14 Reunion
15 Long time no see.

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The accommodation shown was the best in the city.

When you knock on the big door, the wide entrance. The large vase is populated with flowers, and the wide staircase leading to the second floor is covered with red carpets.

It would be the aristocrats, leading adventurers and other layers who can afford money staying.

"That's an amazing inn..."

"I'll get the price there, but it's safe, too. The walls are thick, so we can talk about something."


As I glanced around the room for a moment, Lotus led me to the room with a bitter smile. At the same time, the advantages are explained, and I am convinced.

The room where they were staying was lavishly built with one main room, two bedrooms and one bathroom.

The main room is on a large table with a sofa for two arranged opposite each other. Lotus sat down, and me and Rousha sat side by side across the street.

Or prepare some tea and then sit next to the lotus. And he turned his gaze to Rousha, grinning.

"Speaking of which, you haven't introduced yourself yet. I will."

"I'm Rousha. I can't believe we know each other here. It's a great honor."

"Welcome. Thank you for helping Hiroshi."

When I saw Rusha and Ruru shake hands, I took the example out of my bag and got to the point.


The company looks strange, looking at this one.

There's no painful look on that face, enough to make me wonder if I'm really cursed.

What I took out was orange fruit - apricot grass.

"This is apricot grass."

"! Is that an item that makes a cursing potion?

"Oh no you really got it......!

As soon as I hit something, I'm surprised as I hold my mouth. In response, Lotus also opened her eyes wide. Apparently, I didn't expect to get apricot grass so soon.

I laugh bitterly and tell him, "I've done my best."

"But creating a curse potion using apricot grass is very difficult. I heard in the guild that if you're not a fairly skilled alchemist, you can't make it."

"That's... right. Do you have a guess?

"Unique. There's this amazing alchemist hiding in the middle of the mountain just beyond the" Devil's Spirit Dungeon. "

"Ahead of the dungeon,"

When I heard my words, Ruru nodded, "I see."

"Then me and Lotus will go with you."

"Of course!"

"That's exactly what I wanted to talk to you about. I thought it was a little tough on me and Rousha."

Ruru told me what I wanted to say first.

When I'm relieved about that, I get a "eh" voice from next door. It's Lusha. She looks like she's holding her mouth down with her hands and sifting a little.

... What's going on?

Is it because I didn't talk to Lucha and proceeded on my own? Sure, I'm pairing up with Rusha, so I should have talked to her properly.

I thought about explaining it, but Lucha wasn't angry or disgusted about anything else.

"Same party as the brave guy is awesome...!! I can fight with you!?"

Apparently, Rousha is happy.

"Of course," he smiles as he sits across the street. Although hunting is fine for just the two of us, what we can do with a large number of parties can be extended, and we can change watches when we take a break.

For one thing, we got the story together by going to The Devil's Spirit Peak Dungeon.

"When you do, you should check your level and combat style. [STATUS OPEN], I'm like this now, don't you think?


Lotus with a light status, but I feel my cheeks pull.

By the way, my level is 19.

"I'll show you mine too."

"Oh, oh..."

Then Ruru showed his status before me and Rousha.

Len Watanabe

Level: 32

Occupation: Brave

Attack: 100

Magic: 1

Recovery: 1

Defense: 60

Hit: 30

Avoid: 30

Skills: Language acquisition (passive) - Improved attack (passive) - Improved defense (passive) - Improved self-healing (passive) - Hate

Others: Contract Bracelet/Curse

Luli Takanasi

Level: 32

Occupation: Wizard

Attack: 1

Magic: 161

Recovery: 1

Defense: 60

Hit: 1

Avoid: 1

Skills: Language Acquisition (Passive) · Fire Water Wing Earth Search

"Wow... strong"

Breathtaking, Rousha shrugged.

That's an entirely concurring opinion. More than before, the level of the ru is well up. He's over 10 levels away from me, so I don't have half a sense of foot clumping.

... Lotus seems to be shaking her status fairly well.

With reference to me, he's also shaking a little to avoid. Perhaps with 30, you can be quite comfortable at the avant-garde.

In the meantime, it's cheap because it looks like it could be paired with any member.

And that's exactly the status value of the wizard.

I have 60 defenses, so the defensive side won't be a problem either. In the first place, the insignificant lotus possesses Hate skills, so it doesn't seem like much of an attack will go.

"If there were two of us, it would be a hundred manpower."

"But Hiroshi has the best knowledge. It's the right material."

When I tell him to shrug his shoulder, he shakes his head saying that's not true.

"Honestly, it's comforting to have Hiroshi. Hiroshi also found Apricot grass first..."

"We're not gonna make it this way."

Ruri says, and Lotus goes on to say.

Well, I was desperate to help the lotus. Nevertheless, I would not have carried this smoothly without Lucha's cooperation.

As we talk about that, I hear Lusha giggling.

Hearing that, Lotus and Ruru saw Rousha.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Because I thought brave men were like clouds. Trying this way, you're not much different from us..."

"Because we're only teenagers."

"Yes, yes. I'm still not used to this life, and it's just a big deal."

Ruru smiles bitterly at Lusha's words and Lotus laughs haha.

"You're both from the same place as Hiroki, aren't you? You can ask me anything you want because I can help you."

"Thank you, that helps."

Ruru thanked Lucha and slapped her hand as she did to make a suggestion.

"We're going to have a party together, so why don't you two stay here?

"Oh, that's good! This room is big, and it's perfectly fine."

"Huh? But that's just annoying..."

Seeing Lotus agree with Ruru's suggestion, Rusha looks at me with a troubled look. Apparently, you're sorry, or you're frightened.

And this inn is definitely expensive...

Nevertheless, it is also inefficient for me and Lucha to be in another inn.

"You should stay here with me sweetly. If you don't have a problem with the Lotus plans, I'd like to leave the city first thing tomorrow morning."

"Ugh... if Hiroki says so. Regards, Lotus, Ruri"

"Oh, nice to meet you"

"Nice to meet you"

Thus, me and Rousha were to be accommodated in the Lotus Room.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

16 Yes, let's level it up!