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23 Shizuku the Great Tree

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The water in the fountain directly beneath the great tree is cold, as if it were going to pierce your skin.

- But once I get up on land, my body gets cold and I don't want to go in there!

Well, the horizontal hole in the cave... all the way.

From the edge of the fountain, to the great tree in the centre, it is about 10 meters. In no time we reach the great tree, once we breathe and then dive into the root area.

The rocky areas beneath the bottom and the walls are sparkling and comfortable. Maybe even something like fine sand is embedded in it, but I don't have time for that right now.

Immediately, I discovered a pompous cavity directly beneath the great tree.

I see, should we move on here?

Dive in and discover the horizontal hole in a few dozen seconds and move on inside.

It's very narrow, as the store fairy said, and it doesn't seem possible for two adults to go in line. Then a little further, the aisle ended and went out a little wider.

The light is shining from the surface, so I'm sure this is the exit.

It was a lot easier than I imagined.


Momentum turns to the surface and breathes in air.

"Ha, it was painful... eh"

It had the same rock as the bell cave in the dungeon, so that it could go up there.

Crawling out of the water, what was there was the Shizuku of the great tree Pinot said.

A golden leaf hangs from the ceiling on a rock like a vessel. Shizukuishi, who passed it on and fell, seem to accumulate as Shizukuishi the Great Tree.

The Shizukuishi shines thinly and is very rare at a glance.

"Good...... Now you can decurse the lotus curse"

Slowly go closer to Shizuku the Great Tree and remove the bottle that was in your pocket. All you have to do is put the Shizuku of the Great Tree in this and go home, and you'll have all the ingredients for the cursing potion.

- Tons.

"... Huh?


Tons, tons, tons.

Under this circumstance, it would have been more impossible not to be alarmed. My shield was broken after an unexpected attack.

From there on out, I'm sure he's unconscious.


Shielded like a reflex of conditions, I see the target I've been attacking.

There's a demon out there that's not even caught up in the rugged search and is so strong that even my evasion can't be avoided - yes, I thought so.

I looked at the person who showed up and I opened my eyes to see if this was still the case.

"You... shop fairy, why..."


Likewise, it must have come through the fountain. The shop fairy was wet and let her squeeze the water into her robe with her hands all the time.

"Ya, I've been waiting for a chance for Hiroki to be alone"

"I...? Could it be that you told me the inside of this fountain was narrow to leave me alone?

Sure, the road along the way was terribly narrow, but the final point, here, is wide enough for a few of us to get in.

Listening to my inquiries, the shop fairy arcs at the mouth. Apparently, it was a hit, and something creepy runs on my back.

Were you under surveillance so many times you encountered a store fairy...?

He's a store fairy who didn't think he was that strong, but apparently the perception should be changed. Put a regeneration on yourself just in case, and keep the bottle you left out in your pocket.

Nevertheless, I have no power to fight.

Or so, I don't think it's realistic to swim and escape the fountain behind the store fairy.

"Of the four, Hiroki is the command tower, right? [Hit Up] [Health Up] [Attack Up]"

"Hey, enhancement skills!?"

I just thought it was something that uses the skills of spatial systems, but they didn't. The Store Fairy took out the knife and slashed it on me.

"Damn, [Shields]!

"No, I can't! I'll break it again and again!

"Why me? Dude, there's no reason to be targeted!!"

The guy who's after me is about the king he's been summoning.

But given the mouthfeel of the store fairy - Lucha and Lotus are also in range of targets. If Lotus and Ruru are to be targeted, they should not be at the king's fingertips.

The Store Fairy thinks about what to do from a cute look to an unimaginable offense. Shield up, but I don't have any experience fighting people.

Finally, the Store Fairy attack exceeded the number of shield defenses and he was slashed in the arm and flank.

"Damn, dude... [Shields] Ha"

"No, I thought I'd do it because it's an awesome dodge, but it doesn't have to be that aggressive to be fatal."

Regene twitches and heals my injuries.

The store fairy keeps her cool face on and looks at this one as she twirls her knife. When I looked closely, it emitted a disastrous light, and I could easily imagine it was a rare weapon.

"Prioritize the shield over the heel! I think you can make that decision! Most healers heal themselves first."

"... I guess. [Heels]"

"There aren't many healers to stand up to on their own either. Normally, I try to escape somehow..."

If you can get away with it, it's better that way.

But the exit is behind the shop fairy. It could only be as helpful as pushing one or eight and jumping into the fountain with that momentum to escape.

Although I can repeat the shield and heel all the time, the store fairy seems to have a lot of rare gear.

Honestly, I don't want it to be a very long fight, and I doubt my strength will.

I would have avoided it if there had been more evasion......!

"Damn, whoa, whoa!

I leave the momentum to the store fairy. Hopefully, we'll be able to jump right into the fountain and escape like this.

But the prospects can't be that good...

"Ya, [spatial barriers]!


Clashing against a wall of transparency that suddenly appears, I fail to jump into the fountain. Damn, don't be ridiculous! I can't believe you have that skill, against the rules...

"... ah?

"For a healer, I think you're working hard, right?

The shop fairy nodded and came to me, and I greeted him with a knife blade on his cheek. And then I told him why you attacked me.

"Hey, are you here to kill the Demon King? I won't forgive you."

"...... Huh!?"

Convinced by the word Demon King, I see.

Sure, we were summoned to defeat the Demon King, so it's no surprise that the Demon King Side is on guard. I scold myself for not thinking about that possibility at all until now.

The King is the bad guy, and the Demon King may actually be the good guy - although there are some things I've been thinking about lightly.

"Wait, it's a misunderstanding!!"

"Sure, Hiroki sounds like a good guy, but I won't tolerate the one after the Demon King!

That said, he was slaughtered seven times after passing five by the store fairy. The shield was shattered and there was a glimmer of blood coming from my cheek.

Not only did the store fairy say it was a toddle, she shook up the knife softly.

"I don't need a brave party... Huh!

"- [SkillRest]!!"


"Huh... Huh!? Skill Rest, the only top skill you can get is Priest!? Wasn't he a healer!?"

"[Shields] [Heels], ha, ha... Sure, 'cause you didn't say I was Priest.... also to the King. I don't know where the store fairy got the information from, but isn't it good enough to talk?


Listen to what I have to say, the store fairy seems to have an idea. Although I can't see the expression on the hood, I can tell my neck is moving a little and thinking about it.

"Hiroki doesn't want to defeat the Demon King?

"I'd rather be on my side!!"

I answered instantly.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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