23 Shizuku the Great Tree
24 Reconciliation with store fairies

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"The Demon King is on your side? Why?"

"To be honest, I don't like human kings. We, he... uh, what is it?"

"Joseph, king of Piznut?

"Yeah, that was the name. We were forced into a brave party by the king and told to defeat the demon king."

Only that he has been summoned from another world, lay low and explain to the store fairy the rush of things. We don't want hostility with the Demon King.

I just came here to Apricot, called the Devil's Lands, because I shouldn't be thought to have rebelled. Of course, it also has the most important purpose of obtaining the items needed to de-curse the lotus.

And well, I finished explaining the whole street.

"Nah, I thought it was a country that didn't like the Demon King and didn't like him, but it sucks worse than I imagined."

The store fairy sighed heavily and apologized to me "I'm sorry".

"No... even we came here in the name of defeating the Demon King. I can't help but be attacked from the wary Demon King's side."

"That's sweet, Hiroki."

"The injury was healed."

You're going to attack this one, but don't attack that one... that's not how it works.

We apologize to each other, and I think we could have reconciled for once.

"Even so, is the shop fairy on the side of the Demon King?... What kind of demon king is that?

"Are you the Demon King?

"If I could see you, I'd like to hear about skills, magic, that sort of thing."

"... Ya, the Demon King doesn't like to see people"

So it could be difficult, the store fairy says.


"Maybe I'll meet someone who's a little different, like Hiroki"

"It's different."

"I'm swinging to dodge Priest...... no, I was putting it through with a healer. Such a healer, I mean, it's unusual, because there seems to be nothing but heroes in the world!

The store fairy laughs and cuts the story off, "Speaking of which," he says.

And he pointed to me.

"Oshiki Shizuku, why don't you collect it?

"Oh, you did...... I need to take it home soon"

I get up and walk to the rock indentation where Shizuku the Great Tree is accumulating. It's glowing pale, so I guess it's not normal water......

I touched it a little at my fingertips, but it was as cold as a fountain. I try to get it close to my nose and smell it but it is odorless.

The store fairy came next to me and looked up at me.

For the first time here, I saw the face of a shop fairy. The gender was painfully unclear, but those eyes were like a terribly beautiful gem - red.

"... Shizukuishi of Oki is fine if she drinks anything else. I don't know if I can just drink it, mainly because it's a potion ingredient."

"I don't drink. Just curious."

I smile bitterly and draw Shizuku the Daiki into the bottle.

Now we have all the ingredients to make the cursing potion. Besides, relax and ask what the store fairy next door is going to do.

"Ya, for now, I'll give Hiroki something to apologize for"


"Even though it's healed, I attacked it and let it get hurt. So don't hesitate to take it"

"Oh well... then don't hesitate - heck"

I tried to tell him I'd have it, and he sneezed.

I decided to go through the fountain first and go back to everyone, thinking I couldn't decide where it was weird.

◆ ◆ ◆

"Hiroki! Welcome back, it was ok!?"

"Phew, it's cold!! I'm home, Lusha"

Going through the fountain and back under everyone, I hit the fire that Ruru had just prepared for me. We're back with the store fairy, so we're both warm.

"Glad you're safe, Hiroshi"

"Lotus, haven't you changed?

"It was peaceful."

I was the only one with one stuffiness, and nothing seems to have gone wrong with the Lotus.

When I squeezed the water in my clothes briefly, the rubbing came this way.

"The store fairy jumped into the fountain too, so I was worried if there was something there... but I should have chased him soon"


You didn't tell me you were attacked, but the way you put it, it feels like I've been harmed. When I laughed to delude myself, Ruru smiled, "I won't be fooled."

"It's hard to understand with black clothes, but there's blood all over it... blades maybe? You're out of clothes."

"Uh uh... right. But I healed it with heels, and I reconciled, so there's no problem."

I laugh bitterly at the sharp reflection. But soon Lucha and Lotus asked me to eat, "What do you mean?"

These two swordscreens won't let you go until you explain it exactly.

When I saw the shop fairy that was next door, I found myself snorting.

I decided that it would mean I could talk to the three of you, and it would take a stop "before then" from whenever I tried to open my mouth.

"If you stay wet, you might catch a cold. [Fire] [Wind]"

"Wow, warm......!

Ruri combined the two magic skills to produce a warm breeze.

That will dry me and all my shop fairy clothes. It's amazing how you can use magic like this. Ruru is probably the type of person who cleverly uses magic because he also magically cleaves only loose clothes.

"Thanks. Thank you, Ruri."

"Ya, thanks!

"You're welcome."

I thanked him, took the jacket I had kept with Rousha... and told the three of them that it was in the fountain.

"Damn! That happened!? I'm so glad Hiroki is safe!!"

"Wow, Rousha!?"

As soon as I finished listening to me, Lucha hugged me in tears. I can't strongly reject it either, because I've been grumbling so many times that I'm glad.

I had no choice but to stroke Lucha's head, and I looked at this one with raw warm eyes as I sat across the street. Lotus is also snorting, and I want to tell you that it's an extra favor for now.

In the meantime, the store fairy raised her voice without reading the air.

"Ya, it's not nice! So I'm going to give you one of the products from the store to apologize for."

And then I take the items out of the bag and line them up in front of me.

"Because I'm fine. Look, you're not hurt, are you? Lucha."

"... yeah. I'm glad you're okay. In the meantime, I think you should get the most expensive one!


Laughing at Lusha's pre-Han suggestion, he takes a look at the items arranged by the store fairy.

Of course, there are various types of equipment, as well as skills acquisition books and potions. Would it be nice to get something that I want all of them but which is difficult to get on my own anyway?

"How about this?


"Say Elixir, a great thing that can cure any injury!

"Buh, elixir!?"

They give me rarer items than I expected, and I accidentally blow them out.

He said that any injury could be cured, so it would definitely be the finest healing item that comes often in the game. Sure, it's safe to have one at the party, and it's not that easy to get.

That's obvious if you look at Lucha, who opens his eyes to surprise.

"I've never seen Elixir before... he really existed"

"It's not always a substitute for that many!

Now is your chance to get it, the store fairy tells you.

I do want one...... but I also want gear now. Worried about what to do, he asks the store fairy as he looks at the gear lined up next to Elixir.

"Don't you have equipment with a dodging system?

"Ya, there's just no dodging. Because there's no one to want!

"Damn, even here, the harm of evasive healers..."

After all, the dodging gear seems to have to be specially ordered.

"Hey, hey, why don't you turn it into a book about acquiring red skills? I think it's a good idea to learn new skills!

"Hmm, that's on hold because I'm going to be able to get it myself"

Rousha recommended me a book on acquiring skills, but I want more gear than that.

The next thing I noticed was a ring with an Attack status of (+15). It's a small size, so I can see that it's a pinky ring that a woman attaches to her pinky fingers.

"Ya, that's good enough to be comparable to elixir! It's called" Ishtal's Ring. "With a status value of 17, there's not a lot of gear that small. That's the only place in this store that has more than 15 numbers right now."


... this, maybe.

I took it in my hand for a moment, and the design is girly and cute.

Gold rings with hinged embellishments. There is a white gem in the center, with smaller gems on both sides.

"Make it this"

"Ya, okay. But it's not evasion, it's recovery, it's offensive, okay?

We know, of course, that it is the opposite of the performance of an evasive healer. Or nothing. This is not the equipment I chose to wear myself.

"Lusha, look"


Instead of putting it on yourself, this is the gear I chose for Rusha.

Me, Lotus, and Ruru originally had a status value of 50 as bonus points in addition to the high status value. There is that, and the three of us are highly capable of falling out if we don't compare to the level.

I know what Rusha is worried about or trying to do with her strength. So if the stat value increases by +17 in gear...... and I chose this ring.

"Wait, you should pick the gear Hiroki uses!

"We don't have evasive gear, do we? Besides, I wanted to give Lucha a present. You've been kind to me because I don't know much about common sense... and this is how we're having a party together."

"I don't... even me. I told you I was having a party."

"Even so, yes."

Lucha helped me tremendously, and she was kind to me.

"I want to continue my adventure with you. Take it."

"... already, already! Hiroki always makes it a priority other than himself!!"

Lusha, angry, offered me gloves and stuck her left hand out at me.

Apparently, he means to put it on.

I took Lucha's left hand and slowly put the ring on her pinky finger.

... I don't know, so embarrassing!?

Looking around, Lotus and Ruru and even the shop fairy look at this one with a slight face. I'm terribly nervous, even though it doesn't mean anything special.

'Cause, you know, it just so happens, a good piece of gear just happened to be the ring. If this was a bracelet or some other piece of gear, I would definitely have chosen that one.

- But my spinning feelings blew away with Lucha's smile.

"Thanks, Hiroki! Now we will defeat the demon!!"

- Whoa.

That's Lusha, Han Mae.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

25 Completion of the cursing potion