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Perspective: Rousha (I'll write it down here because I'm going to forget to mention it in the preface......)

I, with Pinot, left the three Hiroki behind gently in the basement. When I saw the crying heroes, I wondered if I should leave them alone now.

When I'm settled, I'll say congratulations to Mr. Ren, too.

Pinot looks a little strange and looks at me.

"... are you glad Lusha wasn't with the three of you?

"Yeah. Those three are hometown. So now I'm trying to slow you down."

"Oh well."

Up the stairs and back into the living room, Pinot stretched his back a long time. I've been concentrated and alchemized for over an hour, so fatigue has naturally consolidated my body.

I also thought I'd get you some tea or something. Between the bundles, I said, "I'm home!" and a bright pinot voice.

"I did Hassan and Liliana a a favor."

Pinot opens the door and heads outside, so I follow it too.

Then it was Mr. Hassan, who was in charge of Griffon that there would be three meters there, and Mr. Liliana.

White, powerful, large brown feathers around the face, sharp nails. There's a piercing like a king, and he's going to get nervous even though I didn't confront him.

I unwittingly open my eyes and endure much more that I'm about to scream.

Oh, wait, because... it's a griffon!?

I've never even seen an elf living in the woods before, and he says it's not inhabited unless it's so deep in the mountains and woods, and I hear it's hard to see him!


Liliana smiles at the words I bring.

"You're back. Pinot's going to cook Griffon now."

"Huh... you eat griffons!?"

"Yes, I guess eating demons is like a pinot habit. But griffons are delicious."

Griffons are delicious.

Oh, lie, really? Or eat such rare and rare demons? And I wouldn't have any choice but to think about it.

When Liliana was about to say, "Well, it's..." the griffon that was lying on the side moved perfectly.

"! He's still alive!!"

"That's a great life force! Damn, I thought I could stab Todome...... self healing!?"

Griffon, who raised his voice low, raises his sharp nails and launches an attack on Mr. Hassan. It prevents it with the hammer it had, but is blown backwards by the strength of the momentum.

What should I do? I want to make an addition, but if I were you, I would most likely hit the arrow on both Mr. Hassan and Mr. Liliana. No, you'll hit eighty-nine out of ten.

Without Hiroki, I'm powerless.

With me in a hurry, Mr. Liliana looks cool.

But she doesn't have any weapons. When I was wondering if I would use my magical skills, I also used Creative Arrow, the skill of making arrows that I use every time.

"Huh... Huh!?"

If she's given this skill, she'll be Archer. But you don't have a bow!

Liliana looks at Griffon with a smile she can afford.

"More than just now, you make it a strong offense. [Enchanted Arrow] [Auto Arrow]"

"- Huh! Lie, don't use your bow to fight!?"

They're both the first skills I've ever heard of.

The seven arrows floating around Mr. Liliana apparently had the special effects granted in Enchant. I can see that the arrowbutt is gaining sharpness and is highly offensive.


The arrows, all of them, hit Griffon.

Besides being brilliant, I think it was a brilliant fight.

Griffon's Terminator stuck to the mountain.

Archer? No, maybe he's a superior hunter. If that's the case, I'm convinced of this strength.

The top hunter I admire... so far, I can be strong.

I'm going to squeeze my hand in front of my chest and try harder. I'm sure the road to Hunter isn't that far either, because there's even an offensive Ishtal ring I got from Hiroki now.

Lusha Plum

Level: 29

Occupation: Archer

Attack: 51 + 17 (Equipment)

Defense: 1

Hit: 1

Magic: 1

Recovery: 1

Avoid: 1

Skill: Creative Arrow Wind Arrow

Yeah, the levels are going well, and let's do our best.

"Okay! Then get ready for the barbecue before the heroes come out! Osama, stay with me!

"Not Osama, it's Hassan!!"

When I'm in a small gutsy pose, Pinot taps his hand and gives instructions.

"I prepare other ingredients, so Liliana and Rusha get ready for the tools!


Pinot went to the house saying, "Let's prepare a lot of vegetables too." Hassan complains of bumps but handily snorts Griffon.

I hear I'll be getting my tools ready with Mr. Liliana, but what the hell am I supposed to do? If that's what you think, Liliana invited me.

"This way, Rousha. There's a cabin in the back of the house with tools and stuff."

"Ha, ha!

Watching Mr. Liliana walk to the back of the house, I follow in a hurry.

There was a small hut, with skewers made of iron, and nets for baking meat. I can see that there are a lot of them and I use them regularly.

"I need this and this... Lusha, grab a skewer. 'Cause I'll stab the meat in this and bake it."

"Yes. I'll leave you once"

"Yeah, please."

Nearly 100 skewers were given to me, so much so that I had to hold them with both hands.

Return to the front of the house, first place the skewers on the desk and immediately return to Mr. Liliana. Then there were tongs, nets, small kilns, and other things that were needed.

"Thank you for waiting, Mr. Liliana"

"Thank you. All you have to do is take this and you'll be ready for the tools."


I hold the kiln and Mr. Liliana returns with other tools.

All you have to do is stab the skewers with meat and vegetables and you're all set. I kind of remembered living in the woods and just felt a little nostalgic.

◆ ◆ ◆

"Wow, you're so crying and like a child. Embarrassing......"

After a while, I laugh like a lotus lit up. You cried and refreshed, that look is sunny.

"Ugh, my eyes are going bright red. Hiroshi, heels please"

"Okay. [Heels]"

Use heels for three people, including me. My eyes are so clear, I breathe. I rubbed it off, so it only hurt a little.

Besides, most importantly, you can't just leave with a bright red eye in front of the Roushas...

Lotus took a big, deep breath and sat upright.

They catch you and you sit right with me. When I see the lotus wondering what the hell is going on, I'm about to cry again and laugh.

"Both of you, thank you. I worked so hard because there were two of us. If I had been alone, I would have already been killed by demons"

"I was the one saved by the lotus. I got him out of the barn."

"Right. Even I got lotus a lot of shelter."

I made sure the three of us hugged each other again, and we swore we'd keep trying.

I tried going up from the basement to the living room, but I didn't see Lucha or Pinot. Though I thought it was strange, I could hear a bright voice coming from the outside and find myself over there.

"You sound like you're having some fun."

"Right. In the meantime, go. I want to thank Pinot again."


Lotus cares about what's going on out there, so she says, "Let's go!," he said, pressing the back of the lotus. When we opened the door and the three of us went outside, we were greeted by an overlapping voice.

"Congratulations on the curse!!"

"-! Guys, ah... thanks!!"

There was Lusha, Pinot, Hassan, and Liliana, and they welcomed us. All four of them applaud, and each sends words of celebration such as good luck to Lotus.

And in front of me, the barbecue was ready.

"What is this..."

"It's a meat party, combined with Ren's de-cursion celebration! Griffon meat is fantastic!"


When I ask Pinot, he smiles back.

Or Griffon, isn't it a demon? While I really don't want to eat anything Pinot, I also think that Griffon can eat like chicken without being a monster.

I kinda hate it when they tell me to eat cobolts and oak, but if it's a griffon......

"You burned just fine! Here, everybody grab a cup!"

Pinot holds the cup in his hand and hurries quickly.

I received the cup Liliana prepared for me and Pinot nodded with one cough when everyone was ready.

"Well, celebrate the un-curse of Len and the success of the un-curse potion I made for the first time Kampey!!"

"This is my first time at Kampei!?"

Before I put my mouth on the drink, I wouldn't have any choice but to put a scratch in it. Who would have imagined it was my first attempt when I said I could be so confident?

When I look at Pinot for resentment, I laugh haha.

"I just never made it, my arm's for sure. I always thought I could succeed. That's why I took it."

"... well, you made me succeed"

I feel more tired......

Now it was time to mouth the drink, it was honey and lemon soda water. Refreshing and delicious, my tired heart heals.

Next, I have eyes on the skewers I'm baking on a charcoal fire.

Griffon meat, huh?

"The smell... looks delicious"

There was no beast-specific odor or anything else, and I would have eaten it without any doubt if it had been served as chicken. The meat and leeks are stabbed alternately, so what I really saw is a regular skewer that often comes out at barbecue.

Roughly when I hit the rough meat, the skin outside is parched and soft and juicy inside. Rich gravy spreads all over your mouth and is edible.

"Awesome, delicious"

"Right! I wish everyone had more demonic meat."

"Uh... well, a griffon would be nice, but you wouldn't want to eat weird demons"

"Really? Slime or something, you can do pretty good, right?

"Huh... ungu"

I heard an intense word of Pinot and swallowed the meat I was chewing. Manage to pour it in with lemon soda and get it ready to breathe.

... let's not ask about that now.

"Hiroki, these mushrooms are delicious too!"

"You have all kinds of mushrooms."

Rousha's brought mushroom skewers were stabbed with mushrooms in three colors: white, orange and tea. I take them because they all looked delicious, but they are hazy.

Speaking of which, Pinot was eating mushrooms with mushrooms.

... Isn't this colorful mushroom a demon? Or is this a demon? I don't even want to hear about it, and I don't want to know what kind of demon it is.

Pinot served it as a dish, and I'm guessing there's no problem because Rousha says it's delicious.

I didn't think about the demons I hadn't seen yet, and I bumped into mushrooms.

"Hot, but delicious......!

"Really? Good! I still have it, so eat a lot! Mushrooms in mushrooms are really delicious!

"Buuuuuuuuu!! Eh, Ko, Ko, is this a mushroom from Mushroom Corino!?"


It was Lucha who reacted first to Pinot's words. He was so shocked that he accidentally blew it out, he blues his face in an instant.

As long as I was trying to eat in the back, the more I saw that reaction, the softer I was putting the mushrooms back together.

I tried to get it back softly, too, but it goes without saying that Rousha forced me to eat it. Please, or not - may you not encounter a monster for the rest of your life that seems horrible: mushroom colino.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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