16 Yes, let's level it up!
17 Devil's Spirit Peak Dungeon: Part One

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

Maybe I'm a demon goblin killer...... I don't care what goes on in my brain. I also had trouble being overliked - not!!

The demon goblins seemed to have taken control, and they quickly surrounded themselves. I can't believe you're hiding behind the rocks too...

"… [Shield]"

This makes it difficult to go back to the previous hierarchy, then.

"I don't know what to do, there's no escape...!

"In the meantime... we'll have to go by the wall"

"Ugh, yeah!

Move around sheltering Lucha and somehow get to the wall. Luckily, there was no injury to Rousha because he kept putting up his shield, but there's nothing I can do without defeating Demon Goblin.

Maybe more and more reinforcements coming from the back to make a hell of a picture...

Several demon goblins are attacking me.

- Miss!

That could somehow be avoided, and Lucha behind him unleashed an arrow and defeated Demon Goblin. That's just how many opponents there are, and even if an arrow flies in a weird direction, it hits them.

In a way, is it good for raising the level?

... What if you're laughing?

As Rousha released the arrow, she said in a panicked voice, "Oh, no! scream." I can see that the elf-specific long ears are moving and picking up something I can't hear.

"From the back, you can hear the demonic footsteps!


I think I should just keep putting up my shield and run back, but the idea kicks in. Because Lucha's eyes, with her arrows on them, were staring at the demon goblins in front of her.

The temper to defeat you is conveyed.

Well, if I run away here, does it make any sense that I came to give you a level?

Hurry up and I'll take a step towards Demon Goblin. The number of demon goblins attacking simultaneously is roughly less than 10?

The shield hasn't been broken, and there's room to dodge it. And then it's going to be a battle of endurance...?

"Wow, my arrow is a must...... ugh!!"

"Well, if only Akon had goblins..."

Soon, Lucha's eyes sparkled.

It is even more dizzying that he keeps releasing arrows toward Demon Goblin with all his heart. Lucha's back is a wall, so she doesn't have to worry about being attacked from behind.

Best position to keep shooting arrows with nothing to worry about if you try from Rousha?

Hearing the sound of leveling up in a corner of my head, I look at the demon goblin in the back and open my eyes.

"What, those guys"


React to my voice, and Lucha turns her gaze back.

There's a demon goblin in different colors. It looks the same, but only the colors are different. Different demons, subspecies, superior species... I don't know, but it probably shouldn't just be demon goblins.

"... I've heard stories about demons having subspecies, but maybe that one does? Highly capable, but very little chance of being born."

"I see, a subspecies"

Listen to Lusha, I snort.

The purple-colored subspecies of demon goblins also seem to be screaming something. Maybe he's the best balls partitioning demon goblins in this hierarchy.

I want to defeat him somehow, but Lucha's arrow is not something I can aim at and defeat demons... Do we have to wait for an arrow to stab our subspecies of demon goblins luckily?

Well, maybe that's not too bad either.

But I couldn't think about that right away.

The subspecies seem to have used some skill, and all the demon goblins glow pale.


Lucha, surprised but unstoppable, I think that's just great.

I knew immediately what the hell the subspecies had done. Because the demon goblins who were attacking me have moved extraordinarily well.

"... physical enhancement skills, sounds like"

- Miss, miss, ton!

"Damn, the more shields you break, the stronger you get!


If I can afford it, if I'm going to make it strong for you, my concern is a protracted war - for God's sake, it wasn't at all.

"Damn, [Shield]! Lusha, don't ever get out of behind me. - Huh?

"...... Huh!?"

Moments, along with the sound of oops, flames broke out.

As much as I can't afford to think about what the hell happened, that flame quickly made the demon goblins only round.

And there was a big wind, and by the time that wind stopped, all the demon goblins, including the subspecies, were out of breath.

"Uh, eh? What's going on?

"Extensive...... magic, skills"

Demon goblins are wiped out, but not a single burn on me and Rousha. It's not a demonic attack, it's an allied attack.

And high firepower.

That means...



When I call my name, Lucha looks around in surprise. And the lotus slipped his face from the road leading to the previous layer.

After all, Ruru used magic to help us.

"It's terrible that you two should go first. I thought they left me, so I was in such a hurry..."

"Bad, bad. I was planning to hunt a little and return soon. We were both asleep."

"So... it's noon."

He seems to have worried about us, who are gone on their own, and the lotus is a little swollen.

"But I'm glad you two came. Thanks."

"Thank you"

Lotus laughed bitterly at the wind that she had no choice when me and Lusha honestly told her thanks. As long as I'm next door, I smile, "I'm glad you're okay."

And my gaze moves to the big backpack the lotus is carrying.

It's probably about twice as big as the streak, and the contents seem to be stuck in the bread.

"... Lotus. Awesome luggage."

"Hmm? Yeah, we talked about it, and I thought we should just keep going with the dungeon. Because there's also a package for Hiroshi and the others."

Apparently he also brought our share of luggage.

That's right. Brave men are top notch.

"Thankful. It'll be heavy, I'll hold it."

"Huh? But I think this package is tough on Hiroshi..."

Lotus laughs bitterly at my offer.

Well, whatever you think, I don't look physically fit. He may look like an adventurer because of his gear, but he's not the avant-garde type of Mukimuki.

So I explain the tease to the lotus.

"Me and Lusha's bags are magic bags."

"Magic bag?

When I tell you, Lotus and Ri's voice overlap. I looked at the bag strangely and said, "It looks normal..." Lotus tilted her neck.

"There's an expansion magic of the space system, it looks like a regular bag, but it can be stored in large quantities"

"What the hell is that awesome..."

Lotus lowers her backpack softly and takes a serious look at her bag.

And I started packing lotus bags in my bag to see if I was really going in. With more and more things going in, Lotus said, "It's true. Wow!" I raised my voice... and as a result I put all my stuff in.

"It's amazing to have something like this. Can you buy it?"

She looks impressed and asks me how to buy it.

"I bought it at the store... it's a little special. Fairies open in the woods and dungeons in a mood without setting up stores."

"The fairy? That's nice."

"I just have a condition to see you too. Without an item called the Great Tree Leaf, you can't tour with fairies. Luckily, Lucha got it and I was able to meet her."

"Really... can I see you too"

As long as I look envious, it's kind of fresh.

"I've seen him several times already, so I think I'll probably see him again sometime"

"Really? Well, I'll look forward to it."

What a flag-like exchange we had, and we got ready to move on to the dungeon.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

18 Devil's Spirit Peak Dungeon: Middle Edition