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11 Dobon from a bunch of demons

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Two days walking in the woods, me and Rousha reached the fountain.

They say it's a place with a lot of magic, so it's likely that Apricot grass is growing.

"Phew, you're in Nojuku today."

"Right. Before that, I hope there's apricot grass..."

The fountain was surrounded by trees that opened slightly.

About five meters in diameter, the water is very clear and limp cold when touched by hand.

Light yellow green sprouts and small white flowers bloom on the edge of the spring. Some stumps are sprouting nearby, and I think they look good in place of chairs.

Lucha and I will look around, but we don't see any trees with orange fruit.

"Mm-hmm... it doesn't seem to be around the fountain."

"A few herbs are growing, but I don't see anything like apricot grass."

I thought it was off, and I sighed.

Nevertheless, it is quick to give up because once there is still a candidate.

Place your luggage next to the fountain and prepare for sleeping tents, etc. At the same time, water is secured using demonic stones that draw water from the springs and purify the water.

This demon stone was prepared for me by Dwarf's old man and is an excellent thing he treasures so much in his journey.

"Hiroki, take my share of the water too!"


Lucha seems to be preparing food for me, her hands blocked. I also have a small pot, so I guess I'm going to use the water from the spring to make soup as well.

Watching as she moved, Rousha put the water from the fountain into the pan and put the recovering grass that had grown even nearer into the pan.

"Rousha, it's soup utensils......?

That's just too sudden for a man's meal...... and his expression unwittingly catches on.

Then Rusha shook her head in a panic and said, "Because it's not!" and swelled her cheeks.

"Normally I don't do it because it's a waste, but keeping the healing grass together is easy to get tired of."


"Because this is still an elf familiar with plants!

"Don't count on Lucha."

When I laugh and praise, Lucha smiles back happy. Keep the soup filled with dried meat and other ingredients, and we had dinner and got some rest.

◆ ◆ ◆

We went further into the woods and came to the point that we would soon reach the cave.

I've been in the woods for four days now. I have a ride home carriage and food convenience, so I'll have to fold it back when I go a little further.

"... there are two demon oaks. You're the avant-garde type with the spear and the rear-guard type with the cane. Lusha, are you okay?

"Yeah, I got it."

Looking out at the demon oak that came out of between the trees, Rousha stares at the arrow. The first target is Demon Oak, which uses the magic skills located in the rear guard.

You've used magic, you've used your fire skills against me.

- After verification, it is also possible to avoid magic skills.

The fireballs that flew over me, as usual...


"To this extent, it's an easy win."

"It's amazing to avoid even magic"

That said, Rousha releases an arrow. Hit the demon oak with the third bottle, knocked it down.

And as it is, release an arrow toward the avant-garde demon oak with the spear.

As always, I wait to be defeated while avoiding the attacks of Lucha's arrows and Demon Oak.

Includes my predictions, but I'm wondering if avoiding magic skills involves a lot of evasion status values.

When I received my feather slime magic skills before, I was still level 1 and dodging was 51.

But now, the level has risen to 19 and the dodge to 86.

Perhaps there is a minimum line where magic skills can be avoided.

To that proof, I could avoid simple magic like Demon Oak's Fire, but I couldn't avoid a skill stronger than that that I've only let go once.

After all, the path to total evasion still seems far off.

"Wow, Hiroki! It's a bunch of demon goblins!


I just knocked down the demon oak that Rusha was attacking me, pointing forward and roughing up my voice. Hurry up and I'll see, the little dark green kids were walking with straws.

That number, one, two, three, ten, twenty... estimate lightly, seems to be about thirty.

... Isn't this just harsh?

It's probably not possible to avoid all that number, although a few from a single unit would avoid it without any problems. I've tried it in Slime's Cave before, but I still can't beat a number of violence.

The demon goblins don't seem to have noticed this one yet, and it's a little awkward.

"... Lusha, don't speak up. Let's get out of here."

"! Oh, yeah."

"Exactly the first demon I've seen. This is too many."

If they get full bogged down here, there's nowhere to run.

I walked as far as I could not make a sound, and when I turned my heels back I heard a crisp, dry sound. - Mine, from my feet.


"Bad, could it be..."

Would they have noticed with the sound now?

I thought so. When I sent a little gaze to the herd of demon goblins, my eyes just looked at each other.

Oh, this is a bad one.

"[Creative Arrow]! Go YAY!!"

"Rusha, we're going to run!


Rousha immediately releases a large number of arrows and defeats several of the demon goblins. but there are still less than thirty left. Running out in a hurry, I'll use [Regene] and [Shield] just in case.

I wish there was somehow a place to shake it off or hide - and run around looking around.



"Chip, don't come after me. Lusha, Demon Goblin has slower legs, so when the distance opens up a little, can we attack?

"Yeah, I'll try!

Where the running distance opens for about a minute, he stops and releases an arrow. And faster than I can see the result, I run out again. Lucha's hitting power isn't good, but he would be able to take down a few because of the many shots and numbers at once.

To that evidence, several Demon Goblins have fallen and followed.

"Ugh, this is going to work out"

"Keep it up all at once - that's right, Hiroki! Before!!"


No way, rookie? That's what I thought. Looking forward, a dozen demon goblins stood.

You're lying!

"Is this the Demon Goblin House?!? Damn, they're gonna attack the herd in the back while we're knocking that one down"

"Hiroki, over here"

"- Huh!?"

I tried to figure out what to do and Rousha pulled my arm all the way around and turned right. They're going to change direction and do it, but there's a chance there's a demon goblin over there, too.

If that happens, we'll be in pretty stuffy condition...!

If you're enough to think about that possibility, you should somehow shred the number of demon goblins here. That's what I thought, but I hear Lusha had another idea.

Lucha's voice reaches my ear.

"Take a big breath!


Dobone and I had a big bump up, and me and Rousha jumped into the river. No, in my case, you can tell Lusha dragged me into the river all of a sudden.

Lucha noticed there was a river over here and seems to have changed course.

Sure, if it's in the water, you may not be able to follow demon goblins either, but it's possible that this one drowns because the clothes suck the water.

He's been keeping his mouth shut ever since he drank a little river water into the bounce he jumped into. Barely opening his eyes, he grabbed my arm and saw Lucha's face facing straight ahead.

He said he used to hunt in the mountains, so he's also good at swimming in the river? I had no choice but to leave myself to Lucha...

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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