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21 The Alchemist of Noise...... of, Apprentice

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"Hey, I did it. Oh, outside!!"

After a long dungeon life, we went outside.

Needless to say, the last staircase was several times tougher than fighting demons.

We came through the dungeon in the middle of the mountain. Looking up at the top of the mountain, there are clouds, and I can't see the top. I looked downstairs, but I could even see the roof of the city.

It looks like a rich mountain of grass and wildlife.

"Even so, can't you breathe?"

"Even when I say middle belly, it seems pretty expensive. It's a little chilly, and I think it'll get really chilly at night."

Rousha stretches out a lot and looks around.

"You can get to the alchemist early, but if you can't, maybe you should pick the right place to go wild. I hope it's a cave or something like that."

"Right. Explore early and say... smoke in here?


I saw an arrow tip, smoke up in the distance, trying to talk about the future. If it was a ton of black smoke, I'd suspect a mountain fire, but luckily it's a thin gray smoke.

Lotus and Ruru also look at the smoke and groan, "It doesn't look like a fire".

Lusha slapped him in the bread and saw us.

"Hey, maybe not, isn't it the alchemist's house? I think it's coming out of the chimney."

"Oh, you're out of the house. You mean smoke...!

"Then it's up to us."

Rusha, rushing to get there quickly, seemed happy to find a place she thought was a destination. I'm jumping and jumping and it's like slime and a little cute.

Nevertheless, this is the middle of a mountain where demons also come out.

It would be nice to take a short break and then head over carefully.

... Oh, my God, there was a time when I thought too.

"What is this mountain? There's no demons at all, is there?

"It looks like we have wildlife, but why not? Even in the little woods and meadows, there's at least as much slime."

There are no demons.

Lucha also seems strange, wary of her surroundings but the demons never come out.

"I can't detect demons using search, so they don't really seem to be there"

"Is that the kind of mountain? See, there were a lot of demons in the dungeon for that matter."

"Sure, that dungeon had a lot of demons."

Ruri explores with his search skills, but he doesn't see any sign of a demon.

I thought I might have some cause, but Lotus doesn't seem to care and laughs.

Now that I'm thinking about it, I don't know the answer, so I came to the point where there was smoke for the first time.

Light green plants with lots of flowers.

The small red roof house is covered with rose-blossomed bamboo. The butterflies flew in for honey, like a plant accessory.

"Looks like you're in a picture book."

"Right. There's smoke coming out of the chimney, just like Lucha said."

Ruru seems to like the house in front of him and looks at the flowers with pleasure.

Speaking of which, I was just wondering if there was an alchemist in here. 'Cause it depends on the alchemist's arm here to see if he can decurse the lotus curse.

"In the meantime, there 'll be people inside, so let's talk"


It was a wooden house, with a small lamp hanging on the front door. There was a small window right next to it, but it was like cloudy glass and I can't look inside.

When I knocked, I heard a high voice from inside saying "yes".

Without vigilance, the chatter and door open.

"Either way, Hiroki!

"Oh, Pinot!

Alchemist's elf I met on the way to Apricot - Pinot.

"Oh, did an amazing alchemist mean Pinot!?"

"Maybe you're here to see your master? Unfortunately, I'm out... well, come on in."

"Ugh, yeah......"

Apparently, Pinot was the alchemist's apprentice of interest.

Once inside, I see Hassan and Liliana relaxing at their desks.

"That's Hiroki."

"Good to see you again."

Apparently you're welcome, and I was advised to go ahead and chair.

"What, did Hiroshi and Lusha know each other?

"Oh, I had a little help coming to Apricot. They're all good people."

"Really? Looks like Hiroshi took care of you, thank you"

Lotus sneaks up on me, so I briefly explain how I got to know her so she could hear me all the time. Immediately, Lotus greets me and I feel like I'm an unexpected mother.

"I mean fine! I'm Hassan, I'm a Dwarf in the vanguard of a hammer."

"I'm Liliana. You and I were escorting Pinot."

"It's Pinot the Alchemist. I was going to make dinner now, so you've come to the right place! I got a little unusual meat today, so be sure to eat it!

Although it was nice for the three of them to introduce themselves lightly, Pinot followed a disturbing invitation. I'm glad you're welcome, but Pinot is a bit scary because he tries to eat normally even in demons.

"My name is Lotus. Hiroshi and I are in the same town."

"I ru. It's a lovely house."

This was also where Lotus and Ruru introduced themselves, and Pinot made me tea so I decided to explain why I visited.

"... I see. You wanted a cursing potion with apricot grass ~!

Pinot says you can't make that one with your alchemist.

"I want it as soon as possible, so, uh, when will your master be back? I also want you to let me know if you know if you can make potions"

"Of course a master can make it. That's enough, just a little bit. But he said he won't be home for a while... I wonder if it's as early as six months from now"

"Not so..."

In the period Pinot told us, we despair.

The lotus curse won't last six months. Biting my lips so hard, Pinot, who seems to have guessed our circumstances, said, "Sounds like a translation" and became a serious eye.

"Even so, is there only one reason why we need a curse relief potion in a hurry"

Decurse the curse you are receiving. I wouldn't think of any purpose other than to hurry. I nod quietly and immediately tell him I need a decursion potion with apricot grass.

"If you know where your master is likely to go, let me know"

"... it's not so easy to get to the back of the woods or the steep valley, is it?

If you're not here, you can find it somehow. "I don't think it's possible," Pino said, laughing.

"If I pinot already. You don't have to be mean."

"Huh? Liliana?

"Even Pinot can create a curse potion with apricot grass."


The four of us spoke simultaneously to Liliana, who joined the conversation from side to side. 'Cause you were creating an atmosphere that you couldn't make without your master...!

When I think so and look at Pinot, he is buzzing with his cheeks swollen.

"Because come on, because Hiroki tells you like you can't do it unless you're a master!

"It doesn't bother you."

"If you can make it, say it first..."

I'm weak, I'm stuck at my desk.

Turning only his gaze to Pinot, he said, "Can you make it?" Ask.

"Well! Because you look like this and you're a pretty amazing alchemist!

Eh, I sigh heavily at the chest stretching pinot.

"Really, why didn't you tell me first?"

"Well, well. I just wanted to say I'd make it for you if I wanted, but you don't have the ingredients."

"If it's apricot grass, I've collected it!

"Wow, that's amazing!

In contrast to Pinot, which is a little difficult, I immediately remove the apricot grass from the bag to show it.

"You don't get much, but you've found it a lot. But there's another ingredient missing."

"One more thing?

"Yeah. Even so, it's not that hard if you have the strength to get here because it's a material you can collect in this mountain"

Pinot brings a book from a bookshelf on the wall and opens a medium page.

It was written there - it was a different world letter I couldn't read. I totally forgot, but Lucha used to read me instead.

It's also kind of embarrassing to say I can't read it...

If I thought so, as I sat next to him, I started reading the contents of the book.

"..." Shizuku the Great Tree ". It is the grace of the mountain brought about by the great trees that grow on the summit, a water of high rare value that is said to exist only in spiritual peaks above a certain"

The letters of this world, you remember?

Even though I was admired, I said, "Is it easy to collect?" Check with Pinot.

"Yeah, right under the tree at the top of the mountain is a spring, but if you dive through it and move on, you can collect Shizuku from the tree."

"I see, at the tip of the fountain"

If that's about it, we're going to be able to collect it.

Face to face with Lusha and the others, we just decided to go for Shizuku the Great Tree on the summit of the mountain.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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