19 Devil's Spirit Peak Dungeon: Part II
20 New skills and endless stairs

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"Well, how about a crate?

"I just think it was an easy win, but it's a dungeon with a lot of difficulty. There must be something amazing in there!

Me and Lusha get to the crate first, and Lotus and Ruri walk slowly. These two have more dungeon attacks than we do, so I guess crates aren't that uncommon either.

I'd like to open the chest as many times as I can.

How dare you, I lay my hands on the chest and see what's inside.

"Oh, a book on acquiring skills and... and then, money? It's the Apricot continent, so Rico's in there."

I get a book on acquiring skills, thinking it's convenient to have money from a continent with a dungeon in it.

The color of the book is blue, so it's pretty rare. I was taught in the guild before that it is highly rare in the order of light brown, light green, blue, red, and golden.

"The Blue Skills Acquisition Book looks pretty good."

"Did you use a couple of Ruru books?

"It's mostly thin green, and there's only one blue book. Probably, but it seems impossible to remember the skills of a superior position unless it's some rare book of skill acquisition. I read it in my book."

"I guess......"

Conversely, when you don't remember much of your skills, you can also use the book of Less Rare Skill Acquisitions. When the number of skills increases and you become a superior profession, you will no longer have the skills you can remember as the book of acquiring light brown or light green skills.

If it had four straight books in it, I'd be glad we could all use one book at a time.

"In the meantime, what are we going to do with this..."

"What if Hiroshi used it?


If you want to strengthen your aggression, Lusha or Ruru should use it, Lotus told me to use it.

"Well, I think Hiroshi should use it. You should add a few more skills to your support system…"

"Yeah, I think that's a good idea too! Besides, because I used it before, next time, Hiroki promised to use it, right?

"Ah, I said that too..."

If it continues, Lucha agrees, and it's the flow I use.

Sure, there are three kinds of skills I can use: heel, regeneration, and shield. Nevertheless, the heel and shield are too versatile, so there is nothing I would like to get in a hurry.... No, do you want recovery skills for abnormal conditions?

Uh-huh. Trouble, I'll think about the status quo.

Lotus has a passive pedigree for the first time and Hate skills, so I don't think there is a problem with it.

Ruru's magic is luxurious, and the current firepower seems sufficient.

Lucha is highly aggressive, but has no hitting power, so it takes time to defeat the demon.

If you're going to use it, it's either me or Rousha...

I used it for Lucha last time, and I can see that Lucha's eyes are about to appeal to me to use it. Lotus and Ruru are also telling me to use it, so let me thank you for using it this time.

"Well, I'll let you use it. [Heels]"

How to use the Skill Acquisition Book is to activate a skill something. Doing so makes it possible to activate the Skills Acquisition Book and acquire new skills.

Soon, a voice echoed in my head.

"Skill [Skill Rest] acquired"

... what?

For now, it doesn't seem to be a healer-specific healing skill.

Unexpectedly tilting his neck, he asks what skills the three of them learned.

"Uh, that's a skill rest. Because it's Rest...... I wonder if it would mean a break or something"

"Skill break......? Maybe we should seal up their skills?

"Oh, I see. Sure seems likely."

When I gave him my skill name, Ruru anticipated the content.

Sealed skills are iron plates and are likely to fall into a rare category in this world where skills dominate. I'm just afraid I can't use it right now to experiment.

"If you look at the status, you can see what your skills are."

"Huh? Seriously? [STATUS OPEN] Ever."

Hiroki Sakrai

Level: 27

Occupation: Priest

Attack: 1

Magic: 1

Recovery: 100

Defense: 1

Hit: 1

Avoid: 110

Skills: Language Acquisition (Passive) · Heel Regene Shield · Skillrest

Skill Rest: can temporarily render the target audience's skills unusable

"Oh, it's true. Do you know if you want to see the details?"

"Yes, we weren't as familiar as Hiroshi, so that's a lot of help."

"I see."

Until now, I've had too many skills familiar to me to think about that. The status screen seems more convenient than I thought.

But now there doesn't seem to be a problem remembering skills I don't know about next time. When that happens, don't bother wanting to remember your new skills gangly.

"In the meantime, it's not the kind of skill I'd use right away, so I guess it's on hold once. Because if you're not a strong demon, you're not going to use your skills, and you're not going to try them on a human opponent."

"Right. In the meantime, go through the dungeon to the alchemist...... Huh?


Ruru looked at the path leading behind the transfer device and opened his eyes.

I look in the same direction, wondering if something would have happened, and I end up in the same way. No, no, no, no, because no way, who would have imagined something like this?

Lotus looks equally unpleasant, and only Lucha is blatant.

Yes, what was in front of us - it was a long, long ascent staircase, supposedly following the exit.

Oh, well.

I'm supposed to go to the middle of the mountain because I'm going up the stairs at the end, and the dungeon road was in a descending mood...

◆ ◆ ◆

"Ah tired, nothing is more painful than just stairs..."

"I agree..."

Me and Ruru go up the stairs of the main road with no exit in sight, staring resentfully at each other. Lucha and Lotus look splendid and healthy, as long as they're jealous.

I'm relatively weak now. Me and Ruru are leading the way, and Lucha and Lotus are following behind it.

"I don't know, don't remind me of Yakushima's Trolley Road..."

Speaking of which, we're gonna have to keep walking on the tracks over there, too.

"Have you ever been to Ruru? Sometimes trolleys come running, so I think that's all I enjoyed"

I remember going to Yakushima when I was in high school. Just to see the cedar trees, it's a good memory that I woke up at four o'clock in the morning and took nearly six hours each way to climb the mountain.

Yeah, but this staircase hasn't changed the scenery forever, and the pain is overwhelmingly up there because you can't even see the spectacular natural landscape of Yakushima.

I stop my legs, which I was working hard to move, and see the lotus behind me.

"Regardless of Rousha, why is Lotus healthy? Oh, the effect of status?

"I think it probably is. Since I've been here, I feel less tired and more physically fit."


I can't help but envy Lotus, who tells me a little proudly.

All I have is healing and dodging status. I have nothing to do with my health. Probably always will be.

"But if I wasn't a brave man, I'd have felt just like the two of you. I worked part-time in a cafe almost every day, so I don't do much exercise."

"A stylish cafe or a super fit..."

It's a spot that doesn't really have much to do with me.

Perhaps it would have been a life that wouldn't have involved a race like Lotus for life if it hadn't been summoned to another world.

"Are you okay? Both of you..."

"... I'm fine, I can still go"

I shake my head to Rousha, who looks at us worried.

"I'm sorry, this is how I got my foot together..."

"That's not true. Ruri works great on the road! Because I am confident in my health. What, shall we pamper you?

"Exactly. I won't let that happen."

Lucha smiles and tells you, but you must have felt sorry for that. Ruri started going up the stairs again, "Let's go".

And we got to the exit, then two days later...

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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