next to her skinhead told me about the dungeon. Considering our level, it's pretty tough... or there won't be enough firepower.

"When you go to the castle town of the Demon King, if there are many strong people, you may choose that route. It's the shortest distance."


I see. I nod, and I ask if I have any other routes.

Then, now the man in the robe told me.

"The second route is, there aren't that many demons, but there's a long way to go. Couple of days, it's not that cute. If you're bad, it'll take more than two weeks!

"Yes, yes. But most people choose this route."

The skinhead man also nods, but also advises that it would be a reasonable route.

You shouldn't want Pinot to go...... and sigh.

"So the third route is also troublesome?

A short distance, but just a strong demon.

It's a long way to go, but the demons are weak.

When that happens, will the length of the dungeon also come the normal route? But there's already a strong demon out there, so there seems to be a good chance otherwise.

If it's a common pattern in the game, is the poison swamp the orthodox?

That, or the needle out of the ground, it's full of traps and not very much, but I can't move on... oh my god I can even think of that.

The skinhead man told me what it was about by telling me, "It's a demon route you should never go to".

"An unusual number of demons!! What a number, about 20!!"

"What, is that so? I thought it was a more poisonous or nearly impossible route."

"I don't know about you."

I'd be a little concerned if it was over 30, but if it was 20, I could avoid it. Plus, I think the number of enemies I can hold is increasing because I'm at a higher level than before.

Plus, if there's a lot of demons, it's going to be easier to hit Lucha's arrows, so it's two birds a stone.

When I'm about to afford it, the skinhead guy gives me a puzzled look.

"Because there's so many of them, it doesn't mean there's gonna be some weak demons, does it? Well, we're talking about slime at first, but also killer mogras and lightfenrill later. You'd be forced to!

"You're getting stronger gradually."

"Oh. I had a big party I tried, but they turned back on the way."

They haven't been able to attack anyone yet.

Sure, you might think it's horrible if you listen to me like that, but on the contrary, I get excited.

'Cause if there's a dungeon that nobody's stepping on, it's something I'd like to clear up. I'll definitely make it this route.

Look at me like that, Rusha laughs.

"Hiroki sounds fun."

"'Cause nobody's attacking you, huh?

"Yeah. I'm excited too. If it's Hiroki, I think I can go."

"Whoa, whoa, are you serious?!? You're crazy!

The skinhead man sighs even though he advised him because of it.

"Well, fine. You'll wind your tail soon enough and come on the long route just like us."

"I'll try not to,"

When we got this information, we were swayed by a relaxing carriage to the entrance of the route.

◆ ◆ ◆

Wow, this is terrible.

Next to me, Rousha is laughing bitterly, too.

It was a mountain made of very hard ore that was a short walk away from the boarding carriage. According to the story, the center is indented and there's a city there.

At its heart is the destination, the Castle of the Demon King.

And there are three caves in the ore.

I guess this is the route you taught me earlier.

"From the right, 'Go with the adult count! So full of powerful demons!!'" Welcome to the City of the Demon King! It's about two weeks till we get there. It says, 'I'm gonna die.' "


The right two caves are fine, but the place looks terrible that there will be a lot of last demons out there. There is a sticker on it that says Dangerous, and some signs are marked in front of the cave with a ban on entry.

All the people in the carriage went into the long distance cave.

I'm sure the skinhead guy would soon give up and think he'd go the same long distance route.

But me and Rousha are getting pretty strong when we get to the next level.

We remember each other's new skills, and we probably won't lose that easily.

"Hiroki, are you going?

"Sure. Lucha will never get out in front of me, will she?

"Yeah, I know"

Me and Rousha stepped into a dungeon where no one was treading.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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