12 Apricot grass and turtle
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This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

"Oh no more, Hiroki...!

I'll pretend I didn't hear Lucha screaming in the back. Now, for one thing, the apricot grass collection in front of you comes first.

But I need to put my skills on the store fairy first.

"[Shield] [Regene] Till"

"! Thanks"

Look at me like a store fairy surprised me, and I'll thank you.

The demon turtle definitely looks strong, but honestly the store fairy doesn't seem strong. Will you be all right? And I'm a little worried.

But that seemed to be my concern.

The Store Fairy took a blow as he gently jumped and gracefully flaunted the attack of the Demon Turtle. Contrary to the small look, it seems pretty strong.

However, because of the stiff armor on the demon turtle, the damage hasn't gone through much.

... knocking it down is going to be quite a struggle.



The tail of the demon turtle swung a lot louder, turning it into a store fairy. Luckily, it didn't seem to be damaged because of the shield I was straining.

You're a turtle, but you're pretty quick.

"Hey, you're pretty strong"

"Hey...... isn't it tough because you can take it down?

"Of course I'm going to! But look, it's embarrassing to see people fight."

"It's my fault."

I can't tell the face of a store fairy who covers her face with her hands like I'm sure it's lit, but originally wears a hood deep. I sigh and ask what to do.

"In the first place, what is Mr. Hiroki going to do? Can you take him down?

The store fairy put her arms together and asked me the other way around.

If you look at Rousha for a moment, he's ready for battle because he's got arrows. But the store fairy shook her head, "I can't do it."

"He's so hard. With normal arrows, it's harsh. Oh, I think if we make arrows out of the leaves of the great tree, we can break through."

"With the arrow of the great tree?

The leaves of the great tree obtained by Rousha can be used as an ingredient to make arrows. It's just that it's very valuable, and it's only because Rousha has big tree leaves that you can meet shop fairies.

So I honestly don't think I will be able to use it here.

Is that so?

Nothing. It's not about taking him down.

"Nevertheless, isn't it impossible not to take them down and collect apricot grass?

If we don't stop moving, the store fairy tells us it won't be possible.

"Chitchitch, I'm an evasive healer."

"Evasive healer......"

Without defeating it, it is possible to collect apricot grass if you climb on top of the armor.

If the Store Fairy can't be defeated, it's my turn.

I run down to the demon turtle, and now I figure out how to climb.


I avoid attacks with no problems, so I don't have to take them down otherwise.

"Wow, that's amazing"

Looking at me like the store fairy was impressed, I gave up collecting my own or went next to Rousha, who was away.

... Well, I wish I could get it myself.

It's about five meters tall, but it's about two meters to the edge of the koro, so if you reach for it, you're going to be able to ride it.

Somehow I put my hand on the armor and I jumped and climbed to the armor of the demon turtle. Although it is about to be shaken off because it is moving, I can hold on to it somehow because the surface of the methyl is bumpy.

"Okay, all you have to do is climb"

If you get on the armor, you won't seem to be attacked because you won't even get the tail of the demon turtle. If we hurried to the top, we reached Apricot Grass in no time.

The strongest evasion?

No, you're the strongest.

Apricot grass is a small tree with soft leaves.

With the orange fruit that lives there, I smile with satisfaction. Just in case, I need a few leaves and the collection is complete.

"Okay, now we're one step closer to the lotus curse!

Grab my fist all the time, I'm out of power.

"That was easier than I thought."

Later you'll get off the demon turtle and if you go back to the city and look for an alchemist, you'll be able to make a curse potion.

Trying to show me the apricot grass I got, I see Lusha on the ground. He was making his expression shine so bright that he was happy to gut pose. The shop fairy claps beside it.

"All right, let's go down."

Trying to slip and get off the methyl, he suddenly stood up with only his hind legs so that the demon turtle would burst.

"Hey, Ma... Huh!

Of course I can't stand there like that, I fall out of balance and roll backwards. Throwed straight out of the top of the armor with Pooh, hiccups and breathtaking.

Since the demon turtle was gaining momentum, I wonder if it would be less than 10 meters to the ground.

Oh, shit!

Avoid the demonic attack and end it, but you can't escape the damage because there's nothing to avoid if it falls to beat to the ground.

Only the shield is tensioned, but the impact will come. I tried to close my eyes all the time when I was ready, and the flutter struck my body with a float.


"It's okay, keep landing"

"Shop fairy!

Apparently, the store fairy did something, and my body slowly landed on the ground.

And back under the Rousha's, avoiding the attack of the Demon Turtle.

"I got a shield, thanks to you."

"Uh, thanks. Is that a magic skill?

"That's a trade secret."

Listening to the tease as she thanked the store fairy, she couldn't tell me. Too bad.

"Ha, I'm already chilled! But I'm glad you're okay, Hiroki."

"Lusha! I'm sorry I popped up. In the meantime, we got the apricot grass."


I put it in a proper bag, so it would be fine if it fell into the river.

"And then we have to leave the woods.... hey, the store fairy goes all the way to the entrance and exit of the woods - no!!"

"What!? I've been here before!

The shop fairy, who should have been beside Lucha, had disappeared neglectfully.

I was hoping you could teach me the way through the woods, but what was the problem before that...... I sighed loudly and had no choice but to start walking in the cave again with Lucha and me.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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