15 Long time no see.
16 Yes, let's level it up!

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Because it was a large room, I was asked to use the lotus room, Rusha's room, with me.

"Wow, that's a big room. Hotel suites or something like this."

"Exactly would be more luxurious than here"

"Or so it is."

The bedroom used by the lotus that was guided was twin type and had two beds.

There is a closet and shelf at the wall right after entering. Lotus luggage is placed and seems user-friendly. My luggage was left on the couch at the window.

You don't need a couch in your bedroom...... it's too luxurious.

"But I'm glad we have a map of the dungeon. I didn't think the lotuses had it."

"For once. Knowing geography can be a strength. I bought everything we could buy."

"That's a brave man."

The lotuses who also go to the more difficult dungeons are a lot more lucrative in terms of funding than I am. Though I envy that, I find myself sorry to live in the royal castle instead and be near the king.

Lotus is patient.

Take off your jacket and fall asleep in bed, and I'll ask Lotus what she's been up to.

"I know it's full of freedom, but what do you say? This otherworldly life"


Lotus also takes off her jacket and then sits on her bed, closing her eyes and arms as she remembers.

There's a lot of hard work on the contract bracelet, on the curse, on Lotus alone. You'd be stressed out, too, and I thought if you were stupid, you could just smack me in here.... but the look on Lotus's face is sunny for the price.

"I was scared of demons at first, but, well, I'm used to them now. In the meantime, I did the numbers...... but it feels like it. I don't know so much about games and comics."


Sure, Lotus doesn't look like she's playing a game.

"But you liked your mother, didn't you? Game. That's probably why it was too early to get used to it. Oh, this is what my mother was doing -! What?"


I hammer the lotus talking with laughter.

No, we don't really know much about each other's family circumstances. No, do you know little about the person?

Lotus spoke pleasantly at first, but gradually began to gloat.

Apparently, he's pretty tired. Seeing it, it also seems to be thin and sweaty. But nothing hot or cold, indoor temperatures are pleasant.

Not feeling well? What a flash I thought, and soon realized that was coming from the curse. Perhaps he behaves with pain and bitterness as if he was worried about us.

- I want to.

I had no choice but to pretend not to notice it.

"... are you sleepy?

"I met Hiroshi and maybe I was relaxed. I was wondering if I should get some sleep. But I haven't heard about Hiroshi yet. How's it going with Mr. Rousha? Or something."

"Come on about me. For now, go to sleep."


When I told him to rest, he immediately heard his sleep from the lotus. No way. I'll sleep in a few seconds, or how tired I was.

I took a bath, too, and I just decided to rest.

◆ ◆ ◆

Wake up to the lid and I'll get my body out of bed. Looking out the window, it's still dark but thinner and brighter across the mountain, and the night is about to dawn.

In the next bed, the lotus sleeps comfortably.

"Hmm, I don't know what to do"

I plan to leave for the dungeon at noon today.

I'll change into gear and gently leave the bedroom behind. Actually, there's something I'd like to do, but that requires Lucha's cooperation.

I came to the main room, but I just can't knock two girls in their bedroom this early in the morning. Now worried about what to do, the door opened and Rousha peered into his face.

"! Lusha, wake up at this hour..."

"Morning, Hiroki.... maybe I'm thinking the same thing"

"... right"

I also say good morning and leave the inn with Lucha, who was dressed for her regular gear.

There's only one thing I want to do.

Before you travel, I would like to raise the level a little bit, although it seems to be appreciated. 'Cause it's just regrettable as a man to be beyond 10 levels.

That seems to have been the same for Lusha, the man, who holds his fist all the time and is intent on it.

"Because you can't be a foot wrapper for a brave party...... ugh!!"

"All right, gang, let's go!


So me and Rousha came to The Devil's Spirit Peak Dungeon one step ahead.

Actually, it was close to the city I was staying in, so I was able to come a long way.

Yes, this is a dungeon I plan to pass to get under the Alchemist. At the very least, I want to just grab the atmosphere so I don't get stuck on my feet.

Stepping into the dungeon, it was chilly inside. The ceiling is high, and it has a cradled mammary cave.

"Wow, that's cool and nice. Fighting demons, it's hot because it moves."

"That's comfortable. It's hard if it's too cold, but this will do just fine."

I just found out about the temperature environment, and I started walking forward.

The demons that emerge are of the same daemon lineage as the Apricot Forest. By the way, demon oak comes out, not demon slime, so there's a lot of difficulty there from one tier to the other.

Demon Oak put his fist down at me.

- Miss!

"All right, Lusha!

"Leave it to me!

Lucha makes arrows in the Creative Arrow and puts three of them at once.

It releases toward this one, but unfortunately it all comes off. But without worrying about it, Rousha releases the three arrows again.

Now straight, one of the three hit the brain weather of Demon Oak. With that blow, Oak is breathless.

"Piron ♪ Level Up!

"Oh, I got a level!

"Really? Yay!

Now I'm level 20.

Swing the status value to dodge as usual and continue the hunt.

"Demon demons are strong, so I guess I'll go up about 2 levels too?

"I sure hope that goes up there."

"You'll work hard enough to beat both of us."


Moving on in the mood, two demon oaks at once next.

Miss! Miss!

Of course, it doesn't make sense to attack me.

You don't have to do anything to avoid an attack, so keep an eye on what's going on in the dungeon. The stones in the ceiling area are sharp and a little scary as if they were hard.


If I was looking at the ceiling, I would know that an arrow could have stabbed down the demon oak.

"Oh, I'm on a level too!

"Oh, that's a good start. At this rate, let's do some more hunting before we go home"


It's just called a high-difficulty dungeon, and that's where the number of demon oaks that come out is high. For this reason, he releases an arrow from the next to the next and knocks it down more and more.

I walked for about an hour while knocking him down, and the road appeared down to the next lower level.

"Looks like we can go to the lower level... but the end of this dungeon is the middle of the mountain, right?

I don't know why I'm going down to the basement, but Rousha tilts her neck.

... Indeed.

"Is that the image of diving under the mountain first and then climbing inside the mountain?

Like if there's a staircase in the building or a staircase outside...

Nonetheless, it won't start unless you try to get down.

I wish I had borrowed a map from Lotus if this were the case, but I could have noticed you waking me up and borrowing it because I slept comfortably.

The daemon oak in this hierarchy was fine, so I wouldn't have a problem moving on to another level or so. That's what I decided, and I went down to the next tier with Rousha - what was there was the Demon Slime and the Demon Goblin Monster House.

"... oh, again?

I couldn't help but squeal like that.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

17 Devil's Spirit Peak Dungeon: Part One