18 Devil's Spirit Peak Dungeon: Middle Edition
19 Devil's Spirit Peak Dungeon: Part II

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My consciousness surfaced on the pretend, and I blinked a few times.... in the morning? Though I thought so, I laugh bitterly that you don't know morning or night because it's in the dungeon.

It was a safe zone big enough to install a tent, so I would have slept through it.

I slipped out of my tent softly, trying to kill my yawn.

Here, the Devil's Spirit Peak Dungeon is made up of 25 hierarchies. The exit is described on the map as having a transfer device to return to the entrance and a path to exit ahead.

I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and I was getting ready - and the sound came to my ears softly.

"Hmm? Did someone wake up and say... shop fairy!

"Ya, good morning"

I was falling asleep earlier and didn't realize it, but there was a shop fairy spreading the store next to our tent. I guess I'll build a store next to people's camp, normal.

I reply, "Good morning," even though I'm a little overwhelmed.

Various items were arranged on the spread sheet.

The basics are gear, and there seem to be potions and other restoration items. Nevertheless, I can't afford the money right now... or even if it were, it would be too expensive to buy...

"Ya, I have a recommendation for you today!


I was looking at the product and the store fairy said, "This is it! I said," I took out the bottle. I know it would be a potion recovery item, but I don't know until it works.

"Hey, my God! It's a curse potion using apricot grass!

"Seriously! Bought it!!"

Although Apricot grass is at my disposal, I don't know if I can do it on the heel of the potion. Like this, I've decided to buy it.

Shop fairies are somewhere proud, "Wow, that was awesome" or face.

"Apricot grass was harvested so hard after that!

"Wow, true. Good, now I can break the curse for you..."

"I'm glad you're happy, too! The price is also cheap, it is 20 million!!"


- High!!

It's not enough that I did my request hard enough, and I put a penetration in my heart. Yes, the store fairy store was expensive because it basically handles rare items.

"Isn't that just a little too expensive?

"No, this is still a little cheap, isn't it? Besides, the only place you can buy this curse potion is my store!


If they say that, it's also hard to be strong.

It is a curse potion that the king could not have gotten even if he had searched, so it goes without saying its worth.

When I was thinking about what to do, Ruru looked out of the tent.

"Hiroshi, what the hell is going on... and this one?

"Ya, this is a lovely lady! I'm a store fairy, take your time!

"Thank you. You were the fairy rumor."

Ruri smiled and said, "What's for sale?" and see the products arranged on the sheet.

"What I was recommending now was this cursing potion. Any curse will be broken in no time."

"! That's..."

Surprised by the words of the store fairy, he looks at me aggressively. You must have checked with me to see if I could break the lotus curse with that cursing potion.

I nod slowly and affirm it.

"I'll have it!


Just like me, Ruru answered instantly.

"Yay, it'll be 20 million rico!

"20 million... and Rico means 25 million if it's Lotto."

As far as the price is concerned, you look surprised but calm besides your thoughts. I lay my eyes down a little so I could think, "That's a little short......" he muttered.

... a little?

How much do you have, I sigh.

"In the meantime, you have to make some money somehow. Or have some store fairy buy it off and make some money..."

"Right. If it's Japanese, it might be worth it..."

I'll ear to ear and talk about money.

So what's possible is how to get them to buy or exchange Japanese stuff like they did last time. Since the handkerchief has become a magic bag, it is possible that the hand mirror I received will become a cursing potion.

So we tried to show the store fairy what we had brought from Japan - the answer was, "no".

"It's rare and I think it's good."

I tried to show you the rugged hand mirror, but the store fairy shook her head.

"Sure, I traded you for a handkerchief before, but the basics are cash deals, right? It has to be worth something or something I like!

"I see..."

Apparently, the handkerchief liked it a lot. Although I still care about other items, it doesn't seem to be enough for me to trade them for a curse removal potion.

Well, I was wondering what to do, and now Lotus showed up.

"Wow, what!?"

The store fairy says hello, and I explain what I've done.

"It's amazing how the curse potion is selling. I do want it, but I don't have a hand right now... and besides, I'm going to the alchemist now, so why don't I drop you off?

"Lotus, it's you..."

I see. Then Lotus told him to give up lightly.

Sure, I don't have any money, so I can't help it, but it would be too much of a decision for me to make. Me and Ruru sigh, face to face.

"That's okay, first of all at the Alchemist's! So if they say you can't do it, let's do our best to save money."

"... ok"

"You don't have any other hands. Store fairy, if we can't make a cursing potion, can you sell it? Money is saved somehow."

"Of course."

Nod to Lotus's suggestion, or see if you can sell it to the store fairy if it was useless just in case. We were comfortable with that, so we stroked our breasts down.

"Well, I guess I'm a mess!

"I'm sorry you didn't buy anything"

I feel sorry for Ruri, but I can't help it because I might need the money from now on. The store fairy quickly cleans up the items and carries the backpack.

"See you later!"

"Oh, thank you"

"I'll save some money, I'll wait for you ~"

Baba waved and the shop fairy left.

And so that would be misplaced, Rusha said from the tent, "What's going on?," he said. The look still says he slept, rubbing his eyes.

I thought I'd explain the same thing again, but I told Lucha that the store fairy had arrived.

◆ ◆ ◆

After about two nights in the dungeon, we came all the way to the 24-story safety zone. In other words, the next one will be in a room with a boss on the 25th floor.

It was demons of the demon lineage that came out so far, but not much variety. For that matter, a lot...... I ran into the monster house several times after that.

Well, the level has risen for that matter.

Now I'm level 27. Still haven't caught up with Lotus and Ruru...... or they're both up on the level.

Although I regret not being able to catch up, you can think of it as a level increase for the whole party.

"You've finally come this far, Hiroki. Aren't you tired?

"Oh, I'm fine. Thanks, Lusha."

Lucha brought me some water as I sat and rested leaning against the wall in the safety zone space. Unlike me, I still seem to be able to afford my strength.

By the way, a little further away, Lotus and Ruru are sitting back and resting just like me.

Japanese students, because they don't have that much strength......

"Speaking of which, is the lord of the dungeon here a skeleton?

"Oh. That's what the map says."

"I've never fought before, so I get nervous"

"If we don't get deep in this dungeon, they won't run into us."

If you're an oak or a goblin, it still seems that authentic zombie demons are mostly in the depths of the dungeons. I know you like the dark, stifling part, I'm sure.

"But if this member is a skeleton opponent, it seems easy to win."


Seeing Lusha say with a laugh, I agree violently.

That's just what I call a wizard, and the rugged, wide-ranging firepower is even worse. Besides, they also have magic like infinity, and there's nothing like causing an outage of magic.

Then we took a short break, and we decided to challenge the boss.

"Well, I'll see how it goes for now. [Shield] [Regene]"

Put your support skills on everyone and I'll see the big door standing right in front of me. Is it about five meters tall?

Put your hands on a door decorated with white gems and I peer softly inside.

As it was written on the map, there was a skeleton.

Dull grey bones, lying eyes. It's because the jaw area is moving, or it's ringing crispy.

"Hiroki, be careful. If you need anything, I'll attack you right away!

"I'll jump right in, too."

"I'll keep an eye on what's inside. … [Search]"

Lusha, Lotus, I was dropped off and I stepped into the boss's room.

Soon Skeleton will look at this one and walk slowly. I have a sword in that hand, so a physical attack would dominate.

Let's take the attack first and see if we can avoid it.

"Look, I'm the guy!


When I told him to provoke me, Skeleton shook his sword up against me.



"Well, that was easy."

My dodge with increased levels is up to 110 above 100 of my recovery. Exactly, if you cross 100, you wouldn't be hitting it if it wasn't a high-hit demon attack.


Well, although you can't fight alone because you can't attack if you're avoided.

"- Ah."

I remember something here.

I've never tried it before, but on second thought, it might be worth a try.

"Hiroshi, I'll have the skeleton!

"- [Heels]"

I heard a lotus voice, but I didn't mind using my skills.

Yeah, heels for recovery skills.

Heels can do damage to undead demons in reverse.

Isn't that what you hear so often? So I decided to give it a try - the result was exactly what I expected.

Skeleton, who had the sword, sanded and collapsed on the spot.

"Huh? Well, what's going on?

"Hiroki, what!? Skeleton, you defeated...?

"What's going on?

Following the lotus, Lusha and Ruru also came.

All three are surprised to see a broken skeleton and open their mouths. That's true, too, because I didn't talk to him about anything beforehand, so naturally the three of them get confused.

"Sorry, I was just trying to see if my skills would work"

"Oh, did you? Well, I wish I could have defeated you."

Listen to my words, Lotus gives you a relief look. Rusha looks at me with an improbable look, "But with a blow!?"

In the meantime, explain that I was damaged by healing skills because I am an undead demon.

"I've never heard of heels on demons."

"Uh, healers do have the style of support behind them,"

The healer that comes forward must be about me in this other world.

First, let's move on.

The sword that Skeleton was using as a weapon remained, so with it we proceeded to the next room.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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