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22 Too much firepower

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Pinot handed me a vial for collection if I had to leave right away.

"Put a proper lid on it and bring it back so you don't spill it!

"I'm not that dodgy, so it's okay."

"And don't let it slip."


Exactly, I don't want to go off anymore.

Tell him to be very careful there and bag the vial for collection.

"There will be strong demons on the road, so be very careful."

"Huh? But I didn't run into any demons until I got here from the exit of the dungeon."

"Oh, I'm not dropping by because we have demon-free herbs planted here."

To Hassan's words, I nod so much.

Too many varieties to know which one is an exorcism herb, but you have some useful plants.

"You won't get lost because you live on the main road from here, but there are a lot of injuries. It's a mountain here, but it's hard to tell what's wrong with you because you have so many plants."

"Be very careful."

"Whoa. Go be careful."

"I'm coming!

Pinot, Hassan and Liliana dropped us off and we walked down the road to the top of the mountain.

◆ ◆ ◆

The road leading to the summit was steeply sloped there, and many parts of the rock skin became visible as it moved away from the middle abdomen. There are also more plants with rounded leaves and unusual grass trees such as clear petals.

"There are so many strange plants"

As Lotus looked at the plant uncommonly and carelessly, Lucha rushed into a stop.

"Take care, Mr. Ren! Because there are also carnivorous plants. I've seen it a lot for the first time, too, and I can't say enough that it's safe."


The lotus, who was about to touch the plant, can pull his hand in haste.

If they eat even puffy fingers, they sure don't laugh. Look at the lotus that makes your face blue, and the fact that it's okay because you have a shield - well, let's keep it to yourself to make it feel like a crisis.

"Hiroshi, there's a strong demon ahead of us."


They don't have any demons other than that, and the rubbing breathes relief.

When I went a little further, there was a golem with a rocky body. When you look at me, you immediately wave up your fist and attack me. Sounds like a belligerent personality.


Where and make a loud noise, the punch of the golem circles the ground.

"Wow, awesome power.... but if it doesn't, it doesn't make sense."

Miss! Miss!

Right hand, left hand, left and right punches rolled out in order, but they never hit me either. Even strong demons can afford to be alone.

If you think so, Lucha and Ruru's voice overlap.

"Okay, [Wind Arrow]"


Rousha's arrow wraps the wind, adding more flames to it. The power of the wind increased the power of the flames, and a strong blow pierced the Golem.

Make a loud noise with the dogon, and the golem quickly collapses.

"Wow, that's amazing..."

Usually a low-hit Rousha arrow probably came under the control of Ruru's magic skills. Without coming off, I hit it with an arrow.

When I look at it, my eyes are shining whether Lusha is touched or not.

"Two women are too strong..."

"Sure, it's over-fired."

On the lotus with a slightly tight expression, I saw a bitterly smiling but shattered golem. I'm sure the Hassans didn't expect that a strong category of demons would be defeated so lightly either...

"I wonder if it's as easy as this"

"Not bad, things are better... [SEARCH]"

"What do you say?

As Ruru replies to Lotus's words, he defies me. When I ask him how it turns out, he smiles, "There doesn't seem to be a problem."

"There's a strong individual, but there's no more than one demon."

"Well, that sounds easy."


If there was one demon, avoidance wouldn't be a problem.

There's no turning in new skills, and it's peace.

Then I defeated the demon, but it goes without saying that my biggest enemy was mountaineering.

◆ ◆ ◆

He defeated the golems, demon oaks, etc., stayed another night on the way and was exhausted from climbing to reach the summit of the mountain.

I looked down at the view from the top of the mountain, even though I took a disturbed breath.


"Wow, Hiroki"

"Oh. I didn't expect to see this view"

The clouds are down there, it's like we're in the sky.

And at the root of the great tree on the summit of the mountain, a lake about twenty meters in diameter. The great tree that rises in the center of it is a brilliant word, and its leaves look golden reflecting the sun's light.

Smiling at Lucha, who is grumpy, I recall what Pinot told me. There must be a spot to collect the Shizuku tree before you dive into this lake.

"Looks like there's no creature in the fountain, it's cold and it feels good"

"Take a break, dive"


As a result of Ruri's search, there appears to be no demons in and around the springs. Exactly. If a demon strikes in the water, there won't be a single one, so I'm relieved.

The four of us sit by the fountain and rest for a while.

I fall asleep and wonder what the structure is like in the fountain. Enough to collect, so I'd like to think it's not such a small space... would it be okay if we all went there?

I can't laugh if we all go and we all don't have room to go up to shore and drown.

In the first place, I wonder how deep it is.

"Ya see you again!


Suddenly he called from behind and turned around, there was a shop fairy.

"Is this a collection of ingredients for the cursing potion?

"Yeah, the alchemist was supposed to make it for me."

"That's good!

Ruru affirms to the dusty store fairy. And at the same time, tell them that you don't seem to need to buy the curse potion from the store fairy.

"I asked you, I'm sorry..."

"Nothing, because this cursing potion is scarce and I have no problem with it as a product"

"Oh well."

There are other people who want to buy it, the store fairy says.

"Speaking of which, why is the store fairy here?

"Huh? Well, of course, I thought I'd open a store."


I laugh bitterly that there won't be any customers.

It would be nice if you were assuming us as guests, but since you can't afford that much money, you wouldn't even have to target us as customers.

That's what I expected, but the store fairy shakes her head.

"No, we open the store wherever we want. Whether or not a customer comes is lucky."

"It's ABOUT..."

"It's good stuff. When I open a store like this, I sometimes meet people I don't even think about. So this is how I got to know the Herokis too"

That's funny, and the store fairy arranges the items on the sheet.

"Speaking of which, who jumps into the fountain?

"By whom? The way you put it, can't we all?

"I thought we were all going..."

I tilt my neck to inquire about the store fairy.

The Roushas seemed to recognize the same, and they seem to wonder if there's anything wrong with it. I haven't confirmed it, but we'll probably all be able to swim.

Then, the shop fairy gave a brief explanation as she said, "This is your first fountain."

The shop fairy said that there was a small cave ahead where he dived into the fountain and went a little further down the horizontal hole, and there was Shizuku the Great Tree. It's not a particularly dangerous place, but because it's narrow, it's good for one person to go on behalf of another.

"I see... thanks for letting me know"

"Someone's alone... this place will cool off at the top of the mountain, so I guess Mr. Ruru should wait for me"

"I'm coming."

Lotus was the name, so I tell him I'm going in a hurry.

It's hard to tell two women to jump into a fountain, or it's hard for a lotus to jump in and activate a curse when they're alone. If you suffer in the water, you will drown to death as you are.

That's why I have to go.

"Oh, but..."

"Lotus stands by here. If anything happens, you can count on Lotus."

"Okay. Nice to meet you, Shizuku of the Great Tree."

"Leave it to me."

For one thing, I convinced Lotus that I had already begun to prepare for the fire once I also tried to get permission for two women. Apparently the support is complete.

"I really wanted to go... because if anything happened, Hiroki would drive better"

"I'm not responding to the search, but for once. If a demon comes, Hiroshi can be avoided, but Rousha can't be avoided, so it's dangerous to let him go alone."

"Oh, I see"

Apparently, Rushi was stopping me from running for Rousha before Lotus.

"Well, I can avoid it. It's best if I go. I'll be right back, this way."

That's what I said, I'll take my jacket off and give it to Rousha.

It's cold, but it wouldn't be a good idea to get in the water with all your clothes on. Under a dark blue jacket, I'm just fine because I'm wearing light black clothes.

... just can my pants stay like this? Shoes are also boots, so I can breathe water and get heavy, but I can barefoot to places where I don't know what it is.

"Be careful. If anything happens, don't force yourself to come back!

"You're leaving your bag, aren't you? Did you get the bottle right?

"Lotus, you look like your mother."

To the words of the three of you, I laugh, "I haven't forgotten anything."

I tell him I have nothing to worry about, because I'm not going to force him either. If something is wrong, is it that the water is cold…?

She gently prepared for gymnastics and jumped into the fountain with momentum.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

23 Shizuku the Great Tree