17 Devil's Spirit Peak Dungeon: Part One
18 Devil's Spirit Peak Dungeon: Middle Edition

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Lotus and Ruru joined, and now it's a four-person party.

So the problem is the queues. Nevertheless, I have done nothing that difficult. It's the same style that we've always had, with the two of us added.

First of all, I'm in the lead.

Next is the avant-garde lotus. After that, Rusha and Ruru continue.

"Hiroshi, are you okay walking in front of me like that by yourself?

"No problem."

A worrying lotus voice reaches my ear.

I have a map of this dungeon on hand, so I won't get lost. Besides, there is evasion, so no matter what demon comes, you will not be attacked.

Careful would be about the monster house and the boss of a dungeon called the Lord.

"... oops"

Hyun! - Miss!


I was looking at the map and suddenly an arrow flew in from the front. Of course I was somehow avoided... but the lotus behind me screamed unexpectedly.

"Hiroshi, eh, wow......!

"You panic too much, Lotus"

Laugh at the way it is and I will see the demons that have attacked me. Behind me were a few demon oaks equipped with weapons and protective gear.

First Lusha comes to the side of the lotus and releases an arrow. One of them hits a demon oak and knocks it down.


"Then I'm next. [Wind]!

Sweep the remaining daemon oak with Ruru's magic.

Lucha, who sees the demon wiped out, gets a voice saying "wow".

"Lucha's little fire power isn't terrific either. It would be helpful if you could reduce the number."

"Really? I'd love to hear you say that."

Rousha and Ruru praising each other are apparently doing well.

Or, at some point, we're getting along pretty well by calling out our names. The room was the same, so maybe that's when we interacted.

"You two girls are strong..."

"Hmm? Right."

"I couldn't do anything in this fight."


I slipped away gently from the lotus worried about whether this was okay as a man.

◆ ◆ ◆

"Okay, Hiroshi! Leave this place to me! [Hate]!!"

On the six layers of the dungeon, the voice of the lotus echoes.

A little over 10 of my collected demons shake up their weapons and head toward the lotus. Before gathering in the lotus, Rousha attacks, and the demon that started attacking the surviving lotus magically stops Rururu.

- Settled into a stable style.

"[Shield] All the time"

Are you happy to be able to do something yourself, Lotus eyes sparkle.

Sometimes what makes us work together is that Lotus and Ruru are unfamiliar with combat. Adventurers such as Dia with experience, for example, may have their own style established. But the lotus honestly moves exactly as I instructed, making it easy and efficient to hunt.

"But you envy Hate Skills. I wonder if you can even remember Priest..."

If it was a brave or avant-garde skill, it would be unlikely that I could remember.

Looking at the lotus with envy, I was tilted in the neck with a hatena on my head. You don't know much about the usefulness of Hate, for now, use this skill and your enemies will attack you! That would be the perception. No, I'm not wrong...

Using Hate Skills, it's good that demons don't flow to Rousha or Ri's rear guards. If the guards are attacked, that's all the party formation will collapse.

"You've defeated all the demons around here. [Search]"

"A few more walks, that's the next tier. Any demons?

"No, I just knocked it down, so it looks like it's all. There are no demons ahead of us."

Copy that.

He also has convenient skills.

I know where demons and humans are, a skill called search. I want enough hands out of my throat, too, but it's unlikely I can get them if they're wizard system skills.

Rusha, listening to our conversation, wipes the sweat off her forehead and relieves her of her shoulder strength.

"Time to take a break?

"Yep. Take your time in the safety zone of hierarchical mobility while eating even sweets"

I took a little break in between, but just got tired. Everyone agreed with Lucha and we decided to take a break.

The road leading up to the next tier is a safety zone where demons can't come in.

I don't know how that works, but it's a little different for each dungeon. Sometimes the deeper the hierarchy, the more luxurious or evolving it becomes.

This time the safety zone was a bit large and a great space to rest.

The lotus stretches wide and looks around, "That's a big, nice place," he said.

"I said a break, but it's a pretty good time, so why don't we go wild here today? It's not a good idea to fly too far from the first day and get tired."

"Sure you do."

To Lotus's suggestion, nod.

Though there are maps, I don't know what's in the dungeon. You should rest when you can, so we'll be getting ready so we can go wild here.

Nevertheless, I don't have so much to do.

Enough to set up a tent and prepare a meal.

I'll take care of the food.

"Huh? Lotus, are you good at cooking?

"Yeah. I used to make them at home."


Can you do anything, this brave man?

Lotus, who began to prepare thoroughly, told me to serve the ingredients she had put in my bag. I see, that big package also contained quite a few ingredients......

Looking in the bag, it contained several types of vegetables and bread.

It even contains condiments, and it's because it runs out.

"Is this it?

"Yeah, yeah, that. Thanks...... ugh!


When I try to hand over the ingredients, the look on Lotus's face gets distorted.


"Mr. Lotus!?"

Looks like Ruri and Lucha both noticed something strange and came this way from in front of the tent.

"Oh, ha, ha... Daiji, bu..."

"It won't be okay, though! [Heel] [Regene]!!"

I don't know what the hell happened to Lotus, but I can only put on my recovery skills for now. However, I see no change in the painful look of the lotus.

What's going on...!

The lotus nods over the ground, repeatedly breathing shallow, trying to hold down the heart area.

"[Heels] [Heels] [Heels] [Heels]!! Lotus, hang on...... Huh!!"

"Hiroshi, heels don't work. … this is a curse"


When I use my heels again and again to help the lotus, I can stop it.

I guess I've seen this sight many times from the way I'm about to regret it. Both the heel and the potion of recovery told me that I had tried the whole thing.

I found the apricot grass and the lotus curse I was trying to curse......

"Ha, ha... a few minutes, 'cause I think it'll heal"

"A few minutes! Damn, I'm a Priest and I can't even get rid of the pain!!"

I punch the ground with my fists and mourn my powerlessness.

It's priceless as a healer that a good heel fight doesn't make sense either.

"I asked Lotus that when a snake mole spreads, the pain is greater than normal. Just a little bit and the pain will heal... always laugh with patience"

"Oh no..."

To Ruri's words, Rousha holds her mouth and almost cries.

Not so long ago, the lotus seemed spicy.

Then about five minutes later, the lotus breathed calmly.

"Haha, sorry to bother you"

"Don't laugh, idiot!

"Fine. 'Cause you're gonna be able to take this curse soon, right?

When I get angry, Lotus laughs even more.

They showed me what seemed so painful, and I found out that Lotus trusted me about us, although I had a lot to say.

They say this, and there's no way I can say anything more.

"Naturally. I'll un-curse you soon."

"... oh"

Listening to Lotus's reply, we resumed our preparations.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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