27 Demon King who was supposed to defeat
1 Going for Demon King's Castle

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

On the Apricot continent, home to the Demon Nation, is the Castle of the Demon King.

We were summoned to defeat the demon king who lives there - but not for now, in the direction.

Because I still don't know who that demon king is.

As a big premise in the first place, the king of man who summoned us was the son of a bitch.

I guess you think you're the supreme. He's the shitty one who tells us to take down the Demon King and cut him off as soon as we know it won't work out the way we want.

By the way, when I swung all the first status points into dodging, they put me in the jail.

Hiroshi Sakurai, the profession is a priest of avoidance specialization.

Sometimes human priests are rare, and they pass through in lower-ranking healers.

Well, that's also a game-time habit, and if you mouth Priest as a healer, the king took it personally wrong... It's convenient, so I keep it that way.

Sometimes a dark blue jacket, easy to move pants and boot style, no one thinks of me as a healer at first sight.

With enough healing status, he's an evasive healer who walks and acts as an avant-garde before he's shaking his status to evade.

"Hiroki, I see the city!

"Ooh! You're finally back..."

After a long climb, I, Lusha, Lotus, and Ruru returned to the city.

Lucha laughs happily and calls me, but honestly, she's been walking for a long time. If I can, I want to run into a coffee shop and get a cold coffee right now... no, I want to go to the inn and fall asleep right away.

"Didn't you get enough rest?

"No, I'm fine"

Lucha, energetic and redundant, peeks into me worried.

I have more health than I was initially summoned to another world, and although I am tired, I have no problem with this much. Even if I'm wrong, I don't want to fall down.

Tell them there's no problem and speed up the walk to "let's go fast".

Lusha Plum.

Long elf ears with soft honey-colored hair. The pink ribbon tied in a position beneath the ear makes the pre-Han Lusha look like a girl.

Pearl pink eyes are clear, and the profession of Archer seems to look far away.

Easy to move clothes based on greenery and a large bow. He's my partner who polarizes his stats on offense and has a very low hit but a powerful blow.

In a slightly delayed position, Lotus and Ruru walk.

Lotus sometimes looks cool in the avant-garde position, but I see a lot of tiredness in the look on the wizard's face. He's just like me and doesn't have much strength, so he'll be pretty full.

"Ruru, are you okay?

"Somehow, but I want to get some rest."

I try to care and speak up, but they shook my head.

"Want some more rest before you go to the city?

"... No, let's keep going. If I sit down, I'm going to stop wanting to move"

Then Rusha also speaks out worried, but shakes her head in the same way.

It's just a few minutes to the city, so when I try, I smile.

"Do you want me to hang out? With Hiroshi, it will be okay for demons to come out..."

"No, I'm tired after a good year. I'm ashamed of you."

"You're still in high school, aren't you? Not yet."

Now Lotus makes a courageous suggestion about Obu, but he just turned it down.

Me and Rusha laugh when we see such an exchange.

Lian Watanabe.

He's a summoned college student, just like me, and his profession is brave.

He is a serious honor student who is good at cooking and takes good care of himself. He wants to help somehow, because he's negotiating with the king for me and he's making me an unfavourable contract.

Little bird play.

The youngest of the three summoned.

Smooth dark hair, elegant waist. I know you're a good lady at a glance, but the reality is... well, let me leave it to you to imagine.

Extensive magic skills are immensely powerful and the high firepower is picky.

"But when you get back to the city, you'll say goodbye to Hiroshi and Lusha, too. I'm gonna miss you."


Ruri lines up next to Rousha to give her a slightly lonely look.

What we're talking about is the future.

Me and Lusha are headed to the Demon King's Castle to deliver to the Master Pinot asked us to deliver.

By the way, the master seems to be Mr. Cruz.

Lotus and Ruru were first to act in the wind moving to defeat the Demon King because there were soldiers of surveillance personnel dispatched by the King.

Information gathering and raising levels in the dungeons will be the main ones.

◆ ◆ ◆

Finally we get to the city and go inside.

With all kinds of lamps hanging and fantastic vibes, I prefer demons and other dewstores to human countries.

There are several soldiers in the city watching Lotus and Ruru.

And I suppose you're reporting it to the King one by one. This is one of the major reasons why we can't act together.

Lotus turns her eyes to the soldier and sighs small.

"Exactly because I've been away for a long time, I won't hide my face and go on like this. Then the soldiers will know we're working properly."

"Oh, okay. You say goodbye here."

The soldiers seem to have found Lotus and Ruru, sending a flickering gaze. And a few of them, they seem to be talking.

I'm sure you're even consulting me because you don't know who me and Rusha are.

Looks like we shouldn't be together for too long.

"I'll be stronger by the next time I see you."

"Yeah, I'll try not to lose, too."

"Luli is so strong already......!

Lusha and Ruri are hugging each other all the time as they spare their goodbyes. I wish I could have smiled watching and partied with you more.

This and it's all, um, somehow the King's fault.

As long as I finish my goodbye greeting with Rusha, now I see it better for me.

"Don't be too impotent. If you need anything, please contact me via Adventurer Alliance. I'll be in touch if I find anything."

"Okay. I wonder if I can meet the Demon King for now."

If the Demon King reigns at the apex of this continent, he may have the information on the summoning magic system we need to return to Japan.

The question is, can I see you...?

"I wanted to see the Demon King, too. But I can't go because if I go, I'm gonna have to knock you down. I figured I'd be big and wearing black."


He accidentally puts a penetration into the lotus, but he does most often wear black lineage clothes, often made into a villain category.

Lotus jokes with a laugh about "Come get your autograph".

It's kind of surreal, like a demon king who gets screwed by fans and signs.

"See you then. Hiroshi, you have to protect Lusha properly."

"Naturally. Lotus, don't be impotent. And it's forbidden to make weird contracts. If you need anything, I'll get your permission."

"Don't you trust me that much?

I trust you.

"Oh well."

Lotus tries to sacrifice herself fine for her people, so I'm afraid someone isn't watching properly.

Laughing gladly when he heard my words, Lotus took Ruru to the inn.

Me and Rusha, who were left behind, drop them off and then face each other.

It's kind of been a very long time since you and Lusha have been together. The dungeon offense needs to get in the mood again, as the party, which was four, returns to the original two.

"It's been a long time since we've been alone."


Isn't it a bit of a good vibe for Lucha to tell her I'm happy? What a thought.

But Rousha is Rousha.

"Be strong enough to beat the Lullies! Dominate all dungeons on the road as you head to Demon King Castle! Ooh!!"

- Well, you do.

But I think domination of all the dungeons on the road is reckless.


"Oh, I don't feel good enough!

Absolutely. Lucha has forgotten I'm tired.

I'm scared because I'm going to tell you to keep going to the dungeon.

"Already! Oh, we're going to the dungeon like this?

Oh, that's a very good smile.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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