11 Dobon from a bunch of demons
12 Apricot grass and turtle

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"Bobo, ha...... ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

"Ha, ha... Hiroki, are you okay?

"Oh, my God... ah..."

I felt I was in the river enough to think how long I would have held my breath, but I'm sure it would have actually been less than a minute.

Me and Rousha put our faces out of the river and inhaled heavily.

Breathe on your shoulders but swim to the banks of the river and somehow get up to land. Looking around without breathing, I was in the woods... me and Rusha were in the cave.

"Ha, ha...?

"Where is this place? Was the river connected to the cave?

Lusha, who breathes well before me, rises up and guards her surroundings for demons. All I can hear so far is my breath not yet in order.

"There were some fairly fast flowing places, and there's a chance they went into some horizontal hole?

"... sure, maybe that too. There were so many demons, they barely showed their faces on the water."

I guess I got into the stream that goes on in the cave before I realized it.

Following Lusha, I get up too, suck on the water and take off my heavier clothes and squeeze them tight. I might have been able to dry it if I could have used the magic of fire, but there's nothing nearby that seems to burn and there's nothing I can do about it.

"I'm glad it's not winter."


Lucha also squeezes the hem of her clothes easily and pays for the water.

"In the meantime, you better move on than dive into the river, right? I don't know if I can dive weirdly and get out to where I was earlier or where I have proper air..."

I nod silently as Lucha looks at the end of the cave saying horrible things. Because it flows through the cave, it is also conceivable that this river will leave the land along the way.

Besides, sometimes caves are places with a lot of magic, and I have the expectation that I might have a little apricot grass.

Nevertheless, there may be stronger demons here than just now.

We need to keep our heads tight.

"Hey, [heel] heel first"

"Wow, thanks. There was a scratch."

"You should have heeled right away, sorry"

"Yeah, I'm fine"

Lucha smiles and says thank you, pointing forward to go.

By the way, it's impossible to move on because only the river is flowing this way at the end of the line. Therefore, we will move on, which only appears to be the main road.

"In the meantime, that's mapping"

"What is mapping... a map?

"Oh. It's dangerous if you get lost, and you don't know exactly what kind of place it is."

Being in a magic bag even followed the lucky effect that what was inside wouldn't get wet. The notebook and pen I got from my removed lotus is ready to use.

"It was made in a distant hometown," he gave a cursory explanation as Lucha looked at the notebook and pen uncommonly.

◆ ◆ ◆

I started walking for a few hours.

The demon that emerges is dominated by a red toothed demon bat. Besides, once in a while, a demon golem about a meter in size comes out and blocks our way.

Rousha's arrow hit the demon golem rolling out a punch around my waist. The demon golem collapses, becomes a rock, and is silent.

"... Phew. It's made of stone, so it's hard."

"For that matter, it's moving very slowly."

However, the demon bat moves faster so Lucha's hit rate is also lower than usual. In Archer with the demons out in the cave, it doesn't look very compatible.

I wish I could acquire more powerful skills, but that doesn't mean I need the Book of Skill Acquisition, so I can get it right away.

... If the lotus curse is broken, we'll need to collect items for a while.

"But don't bother if it's time for an exit or something. How long should I walk through the cave..."

The road was divided along the way, but I chose the one with the wind flowing and walked. So I'm thinking if we keep going like this, we'll be able to get out on the road that leads us outside... that's hard.

Maybe you can't go outside, what anxiety depends on the back of your brain.

In that case, Lucha's ears move tingly.

"Oh, I hear something"

"Could it be outside? Or maybe some other adventurer..."

There is also a good chance that it is a demon.

It was about twenty metres from the current location that Rousha sensed the sound at the bend ahead. When I cleared my ears too, I heard a different sound than either Demon Bat or Demon Golem.

Something seems to be happening.

But the sound, rather than the sound outside - it sounds dull and low, like it sounds on the ground.

I don't have a very good feeling about that.

"There's a good chance of demons, so Lusha can follow me as far away as possible. I'll take a peek around the corner first."


Walk not to make footsteps, take half your face out of a rough bend and stare ahead.

"- Huh!?"

What is that...... Huh!

At the end of the peek, the space was wide open. There's a hole in the ceiling, and you can see the sky from there.

There seemed to be a river flowing just up there, and the river water seemed to be waterfalling down through its holes. And I guess the river flows as a small waterfall in the cave and as a water vein in the cave.

It's a mysterious sight at first glance, and I'm about to be accidentally taken in by that atmosphere.

But it didn't.

"Tortoise demons... and they're big"

I was at the waterfall, five meters long, a big turtle demon. Were there things like whimpering, daemon turtles?

Take a small, deep breath, and I'll pull my face in and tell Rousha, "There's a bad guy" to look at.

"The bad one?... Wow, it's a demon turtle!

Name bingo for you -.

Surprised Lucha indulges in the fact that she is about to raise her voice and holds her mouth down with her hands.

"Is that a bad one?

"... I don't know. But I feel bad from the atmosphere."


Gracefully struck by the waterfall at the waterfall is the Lord himself with the piercing locks.

Because it is a turtle demon, Kohlo will surely be hard and highly defensive.

Sandy dull shades of methyl and green bodies. And there seems to be moss on top of the methyl by the way, and I can barely imagine that I would have stayed in this place for years.

"Is that it? Hey, Hiroki..."

"Hmm? You think I can take him down?

"When people ask me if I can take them down, I just don't know, but more on the armor of the demon turtle than that! Look, the tail one!!"

"The tail one?

Rusha whispered, "That!," points to the daemon turtle.

When I stared at what the hell was going on, I saw a little young bud, not a moss. As we follow that, we can see that it has orange nuts.

Is that turtle good for the environment as long as the plant grows?

I almost laughed unexpectedly and became annoyed.

"In Apricot Grass - Ngu!?"

"Hiroki, be quiet!!"


I almost screamed and Rousha blocked my mouth. Because of that, the demon turtle hasn't noticed this one yet.

Relax, now. We're going to need to work out an operation.

- What a thought, for a moment.

A little shadow just walked past me.

"Eh, shop fairy!?"

Rusha, who immediately followed the shadow with her eyes, shouted the name of the person who had jumped out.

Apparently, the store fairy is after Apricot Grass, too.... because I asked for the curse potion?

"'Cause I feel like it's something different to be crossed here!

If possible, I want to collect my own apricot grass.

It would be nice if the store fairy could sell me the finished curse potion, but it would still give me more certainty if I got it myself.

I also jumped out in a hurry and ran out after the store fairy towards Demon Turtle.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

13 Apricot grass harvesting