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25 Completion of the cursing potion

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"Ah, Hiroki! Lusha, Ren, Luli! Welcome back!!"

"I'm home, Pinot"

With Shizukuishi the Great Tree and Ishtal's ring, we returned safely to the Alchemist's house where the Pinots are.

Oh, by the way, Rousha wears a ring, and she wears gloves from above, so she's usually invisible. So I can't get that strong gear on from the sight.

"Haven't you had a problem on the road?

"Oh. Shizuku the Great Tree, too, brought it back properly"

"Yeah, it's just that!

I give Pinot a bottle containing Shizuku the Daiki and ask him to make it immediately.

"I'm sorry for being so quick to get back, but will you just make me a curse potion?

"Sure, fine. Instead, can you do me one favor?

"If there's anything I can do,

"Thanks. Then let's make a cursing potion!

Pinot opens the door to the house and goes down the stairs leading to the basement, "This way," he said. I don't see Hassan and Liliana in the living room right after entering the room, so is she out?

I followed Pinot down the stairs in the order of Rousha, Lotus, and Ri.

The basement had become a study room for alchemy.

Various chemicals are lined up on shelves and medicinal herbs are suspended on the walls. The smell of flowers, is it occasional or a drug - or is it a mixture of both? The distinctive smell is on my nose.

Pinot laughs at us looking in the room with interest.

"There's a lot of dangerous stuff, so don't touch it too much, okay?

"Of course. Because there's so much I've never seen, I'm curious. You have potted plants, too."

"Oh, well.... or it doesn't have to be a tribute. Because it's kind of ticklish and restless!

"Really? Then sweeten your words."

Pino smiled happily when I accepted and stopped saluting him.

And at the wall, there was a rectangular plant pot with long grass growing. Even though this is an underground with no sunlight in it, I wonder if it will grow.

Then Pinot told me, "It's one of the ingredients in the cursing potion."

"And this?

"I use quite a lot of different ingredients... Please let me know because I will pay properly for materials other than what I brought in."

"That's fine, because I'll ask Hiroki for a favor later. Uh, was that Len? You don't need to be respectful, either!

"... ok, thanks"

I'm anxious I don't know what the hell they ask me to do, but now it's a precondition to cure the lotus, so I'm going through softly.

Pinot stared at us all.

"Well... are you cursed, Len?

"Oh! I didn't say that."

"I'm an alchemist, and that's about all I know. Yikes!

Lotus was most surprised by Pinot's words.

That would be the case, too. Because he put up with the pain as much as he could, and acted like it was nothing. How did you know, it says on Lotus's face.

After placing Shizuku the Great Tree and Apricot Grass on his desk, Pinot walked to the front of the lotus.

"Condition of Curse, Show Me"

"Uh, yes"

Lotus is a little troubled by Pinot's words, but takes off her cape and takes off her jacket. Then there were marks right around his arm like a snake wrapped around him.

Me and Lusha look at each other unexpectedly.

Already the lotus curse was on the verge of turning around all over my body.

Pinot looked at the lotus as he was impressed and swept in his arms with traces of snakes. And after several touches, Lotus frowned painfully and brought her voice.

"You lived a long time... it would have been painful if you'd been this way, I would have endured a lot"

"Ha... I couldn't even show you where you're too weak"

"Oh. Well, I'll curse you soon."

Lotus sits on a nearby chair and breathes heavily.

My breathing is getting a little rough, so maybe if I realized the curse, the spiciness would have hit me more. Ruru is rubbing Lotus's back, trying to calm me down.

Pinot puts his hands on the planting pot and turns towards us.

"Yes, all hands on your ears."

Whatever the hell you think it is, follow Pinot's words. Lotus is also about to suffer, but he blocked his ears with slow motion.

... What the hell happens?

Shortly after I thought so, the truth turned out.


"- Huh!?"

The scream stuck in the room momentarily, and I was too surprised to think my heart would pop out. I mean, I'm attacked by the feeling of teasing my head like I've been slapped with cancer.

Fluffing and looking at Pinot, the grass of the plant pot and the root part of a person's face entered his eyes in his hand.

Maybe not.


"Did you know that? Yeah, it's pretty valuable in Mandragola."

That said, Pinot uses his alchemy skills by putting Mandragola in a rink. Then Mandragola became like a twisted yam.

"No, what did you know... is it okay to hear Mandragola scream?

I'm famous for talking about dying when I hear Mandragola scream, but I'm alive when I hear it. It's just that I tend to get a little carried away......

Pinot laughs openly and says, "I'm fine."

"If they're weak, they could die, but the heroes are strong, so hey! None of the four of them would have fallen, would they? And then you'll be fine because you can tolerate it even if you get used to it."

"That didn't mean it was quite dangerous..."

I wanted to hold my head.

"Fair enough, you're safe and not bad. Add apricot grass here."

Add the chiseled apricot grass to the pinot and mix well.

Next, he put it in the flask and used his alchemy skills.

"[Drying] [Accelerating] [Time Stopping]...... Shiatsu"

The twisted object then changed to an exposed powdered form. Beautiful white as you can't imagine from the brown twat just now.

When I put the Shizuku of the great tree I had drawn in there, it fluttered and glowed.

"… [Temperature adjustment] [Heating] A little more, [Heating]"

Apparently, it's difficult to adjust, and Pinot's eyes start to take it seriously. I can't imagine it from what I normally look like, and this one I watch accidentally is breathtaking.

How long after that, would the silence have flown?

I keep staring at the flask and using my alchemy skills all the time without Pinot saying a word. If we were to do this for so long, we would consume a lot of magic, too.

... Sure, it's going to be hard to make without a skilled alchemist.

And it's been an hour - "Done!" Pinot's voice echoed into the room.


"Yay, now you can decurse Mr. Ren too!

"Great...... Huh!

I'll raise my voice, Lusha, and the Ri will be relieved.

The lotus at the time seemed to finally sleep as she sat down, and she laughed because she jumped up surprised at our voice.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Looks like he was asleep..."

"Fine, you were tired. And now we have a cursing potion."

When I showed the lotus the direction of Pinot, I blinked my eyes many times and saw the bottle in its hand. So much so that there's a glowing liquid in the gold that it's going to fascinate me.

Swallow the sauce, and the lotus slowly rises out of the chair and goes under the pinot. Immediately, the cursing potion is passed into the hands of the lotus.

"... is this the cursing potion? Wow, that's beautiful."

"Look, drink fast. Because that should make it easier to break the curse."

Ruru rushes the lotus, which he hardly tries to drink.

I've always behaved in a temperament, but I can see you've been with Lotus the whole time. Where the lotus is hard or suffering, I would have seen it up close.

You must have wanted a lotus curse more than I did.

Lotus nods slowly and opens the lid of the bottle.

And when he drank it all at once, the tightening marks of the serpent, which were on the body of the lotus, disappeared. Beautiful skin was there, as if nothing had happened before.

"... Ha, wow! Not painful at all."

"Lotus, great!!"

"You'll never die of a curse again."

Me and Ruru held onto the lotus where the curse disappeared and flashed. He seemed out of his mind, and Lotus hadn't stepped on him at all - so the three of us fall straight into the floor. I couldn't afford to think about that, although the book that was piled to the side at the detachment collapsed.

"Oh well, I... did I help you? It's going to take me a while to get a feel for it."

"Lotus-like or something"

"But did you really break the curse? What's your status?"

"Oh well. When I saw the status, I knew. [Status]"

Len Watanabe

Level: 38

Occupation: Brave

Attack: 120

Magic: 1

Recovery: 1

Defense: 70

Hit: 30

Avoid: 30

Skills: Language acquisition Passive/offensive improvement Passive/defensive improvement Passive/self-healing improvement Passive/Hate

Others: Contract Bracelet

The level is rising...... not hurry up to see the 'more' item where there was a curse of purpose. When I was in the inn, the letter "Curse" of the lotus, which I had been able to confirm, had disappeared beautifully.

Good. Ahhh.

Relieved. I'm relieved.

I smile, I look at the lotus, and I try to tell her I'm glad again, and I whisper.

Because from the eyes of the lotus, the tears of the large grain were nil.

".................. thanks. Really, the curse is broken. You don't have to die."

"Oh, of course. There's no need for a lotus to die."

"That's right. I'm glad you're okay. We need to get some knowledge so that this doesn't happen again."

Lotus tries to wipe tears with her hands, but tears are overflowing faster than that. You can't think of that, though you say "you're not dressed up".

"... I was strong, but I was really scared. I thought you were going to leave us all to die. I thought I'd never go home again."


"But Hiroshi found Apricot grass for me. Ruru was much firmer than I thought and always supported me.... Thanks, both of you"

Lotus laughs at the snare and looks at me and Ri.

When I looked at the rubbing, I cried the same way if it was attached to the lotus. I knew the girl thought it was tearful, but I also notice the pompous touch of water on my cheek.

... Well, I can't help it because I'm happy.

"Even I always had lotus help. I even made a pact with the king. There's no way a man like that looks bad."

"That's right."

The two of us praise the lotus, laugh.

And, uh, I think you've shown Lucha and Pinot something that doesn't look good. I tried to turn around and tell him properly about Lotus's safety for now, but he didn't see the two of them there.

Apparently, he cared about us in his hometown and left only the three of us.

"Oh, good..."

Then for a while, the three of us celebrated and cried the curse of the lotus.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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