13 Apricot grass harvesting
14 Reunion

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"Hmm, this way...?

I managed to get out of the cave and now Rousha is exploring my way home. It's just an elf, because you're more used to the woods than I am.

Observe the weather, growing plants, etc., to derive the route.

Try this, it feels like an elf.

"I'd be early if I could find the mark I put on it."

"Yeah. Maybe there should be a little walk in this direction...... Hiroki!

"Demon oak? Nice to meet you, Lucha."

"Leave it to me!

After I step forward and make sure I confront Demon Oak, Lucha keeps an arrow on her bow. I've already defeated many, so I'm getting used to Demon Oak as well.

Where Rousha uses six arrows, he defeats the Demon Oak.

While picking up the demon oak material, I think the magic bag is handy. Plus, the level's rising.

Hiroki Sakrai

Level: 19

Occupation: Priest

Attack: 1

Magic: 1

Recovery: 100

Defense: 1

Hit: 1

Avoid: 86

Skills: Language Acquisition, Heel Regene Shield

Would you have caught up with Lotus and Ruru for a second? I don't know what to think, but definitely those two levels should be up more.

... I don't want to lose.


"Oh, no?

I guess it's because I was thinking, surprised Lusha peeked into my face.

"Really? Don't be alarmed until you leave the woods! I was hoping there would be another big crowd..."

You must have remembered the swarm of demon goblins, Rousha lets her shake with her shoulders. Sure, I don't want to run away from meeting the herd again and jumping into the river.

... but when this happens, I still need extensive firepower. If Rousha remembers her skills, she might also learn something useful.

Then I went wild, walked through the woods, and finally found my mark and was able to come back to the forest entrance. The time is in the evening, but it was just in time for the boarding carriage to come and help...... or even say it was critical.

◆ ◆ ◆

I stayed overnight in a nearby village and came back to the city.

For one thing I tried to get information about the alchemist, but there are kind of a lot of human soldiers. I find the air slightly disturbing, but I guess I'm watching it because Lotus and Ruru are also on the Devil's Land.

"Hiroki, what's wrong? Quickly..."

"No. I thought you had soldiers."

"Huh? Oh, it's true"

Listen to what I have to say, and Lucha will look around the city. "Sure," he murmured. That gaze is directed at the soldiers who are talking to people who stand or go on the corner.

"That sounds kind of nasty. Go to the Adventurer Guild and ask if there are any Alchemists."

"Right. It won't start without an alchemist for now."

When I went to the Adventurer Guild, I was able to get the same person to do the reception as last time. "Welcome back!" he calls out, grinning.

He asked if anyone had come to recruit an alchemist since he asked for money for demonic materials and such.

"Unfortunately, there were no alchemists who applied. However, I have purchased the tale of an amazing alchemist!

"Is that true!? That helps!

"Yay, if you can do me a favor, you can make me a curse potion."

The receptionist had purchased the information for me, although it was not the source. I wish I was on the Apricot continent, but would I be able to see you soon?

"So where is that person?

"Yeah, I'll explain it on the map."

That's what I said, I spread the map to the counter.

It was the mountains here near the heart of the Apricot continent that gave me my finger.

... Mountain?

"They're already hiding, and they live in the middle of this mountain,"

"The Middle Belly of the Mountain..."

Speaking of mountain climbing, there will be plenty of danger.

If the altitude is high, the temperature is low, and mostly dangerous mountains are often covered with snow. Even the Earth is that, so it is a different world, so it is possible to think of a more tragic environment.

Ask what kind of mountain, roughly.

"In other words, this is where we have to go through the 'Devil's Spirit Peak Dungeon'. There are strong levels of demons and a lot of them. If it's not a party of top adventurers, it's tough to be honest."

"Dungeons of high difficulty…"

"On our level, you're tough."

Damn, he said he had a lead on the alchemist because of it.

When I hold my fist, Lucha looks at me worried.

"Let's just go, Hiroki. It's not too late to worry."

"Lusha... you're right, you're not feeling weak before you go"

After laughing bitterly, I get up.

And then I look at the receptionist, and then I open my mouth to tell him what my future plans are.

"Thank you for the information. In the meantime, I'm going to go to the dungeon. I just don't know if I can make it under the alchemist... can I please continue recruiting?

"Yes, I'll let you know if I have any information"


Me and Lucha left the Adventurer Guild behind, hoping the receptionist would take it easy on us.

For one thing, I go to the inn to heal my fatigue. Lucha doesn't complain one thing, but it was a streak of wild boarding, and there's no way she's not tired.

I'm so tired, by the way.

I'm a college student at a gamer, so I think it was a pretty forced schedule. Since I was summoned, I have gained quite a bit of strength...

Lucha's ears moving perfectly as she walks beside her, apparently spying on me.

"Hiroki, you're pretty tired, aren't you? Let's get some rest."

"Oh, yeah......"

I can't believe girls are worried about me!

Although I was slightly shocked, it was true that I was getting tired, so I nodded heavily.

"Well, let's just go to this previous inn"


As soon as I propose, Lusha will raise her hand in favor.

"Let's have dinner first. - Huh?


I might as well eat somewhere. Oh, my God, the shadow blocked the sight when I thought about it. I ran after him unexpectedly.

Beautiful dark hair and red brown hair.

As soon as you look at the gear you're wearing, you'll see that you're a first-rate adventurer. You can't read the expression because you're wearing a hood, but you can't mistake me for these two.

"Lotus, Ruri!

"- Hiroki!!"

"Liar, I can't believe I'm seeing you here"

Speaking up, they turned around and were surprised.

Neither did I. I never thought I'd meet you here. Looks like Lucha, who's been chasing me, also looked at the two of them and figured out the situation, which is very surprising.

As Rousha tried to raise her voice, Ruru put her index finger up in her mouth and signaled quietly.

"For now, it doesn't taste good to talk in here. Why don't you go to our inn?

"So is that."

Hear Ruru's words and Lotus looks around a little.

Apparently, we don't want soldiers all over the city to notice our presence. I nodded and the four of us headed to the Lotus Inn.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

15 Long time no see.